Stickz Lok Lok: This New Halal Lok Lok Stall With 18 Items Is An Affordable Option In Singapore's CBD


Faruq Senin •  Feb 22, 2021

Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about a halal lok lok spot in Woodlands serving this popular Malaysian street food. If Woodlands is too far for you, we've got great news! There's a new halal lok lok stall located at a more central location in Telok Ayer! Stickz Lok Lok is located at Telok Ayer Coffee Shop and they serve deep-fried lok lok with over 18 varieties and signature sauces. As food in the CBD is usually on the pricier side, Stickz provides a more affordable option.

Credit: Stickz Lok Lok

For the uninitiated, lok lok is a popular Malaysian-Chinese street food that you can normally find in JB or Melaka. Served on sticks, some of the popular items that you'd find are broccoli (a must-try according to Stickz!), chicken franks, cheese tofu, cheese meatballs, crabsticks, seaweed chicken, seafood gyoza, Tiger prawn and more. The lok lok at Stickz also includes more unique items like quail eggs, mozzarella cheese sticks, mantou and turkey bacon with enoki mushroom. All items are priced between $1.20-$1.80!

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Credit: Stickz Lok Lok on Facebook

While the lok lok food trucks you often see in Malaysia serve them steamboat-style, Stickz does a deep-fried version instead. Its owners are big fans of Malaysian food and they frequently visit JB pre-COVID. But one thing they never got to try was lok lok as it's usually not halal. Hence, they decided to bring the experience of halal lok lok to Singaporeans. You can also savour their lok lok with signature homemade sauces - sambal kicap manis, Thai Sweet Chilli and Peri-Peri.

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Credit: Stickz Lok Lok

Alternatively, you can have your lok lok with seasonings such as seaweed ? While Lok Lok is usually eaten for dinner and supper, Stickz believes that it should be enjoyed during lunch as well. If you're working around the area, you can also opt for take away so you can enjoy it in the office with your colleagues. You can also opt for food delivery by ordering directly through Whatsapp @ 94557325 (Free islandwide delivery with a minimum order of 100 sticks, $10 delivery charge for orders below 100 sticks).

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Stickz Lok Lok

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Mon-Sat; 11AM-9PM

Address: 121 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068590

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