7 Best Things To Do In Penang On Your Next Trip


Cheng Sim •  Oct 06, 2020

Penang may be known as the street food capital of Malaysia, but there are many amazing things to do in Penang to make your trip worthwhile. From visiting the best Instagrammable spots to staying in a boutique hotel, scroll down our list for things you wouldn't want to miss when visiting Penang.

1. Savour all the delicious halal food in Penang

Your trip to Penang would be incomplete without savouring as much delicious halal food as you can find. Thankfully, we've done all the researching for you!

Perfect for a foodie adventure, you can try anything from roti canai with chicken curry at Roti Canai Transfer Road to spicy mee goreng at Mee Sotong Hameed Pata. Just use our ultimate guide to halal food in Penang to get started.

2. Sip a cuppa at a Muslim-friendly cafe in Penang

As much as the locals take pride in their delicious street food, Penang has a strong and thriving coffee culture too. So don't be surprised to find many Muslim-friendly cafes in Penang that are perfect to relax after a long day of sightseeing.

Whether you love chilling in a rustic glasshouse cafe like Rumah Kacha or dive your fork into a fruit waffle at The Warung, go through our ultimate guide to Instagrammable Muslim-friendly cafes in Penang to create the perfect afternoon in this island state.

3. Explore the Instagrammable spots in Penang

Did you know that there are many Instagrammable spots in Penang that are waiting to be discovered? You can chance upon Malaysia's longest bookstore (that remind us a lot of Seoul's bookstores), the hanging nest swings in the traditional Kampung Agong, and even the stunning architecture in the city's colonial buildings. All you need is a smartphone and our guide to Instagrammable spots in Penang to get there!

4. Stay in a boutique hotel in Penang

Credit: 23LoveLane Hotel, Penang on Facebook

Penang is easily one of Malaysia's greatest heritage treasures. Given Penang's history that dates back to the colonial era, the city is full of heritage buildings and mansions, many of which have been turned into incredible boutique hotels in Penang.

So what better way to immerse yourself in a place full of character and old-world charm than staying in a boutique hotel in Penang? The best part is, not all of these hotels are expensive to stay in. You even find boutique hotels that are priced as low as RM100 per night!

5. Conquer all Seven World Wonders of Penang

As part of the JOM! Experience Penang campaign that aims to boost domestic tourism in Malaysia, the Seven World Wonders of Penang shine the spotlight on awesome attractions that also happen to earn numerous world records!

Perfect for adventure seekers, you can slide down the world's longest tube waterslide at ESCAPE Penang, explore the tropical world's first butterfly and insect sanctuary at Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm, and more. We made things easier by compiling all Seven World Wonders of Penang for you to explore next.

6. Catch the best sunrise and sunset in Penang

There are many ways to start and end our day, and what better way to do so than admiring the sunrise and sunset in Penang?

Our contributor Sentoash shares some secret insights into finding the best spots to discover these scenic wonders. From the sunrise at Karpal Singh Drive to the romantic sunset at ASPEN Vision City Central Island Park, make sure to save our guide to finding the best sunrise and sunset spots in Penang!

7. Take the ferry to the beautiful Pulau Jerejak

If you can't get enough of the beautiful Instagrammable spots in Penang, take the ferry to the famous Jerejak Island! Besides cycling and jungle trekking, you can take snapshots underneath the colourful umbrella installations, pose on the 'Stairway to Heaven' and more.

For some travel tips, check out our guide to Pulau Jerejak to find out how to get there and what to do on this charming island!

If you want to make the most of your trip to Penang (besides savouring all the delicious food you can find), do check out these amazing things to do in Penang. We hope these awesome activities and attractions would be a good place to start ?