Planning for a Staycation? Here's What You Need To Know About Singapore's New Staycation Rules


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Aug 11, 2021

As everyone knows, Phase 2 HA restrictions are slowly being lifted! As of 10th August, dining in is back to almost usual! Singaporeans are allowed to dine-in in groups of 5 as long as everyone has been vaccinated. However if you've booked your staycation between 10th August 19th August, you may be unsure of what you can and cannot do during your staycation. Well HHWT is here to help!

From how many people can be in your hotel room to whether you can swim by the pool, HHWT is here to give you the updates on what you'll be able to enjoy during your staycation and the new staycation rules for August 2021.

Staycation Rules In Singapore

1. How Many People Can Be In A Hotel Room?

You can now enjoy your staycation with up to a maximum of 5 people per room! This is of course subject to each room's maximum capacity and whether you are from the same household. If you are from the same household, you may be allowed to bring more people along for your staycation. However if you are unvaccinated or not fully-vaccinated, you'll have to stay in groups of 2!

Instead of chilling with just one person, you can now bring your entire clique with you on your staycation! This is of course, granted that everyone has been vaccinated and that it's limited to groups of 5. Remember to stay safe from Covid-19 :)

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2. Can I Dine-In In The Hotel Restaurant?

The dine-in rules apply to hotel restaurants the way they apply to regular restaurants! They just have to make sure they follow certain regulations specified by Singapore Tourism Board's Sector Specific Requirements.

In general, dining in is allowed for groups of 5 vaccinated people, just remember to check with your respective hotels before making your breakfast or dinner plans ? Alternatively, you could check out these hotels with halal in-room dining services!

3. Can I Use Hotel Facilities Such As The Pool, Gym & Spa?

If you're looking to enjoy the hotel facilities that may require your masks to come off, you'll need to check in with the hotel you've booked with. The availability of hotel facilities depends on whether the hotel complies with the present Sector Specific Requirements.

For indoor activities where a mask is worn, and all outdoor activities and classes, participation is capped at 50 individuals. These may resume in groups of up to 5 individuals, irrespective of vaccination or test status.

Services which require masks to be removed (such as for spas, facials and saunas) will be allowed to resume if you are vaccinated! This applies as well to facilities such as the gym and spa: fully vaccinated individuals, recovered patients, or those who possess a valid negative COVID-19 test may participate in mask-off sports in groups of a maximum of 5 people! ? Find out more here.

It's important to note that while exercising and playing sport, some physical distancing measures apply.

You may read more about this here, to make sure that you're staying safe during your staycation!

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4. Can My Kids Join Me?

Your children can definitely join you! Any unvaccinated child aged 12 and below may be included in the group of 5, if all children are from the same household. Staycations may also be much more enjoyable for your children this time round. Kids' Clubs and playgrounds may be open, depending on Sector Specific Requirements set by Singapore's Tourism Board.

Operators who are running these play areas in retail stores and malls must ensure at least one-metre spacing between groups of customers. This may apply to your staycations as well!

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So there you have it! It's still possible to have your staycation despite the rules. With COVID-19 numbers still present in Singapore, let's take this time to exercise caution to maintain safety!