My Experience At Lato Lato Resort Semporna And Itinerary To Bohey Dulang (& More!)


Have Halal Will Travel •  Aug 23, 2020

This story about the Lato Lato Resort and Semporna itinerary is written by one of our contributors, Nuryanie. Some parts of the article may have been edited for length and clarity. 

My travel experience at Lato Lato Resort in Semporna, Sabah, is indeed is one of the best I have had so far. This short story is about my trip with my husband and friends including the itinerary at Semporna for 3D2N.

3D2N Itinerary

In 2019, we went to Semporna by driving from Kota Kinabalu and it took around 8 hours to reach Semporna. We arrived there in the evening. As soon as we arrived, the boat was already waiting there to bring us to Lato Lato Resort where it took around 1 hour and 30 minutes from the jetty to reach there.

On our second day, we went to Bohey Dulang which is famous for their hiking spot with a height of 600m.

Fortunately, the weather on that day was so fine and our hiking activities went smoothly. As we arrived at the top, the scenery from above made us speechless.

It was so amazing being up there and the beautiful scenery will make your jaw drop!

After a few minutes on top of Bohey Dulang, we decided to climb down and proceed to our next destination which is Pulau Mantabuan. The place is famous with their beautiful corals, turtles and many species of conrak fish. Snorkeling here is such a fun experience as you can play around with the fish and enjoy the coral view as long as you want. After snorkeling, we had lunch there provided by the resort.

Then, we proceeded to our next destination - Sibuan, Mataking and Pom-Pom Islands. Famous for their wondrous crystal clear blue waters, they will definitely make you amazed. Not to forget the scenery on the island is enough to make you forget about all of your problems. The ocean breeze cooled me down, and my heartbeat was synced to the movement of the tide. This place is unforgettable and I will surely visit this place again soon!

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Experience at Lato Lato Resort

  • The scenery is very nice and beautiful.

  • My room can fit up to 3 people (Queen bed + Single bed).
  • You can snorkel around the resort.
  • The food at the resort is so good, especially the seafood.
  • The package price includes food for 3 times with tea time and return boat fee for the resort.
  • The food is Halal.
  • Our package was 3D2N for RM655 including boat fees for snorkeling, insurance, islands' license and entrance fee.
  • It is also Muslim-friendly as the Qibla direction is provided.


  • Lato-Lato Resort is located in the middle of the sea.

Plenty of activities

  • Snorkeling/Diving
  • Playing of musical instruments such as the guitar while enjoying the night view of the resort.
  • Playing outdoor and indoor games.

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Dining out in Semporna

  • Easy to find halal food.
  • Station Ikan Bakar is one of the famous restaurants to eat ikan bakar (grilled fish) and more seafood like prawn and octopus.
  • Many good restaurants at Semporna especially seafood.

#HHWT Tip: For those who are from Peninsular Malaysia and you wish to head to Semporna by flight, do book the early morning flight when going there and the night flight for your return.

Lato Lato Resort

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