Ultimate Hong Kong Halal Food Guide: 31 Muslim-Friendly Eateries You Can’t Miss


Tengku Suzana •  Jan 27, 2023

Do you know what makes us really happy? Being able to sit down to a delicious meal in Hong Kong without having to worry about whether it's suitable to eat. Local Cantonese fare such as dim sum and roast duck are definitely on the menu for us but did you know that Hong Kong has so many Muslim-friendly eateries serving up every cuisine you could dream of?

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Since it's impossible to head to the Islamic Centre Canteen for every meal (we would if we could!) we've compiled an ultimate guide of 31 delicious halal and Muslim-friendly eateries in Hong Kong! We've included some at Hong Kong's most popular attractions and even the airport - you won't have to worry about finding a good meal from the moment you touch down from the plane.

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1. Kai Kai

Hong Kong is famous for its Cantonese cuisine with dim sum and roasted duck being 2 of the most popular dishes. But did you know that there are dozens of Cantonese desserts too? Consisting mostly of dessert ‘soups’ they can be served hot or cold - and as locals might tell you, some of the best versions come from tiny hole-in-the-wall eateries just like Kai Kai!

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Don’t be fooled by the small shop or the simple exterior - they boast a wide variety of dessert soups including green bean soup, sesame paste, steamed egg, and almond paste! Kai Kai has even made it onto the Michelin Recommended List before, so you know that you’ll have an unforgettable meal here even if it’s only for a short time.

Credit: @classyfoods_xoxo on Instagram

Try their Steamed Egg or Red Bean Paste for more traditional options. If you’re feeling adventurous, go with something with a more modern flair like their Taro and Tapioca Soup With Sesame Dumplings. These dumplings don’t have any meat in them - they consist of glutinous rice flour with fillings like sesame or chopped peanuts!

Halal Status: Muslim-friendly ingredients used such as sesame and other nuts/beans, water, glutinous rice, and sweeteners. No pork or alcohol is served, and the menu is all vegetarian-friendly, with some vegan options. As this eatery is not halal-certified we advise you to dine at your own discretion.

Average Price: HKD20 for a bowl (English menu available upon request)

Opening Hours: Open daily; 12PM - 3.30AM

Address: Hong Kong, Jordan, Ning Po St, 29號號地下 (佐敦寧波街29號號地下)

Contact: +852 2384 3862


2. Warung Malang

Craving more familiar fare a few days into your trip? We’ve all been there before! Exploring local cuisine is exciting, but sometimes you just want a plate of Nasi Goreng to make you feel all happy and warm inside once again. Thank goodness for Indonesian eateries such as Warung Malang that will satisfy all of your homesick cravings!

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Try their Nasi Kuning which is accompanied with savoury Ayam Goreng, spicy Sambal Goreng, and even Telor Bali! The rich flavours will taste just like home, and you can even order Sate Ayam or Sate Kambing on the side (in 5/10 piece servings) to make your meal even more amazing!

Credit: @quintoniokalalo on Instagram

If you’re looking for lighter fare make sure to try their assorted Kueh too! Finding kueh can be an uphill task in Hong Kong but thankfully you can find Kue Lupis, Kue Lapis, Pisang Goreng and more here! Grab a few to bring along with you, and that’s your snack or breakfast for the next few days settled!

Halal Status: Muslim-owned

Average Price: HKD40 for a rice dish

Opening Hours: Open daily; 10AM - 9.30PM

Address: 2nd Floor, Flat B2, Dragon Rise Building, 9-11 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay

Contact: +852 2915 7859


3. Bombay Kitchen

If you’re looking for Indian cuisine, look for this eatery that has some of the best Indian dishes in Hong Kong! Bombay Kitchen’s biggest draw has got to be their lunch buffet where you can try a variety of Indian dishes set out - perfect if you’re spoilt for choice and want a little bit of everything!

Credit: @yankeyau on OpenRice

Dip your Roti, Paratha, or Naan into their rich and flavourful gravies and curries - make sure to try the Chicken Tikka Masala and Goan Fish Curry! The fragrant taste of spices with every new bite will definitely leave you wanting more.

Credit: @tkwjacky on OpenRice

Looking for something lighter? Then it’s time to snack on some small but savoury samosas! Pair them with a warm cup of Masala Chai or a refreshing Lassi, and you’ve got the perfect mid-day snack to tide you over until dinner.

Halal Status: Halal-certified

Average Price: HKD70 for a rice dish, HKD90 for a curry

Opening Hours:

Lunch: Open daily; 11.30AM - 3PM

Dinner: Open daily; 6PM - 11PM (Mon - Thurs), 5.30PM - 11pm (Fri - Sun)

Address: G/F, 72-74 South Wall Road, Kowloon City

Contact: +852 9340 4786 or +852 5600 7230

Website | Instagram

4. 1453 Ottoman Turkish Mediterranean Cuisine

If you’re passing through the popular Mong Kok area make sure to stop by this restaurant to chow down on some classic Turkish dishes before continuing your shopping spree. From Baba Ghanoush to Baklava, the generous servings here will leave you feeling satisfied and ready to take on even more shopping!

Credit: @ottomanmongkok on Instagram

If you’re travelling in a group, it’s best to share the BBQ Kebab Plate that serves between 2-7 people! Piled high with chicken and beef doner kebab, chicken shish kebab, lamb shish kebab, chicken wings, and grilled beef balls - you won’t need to order anything else once you’re done with this!

Credit: @ottomanmongkok on Instagram

Not done with your meal and need something sweet to finish it off? Thankfully they have Turkish ice cream that’s hand-made in the restaurant itself! You can even order scoops of ice cream on top of their baklava - the perfect match of sweet, crispy, and crunchy all in one amazing dessert.

Halal Status: Halal-certified

Average Price: HKD108 for a rice dish

Opening Hours: Open daily; 12PM - 11PM

Address: G/F, 19 Tung Choi St, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 2772 1555

Facebook | Instagram

5. A1 Tofu Company (阿一豆花)

Visit A1 Tofu Company for some silky smooth bean curd that’s a signature Hong Kong dessert!

Credit: @hd_gallery on Instagram

With a history of over 50 years, this tofu place is not to be missed. Try some of the locals’ favourites including black sesame, horlicks and almond paste. Try their Ginger Tofu that comes in ginger-infused syrup for a bit of a spicy kick! ☺️

The eatery is small and narrow, so you’ll get an authentic Hong Kong foodie experience as you’ll have to stand to slurp down your bowl of dessert!

Halal Status: Muslim-friendly ingredients used such as sesame and other nuts/beans, water, glutinous rice, and sweeteners. No pork or alcohol is served. As this eatery is not halal-certified we advise you to dine at your own discretion.

Average Price: HKD9

Opening Hours: Daily; 10.30AM – 12.30AM

Address: G/F, 38 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po (深水埗桂林街38號地下)

Directions: Alight at MTR Sham Shui Po station Exit C2. 5 minute walk down Kweilin St.

6. Lee Keung Kee Egg North Point Egg Waffles 利強記北角雞蛋仔

Our team previously visited Lee Keung Kee during a trip to Hong Kong and we loved it. The egg waffles here are so good that they’ve even been listed on Michelin’s Hong Kong Street Food List!

The waffle is chewy and sweet, and the unique texture of the ‘bubbles’ as they’re sometimes called makes it feel light. Make sure to eat it piping hot to get the full taste of the butter and egg!

Lee Keung Kee’s stalls may look small and unassuming, but we promise that this egg waffle definitely packs a punch. Don’t leave Hong Kong without trying it!

Halal Status: Muslim-friendly ingredients used. No pork, lard, or alcohol and the shop only sells plain-flavoured waffles. The HHWT team has previously personally confirmed that the ingredients at the North Point outlet are Muslim-friendly but do note that there are multiple outlets across Hong Kong. We advise you to dine at your own discretion.

Average Price: HKD20

Opening Hours: Daily; 7AM – 11PM (Hours may vary across outlets)

Address: 北角英皇道492號 (North Point outlet)

Directions: Alight at MTR North Point station Exit B3. 3 minute walk to Lee Keung Kee.

Contact: +852 2590 9726

Website | Facebook

7. Local Ginger Veggie Bistro

Credit: Local Ginger on Facebook

If you’re spending a day in Wan Chai, make sure to drop by Local Ginger Veggie Bistro to try their Chinese-style vegetarian dishes. Their menus use locally-produced and seasonal ingredients to bring you the best-tasting dishes of the moment! They also use low salt, sugar, and oil so you’ll have a nutritious and healthy meal to fuel you on for the rest of the day.

Credit: Local Ginger on Facebook

Traditional Chinese dishes such as wonton noodle soup and Shanghai stir-fried sticky rice cake are transformed into vegetarian-friendly options that anyone can try out. They even have Western-inspired dishes such as Pesto Spaghetti, but make sure to try out their signature Five Elements Turmeric Rice that will leave you craving more!

Halal status: While the restaurant is not halal-certified, they serve an all-vegetarian menu using mock meat made from vegetables or soy. No alcohol is served on the premises. As this eatery is not halal-certified we advise you to dine at your own discretion.

Average Price: HKD60 (Mains)

Opening Hours: 11.30AM – 5.30PM (Mon – Sat), closed on Sundays

Address: 8 King Sing Street, Wan Chai

Contact number: +852 2833 4601

Directions: Alight at MTR Wan Chai station and walk towards Exit A2. Then, walk for 9 minutes to Local Ginger Veggie Bistro

Website | Facebook

8. LockCha Tea House

Credit: @xray_style on Instagram

If you’re craving dim sum, why not try out a vegetarian-friendly version at LockCha Tea House? This restaurant has become a favourite amongst visitors both for the delicious taste of the dishes, as well as how pretty the serving plates are. Make sure to order a hot cup of traditional tea to wash it all down for that authentic Hong Kong teahouse experience!

P.S. Do note that you may be required to buy a cup of tea or a dish per person, so we recommend going with friends to try a wide variety of snacks and tidbits!

Credit: @hello.cony on Instagram

Make sure to try their Coconut Cashew Glutinous Rice Dumpling, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, and Taro (Yam) Cakes for small but savoury bites that will fill you up. If you prefer something sweeter, tuck into their Custard Buns or Purple Rice Pudding for the perfect end to your meal!

Halal status: While the restaurant is not halal-certified, they serve an all-vegetarian dim sum menu. As this eatery is not halal-certified we advise you to dine at your own discretion.

Average Price: HKD32 (Dim sum)

Opening Hours: Daily; 11AM – 11PM

Address: G06-07, Block 01, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Directions: Alight at MTR Central station and head towards Exit D2. Then, take a 7-minute walk to LockCha Tea House

Contact: +852 2276 5777


9. Islamic Centre Canteen

No visit to Hong Kong is complete without having a dim sum feast and the good news is you can try authentic halal dim sum that comes in authentic bamboo steam pans!


At the Islamic Centre Canteen, you’ll find almost every type of dim sum available. Just remember to arrive early in the morning - not only for that classic Hong Kong dim sum breakfast, but because the dim sum can sell out before 12pm!


Get ready to feast on Siu Mai (烧卖), Har Gow (虾饺), Xiao Long Pao (上海小笼包), Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken in Lotus Leaf (糯米珍珠鸡) and so much more!

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Although it’s a little confusing to walk from the MTR, we promise it’s worth it. DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT, leave Hong Kong without trying this!

Halal Status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

Average Price: HKD30 for Cantonese dishes (non-dim sum)

Opening Hours: Open daily; 10AM - 3PM (Dim sum), 6PM - 9PM (Only Cantonese dishes)

Address: 5th floor, Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 2834 8211

Directions: MTR Causeway Bay – Exit A. A 10 min walk to Islamic Centre Canteen

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10. Islam Food

If you have to pick only one dish at Islam Food, let it be the veal goulash. So crispy and juicy, you’ll be wanting more! But do be careful as you take your first bite, the stew is hot and it may squirt onto your clothes.

Other local dishes we would recommend include the chicken with sesame sauce and beef dumplings.


#HHWT tip: It’s best to visit Islam Food with your friends and family so that you can try a wider range of dishes! Also, if you dislike crowded eateries, try to avoid the 12-2pm lunch peak period.

Halal Status: Only Halal-certified ingredients and meat used

Average Price: HKD38 (Dim sum), HKD75 (Dishes)

Opening Hours:

Main branch: Open daily; 11AM - 11PM

New branch: Open daily; 11.30AM - 11.30PM


Main branch: G/F, No. 1 Lung Kong Rd, Kowloon City, Kowloon – Next to Chow Sang Sang Securities

New branch: G/F, No. 33-35 Tak Ku Ling Rd, Kowloon City, Kowloon

Directions: Lok Fu MTR Station – Exit B. 17 min walk to Islam Food.

Contact: +852 2382 2822

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11. Wai Kee

Wai Kee has one of the best duck rice in Hong Kong. The best part? It’s halal! Imagine brown crispy skin and tender duck meat... The flavour and aroma of the roast duck is something you’ll never forget. How we wish we could have this right now!

If there’s still room in your tummy after, do try their lamb curry, it's superb!


Halal Status: Muslim-owned

Address: Shop 5, Bowrington Road Cooked Food Centre, 1/F, Bowrington Road Market, 21 Bowrington Road, Wan Chai

Opening Hours: 11am - 6pm daily (only take-away orders after 5.30pm)

Contact: +852 2574 1131

Directions: MTR Causeway Bay Station, exit A – Times Square. A short 7 min walk to Bowrington Road Market. The food centre is located on the 2nd floor of the Bowrington Road Indoor Market building. Enter via the escalator on the Bowrington Road side of the building.

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12. Aladin Mess

Nothing like Indian curry and naan to end off a tiring day in Hong Kong. The eatery serves up one of the best Indian food in Hong Kong!

Credit: @llyc2 on Instagram

Halal Status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

Address: 2/F, Fu Hing House, 60 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

Opening hours: 11.45am - 3pm, 6pm - 10.45pm

Contact: +852 2808 0250


13. Happy Cow

This dessert kiosk serves vegan milkshakes and ice cream that anyone can eat. The best part is that its Speciality Shop is conveniently located right next to the Observation Wheel! Choose from their wide variety of flavours – from Ying Yang Sesame (a signature local flavour) to Golden Pillow Durian to even Salted Caramel Swirl (with Himalayan sea salt!).

We tried the raspberry flavour just because we wanted that tinge of sourness? The ice cream might taste a tad different from the usual ice cream you’re used to (trust us, this is a lot healthier), but give it a try and you’ll find yourself thoroughly enjoying this new burst of flavour!

Enjoy your ice cream on the lawn in front of the shop, as you take in the gorgeous view of Hong Kong around you. It’s really the perfect way to relax and unwind!

Halal status: Halal-certified, only vegan ingredients used.

Address: Booth 3, Man Kwong Street, Hong Kong Observation Wheel (Look for their other stores and stockists here)

Opening hours: 9am - 6pm (Mon - Fri), closed on weekends

Contact: +852 2252 7773

Directions: Hong Kong exit A2, Central exit A

Website | Facebook | Instagram

14. Chrisly Cafe

A trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without savouring some of their local snacks! And Chrisly Cafe is just the place for you. The café is co-owned by a Muslim and although the entire café is not halal, their bakery is separate from the main kitchen and they went to great lengths to ensure that all ingredients used in the bakery are halal.

We especially loved their pineapple bun (bo lo bao) and egg tart! The bun was baked to perfection with a golden brown top crust yet the bread was still soft and fluffy. Their egg tart’s crust was crispy and flaky – a signature of Hong Kong egg tarts. Our first bite into the snack sent us straight to cloud nine with its silky smooth egg filling!

Note: We sat in the café as the owners made special arrangements for the team. Do note that the café itself is not halal (only the bakery is halal-certified) so if you decide to eat in the cafe, do dine at your own discretion.

Halal status: Halal-certified bakery only

Address: Shop 3018, 3/F, Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Road Central

Opening hours: 7am - 7pm daily

Contact: +852 2804 6666

Directions: Take Bus 54 or 91 from Shun Tak Centre to Star Ferry Pier (Victoria Harbour). The café is tucked at the far end of level 3/F in Shun Tak Centre. You’ll pass by Starbucks and the Macau ferry counters. Continue walking straight till you see the café!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

15. Mecca Halal Foods/Mecca Restaurant

Credit: @meccarestaurantcheungshawan on Instagram

Mecca Halal Foods offers an inclusive menu option ranging from Biryani Rice to Egyptian Rice to even Western cuisine like Cheese Hot Dog and Baked Spaghetti at a reasonable price! The eatery does not provide a seating area so you should be prepared to sit elsewhere before biting into the delectable meals.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Fung Cheng Building, Shop #4 ground floor, 340 Un Chau St, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong

Directions: Drop off at Cheung Sha Wan Station and use Exit C2. It's a 5-minute walk from the exit.


16. Karachi Havabite

Credit: @karachi_havabite on Instagram

If you travel a little further, you'll come across Karachi Havabite, another halal eatery that offers Biryani, Curries, and Roasted Meat! They also offer an array of Pizza options and Snacks such as Samosa Chaat. This cosy eatery is located within a 15-minute walk from Kwai Hing Station and offers a seating area that is perfect for 4-people due to its small interior.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Ground Floor Block B, Ping Lai Path, 456 Castle Peak Rd - Kwai Chung, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Directions: Drop off Kwai Hing Station and take Exit C

Website | Instagram

17. AZIZA Sai Ying Pun

Credit: @aziza_restaurant on Instagram

Aziza is a family-owned restaurant that focuses on bringing back authentic Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine. They offer a variety of unique and exotic menu options that'll definitely tickle your taste buds. Some of the homemade dishes you can look forward to is their Mooza Danny Lamb Shank, Lamb Racks, Beef Kebab, and Aziza Chicken. Complete your meal with some Om Ali, which is an Egyptian pudding, or Basbousa, a traditional Middle Eastern sweet cake.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Shop 1B, G/F, Upton Tower, 345 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong


SAFFRON (used to be called LOVEAT) is the first ever Persian restaurant in Hong Kong! They offer a wide range of mouth-watering Persian and Iranian cuisines, including Koobideh, which is Grilled Ground Lamb topped with their special homemade garlic sauce and either rice, naan or salad, as well as Chenjeh which is Grilled Marinated Beef fillet that comes with rice, naan, or salad.

Credit: @saffron.hk on Instagram

The large variety of meat options available here is perfect for meat lovers. If you want to try a little bit of everything, they also have a Kebab Lovers set that includes with a combination of meat menu options! This halal restaurant also serve delicious desserts such as Baghlava, a Middle-Eastern pastry, and Bastani Sonat, a traditional Persian ice cream. You can complete your meal with their special drinks options such as Royal Saffron and Summer Revive, a traditional Persian mint syrup.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Shop E, Garley Building, 53 Graham St, Central, Hong Kong

Website | Instagram

19. Tasty Bites 2

Tasty Bites 2 is a halal-certified eatery that serves Indian and Pakistani cuisines. You can aslo find Pizzas, Salads, and Kebabs at this cosy eatery! For first-timers, you should try out their Chicken Tikka Biryani which has a balanced taste of spicy and flavourful. If you're out with family, you can purchase their Set Dinner C Menu that is suitable for 4 people! This yummy spot is perfect if you're looking for authentic, good quality yet affordable Indian cuisine.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 3 Tsing Chau St, Hung Hom, Hong Ko

20. Babu G

Credit: @babu.g_hk on Instagram

If you're looking for a quick bite, Babu G serves delicious halal hot dogs! For newcomers, you can opt to get their tasty Classic Hot Dog or Pepperoni Hot Dog. They also offer delicious and cheesy Pepperoni Pizza which is the perfect meal if you want to indulge in greasy food. For those travelling in a big group, do note that there is no available seating.

Halal status: Ingredients sourced from Halal suppliers

Address: Shop E, 41 Battery St, Jordan, Hong Kong

21. Kimchi Korean Fusion

Credit: @kimchikoreanhk on Instagram

Craving for Korean food while in Hong Kong? You should drop by Kimchi Korean Fusion! This halal-certified restaurant serves an array of Korean cuisines, ranging from Bibimbap to delicious Korean Fried Chicken. You're sure to be amazed by the authentic taste of Korea when you pay this eatery a visit!

Halal status: Halal-certified, Alcohol is still served in eatery

Address: 67 Kimberley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong Disneyland eateries

A trip to Hong Kong is never complete without a visit to Disneyland! Did you know Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the few Disney parks in the world that provides halal food options? So you can forget about packing your own food when you visit the park!

22. Explorer’s Club Restaurant


Take your pick from four different cuisines at Explorer's Club Restaurant - Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian! You get to enjoy your meal at any of the 5 elaborate themed rooms and... You get to satisfy your ginseng chicken soup craving :P

Credit: @andreaki on Instagram

Halal status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

Address: Mystic Point, Hong Kong Disneyland

Opening Hours: 12pm - 6.30pm

#HHWT tip: Halal-certified food is available upon request at several Disney hotel restaurants as well!

  • Chef Mickey and Studio Lounge at Disney's Hollywood Hotel
  • Walt's Cafe and on-call room service at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
  • Dragon Wind and World of Color at Disney Explorers Lodge

Ocean Park eateries

Once you've said hi to Mickey and Minnie, make sure to set some time aside to visit Hong Kong's other iconic theme park too. Ocean Park is a theme park, zoo, and aquarium combined into one - with attractions and rides for the whole family to enjoy!

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23. Café Ocean

Credit: @hi__cici on Instagram

Enjoy a variety of Southeast Asian delights at this restaurant after a having a blast with the water rides and pools! Savour tasty food such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Malaysian Laksa with King Prawn, Penang Char Kway Teow. And believe us, after a day of splashing around, the food will taste fantastic!

Halal status: Halal certified (The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

Address: Ocean Park, 180 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: daily; 12pm onwards (Check their timings here before you visit!)

Contact: +852 3923 2323

24. Panda Food To Go (Kiosk 03)

Located at the Waterfront, this is a takeaway kiosk offering a wide variety of food! Choose from their yummy meals or if you prefer something lighter, there are small bites such as paus and hotdog buns. As it’s a takeaway kiosk, you’ll be able to have your meal at the cafeteria next door (not Halal-certified).

We personally opted for something more filling – Hainan Chicken Rice and Beef Ball Steamed Rice, as this was our lunch. The portion of the rice and dishes was huge and definitely filled us up for the day☺️ We thought the chicken was a tad bland but it was really yummy when paired with the soy dip! For a healthier option, choose their salad bowl.

Halal status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

25. Popcorn Cart (Kiosk 28)

Credit: Bee Your Guide on Flickr

What's a day at the theme park without some tasty popcorn? Lucky for you, the popcorn cart at Ocean Park is halal certified! Between the caramel or salted popcorn, and the ice cream you're totally set for an awesome day at the marine park.

Halal status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

Ngong Ping 360 eateries

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26. Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria

If you're heading to Ngong Ping 360, there is only one halal food option available at the Ngong Ping 360 village - Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria! This eatery has outlets all over Hong Kong and although the kebabs are a little on the pricey side, you can never go wrong with a kebab and a cup of refreshing Mango lassi :P Plus, if you're travelling with kids, we're sure they'll love the pizzas!


Credit: @katee.cee on Instagram

#HHWT Tip: After your visit to Ngong Ping 360, stop by Citygate Outlets (located at Tung Chung MTR station) for great discount shopping. This is the largest outlet mall in Hong Kong and features more than 80 international brands at discounted prices all year round.

Halal Status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

Opening hours: 10.30 am - 6 pm (Monday - Friday), 9.30 am - 6.30 pm (Weekends and public holidays)

Address: Shop 9A, G/F, Ngong Ping Themed Village, Ngong Ping, Lantau Island

Other outlets and opening hours:

  • G/F, 6 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong Island
  • 10 Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria G/F, 24 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong Island
  • 11 Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria Shop 4, G/F, Wanchai Central Building, 89 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island
  • 12 Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria G/F, 52 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island
  • 13 Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria Shop 1C, G/F, Astoria Building, 24-38 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
  • 14 Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria Shop 2, 3 & 5, G/F, Multifield Plaza, 3-7A Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
  • 15 Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria Shop 11 & 12, G/F, Hong Kong Gold Coast, 1 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories
  • 17 Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria Shop 102A, 1/F Block A, Discovery Bay Plaza, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island
  • 18 Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria Hong Kong University, Room 1A13A & 1A13B, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre, 1/F Swire Building, Pokfulam, Hong Kong Island
  • 19 Ebeneezer’s Kebab & Pizzeria Unit 13, G/F, Hall 10, Asia World Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau Island (open on exhibition days only)


27 & 28. Clown Corner and Dive Into A Float (Marine World)

Credit: Ocean Park Hong Kong

If you don't already know, Ocean Park has added new halal food to cater to the dietary needs of Muslim visitors. Some of these new delicacies include Coconut Chicken in Portuguese Style with Steamed Rice, Pepperoni Pizza, Tandoori chicken leg, and Yunnan Rice Vermicelli in Soup with Braised Brisket. These dishes are halal-certified by the Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong, so you can indulge in them without worry!

Halal status: Halal-certified for specific items, Eatery still serves pork so we advise you to dine at your own discretion.

Address: Shop E, Garley Building, 53 Graham St, Central, Hong Kong

Website | Instagram

Hotels With Halal Food Options

Of course, one of the most reassuring parts of a trip is knowing that you can find halal food at your accommodation. Thankfully, there are actually several hotels in Hong Kong that serve halal-certified meals! Whether it's waking up to the breakfast buffet or ordering room service, you'll get some of the finest meals around at these amazing hotels.

29. Harbour Grand Hong Kong - Harbour Grand Cafe

Credit: Harbour Grand Hong Kong

Set Menu A (HK$148): Beetroot Salad, Tagliatele Pasta with Asparagus and Pesto Sauce

Set Menu B (HK$208): Vegetable Soup, Tandoori Salmon Fillet with Garden Salad

Set Menu C (HK$188): Crab Meat and Avocado Salad, Roasted Spring Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables and Thyme Jus

Halal Status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

Address: 23 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong

Make a hotel reservation here!

30. Harbour Grand Kowloon

Credit: Sam Yau on Facebook

Note: Halal-certified food is available upon request. Please check with the restaurant which dishes are halal-certified.

Halal Status: Halal Certified (Certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong)

Address: 20 Tak Fung Street, Whampoa Garden, Hunghom, Kowloon

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Hong Kong International Airport

Before you head home, make sure to pick up a snack to keep you sated on the plane!

31. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Credit: @popeyes.hk on Instagram

If you've just landed at Hong Kong International Airport and are looking to fill your tummy, Popeyes is the place to go! Popeyes is the only halal-certified restaurant in the airport and is located at Terminal 1. You can indulge in their crispy chicken or delectable burgers while completing your meal with a side of their buttery biscuit scones!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Level 7, Departures Check-in Hall aisle E, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport,

Between Hong Kong's traditional desserts, tempting roast duck and authentic dim sum, you should be planning your foodie trip there already! These are the best halal delights the amazing city has to offer, and who knows, maybe you'll find more too while exploring the vast urban jungle. If you know of any other eateries that should be on our list, do share with us in a comment below!