The Original Botak Jones Has Just Reopened - Is It Halal?


Nia Sarah •  Jun 16, 2021

If you've clicked on this article, you'd probably already be familiar with the name Botak Jones, a once-thriving coffee shop Western chain, or Big Bern's American Grill, a one of a kind halal food truck at Timbre+ serving Southern Louisiana cuisine which shuttered in April due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, you'll be glad to know that the man behind the famous Western food grill, Muslim-revert Bernie Utchenik, and his wife Zee Faudziah Utchenik have reopened Botak Jones with a new name; The Original Botak Jones.

Credit: The Original Botak Jones on Facebook

Leveraging on the popularity of the (literally) original Botak Jones which had already left the market, he decided to revive the business which he used to own while giving it a new name. Although the stall is located in an ulu industrial canteen at 118 Depot Lane, they're already met with long queues and food was even gone by 3pm on their first day! That's how long foodies waited - and love - the food at Botak Jones which has certainly made a name for itself. Fans will notice the few changes in their menu, as they not only have come up with a change in their name - the reopening came along with a revamped menu to anticipate?

Credit: Zee Faudziah Utchenik on Facebook

One of their signature dishes that's making a comeback is definitely the U-CRAZY-WHAT?! burger ($24.50) consisting of 450 grams of stacked beef alone. If you're thinking crazy, that's right. They're giving you crazy with this huge challenge of finishing the burger. Other stuff on buns includes the Cajun Chicken Burger ($7.50) and Black Pepper Chicken Burger ($7.50). Each burger comes with sliced cheese and lettuce, but you can also add on any toppings from turkey bacon to sauteed onion.

Another fan favourite is their Cajun Chicken (from $7.50). The chicken breast is marinated in their own blend of Cajun spices then chargrilled before it's topped with melted mozzarella cheese and homemade spicy Cajun sauce. Even if you're not a fan of chicken breast, you have to try this as they grill it till it's moist and tender ? What's more, their recipe has been tried-and-tested for 20 years!

Credit: Zee Faudziah Utchenik on Facebook

For those who are big on steaks, their entrees include the Rosemary Lamb Chop ($22.50) and the NZ Ribeye Steak ($23). Enjoy the succulent, tender, juicy pieces of lamb that are char-grilled to order and prime steer grain-fed quality ribeye that is further physically tenderised for the enhanced natural flavour. Get a premium side of their Double Baked Cheese Potato ($4.50) or Mushroom Soup ($3) to go along with your meal!

The Original Botak Jones is currently waiting for their halal certification to be processed and has stated that they are working in a "halal environment". Previously, several of Botak Jones' coffee shop outlets were also halal-certified at its halal counterpart Botak's Favourites. So, if you're excited about the highly-anticipated Botak Jones comeback, let your friends know where to go for your next dine in plan! ?

The Original Botak Jones

Halal status: Currently waiting for halal certification to be processed

Address: 118 Depot Lane Singapore 109754

Opening hours: Daily 11AM-8PM

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