This Is How You Can Still Have Fun On Your Staycation During Phase 2


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jul 21, 2021

Singapore’s Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) is back again and we’re all a little down about it. Only two people per group? We know, upsetting. Fortunately for us however, we’re still able to go on our beloved staycations, among other things! Have you considered going on a cruise or heading over to Gardens By The Bay for a stroll? 

Well if you’ve booked your staycation and are not sure about how you can have fun amidst the restrictions, you’re in luck! Have Halal, Will Travel has compiled a list of ways you can still have fun during your hotel Staycation this Phase 2. 

Here's How You Can Have The Best Staycation During Phase 2

1. Order In Room Service

No dining in? No problem! Treat yourself and your staycation-buddy to some good hotel food without the hassle of heading down to their restaurant. Hotels like Hotel Royal and M Hotel Singapore send food right to your room’s door. What could be better than eating in bed while watching a movie? 

P.S. These 11 Hotels have Halal breakfast options!

2. Rent A Movie

Speaking of watching a movie, grab your laptop, pull up Netflix and watch a movie under comfy sheets!

Alternatively, if you’re in the mood to watch something slightly different, you could rent some movies from  The Projector for curated critically-acclaimed films, fresh cuts and film festivals. All you have to do is set up a free Projector Plus account, then you’ll have your very own Virtual Cinema! The Projector’s rental rates go for only $10 per film for 48 hours.

3. Go Swimming

While mask-off activities may be restricted, hotel swimming pools may still be available! Book a slot for yourself and your friend, then take a dip in the pool. Check out Sport Singapore’s guidelines for more information on Phase 2’s swimming restrictions.

In summary, outdoor pools are allowed to operate with limited capacity, and the maximum number of people per group is capped at 2. This means you and your friend will still be able to enjoy a relaxing time by the pool during your staycation! You could also consider staying at a hotel with a private jacuzzi!

Oh by the way, if you’re a hijabi, there’s no fretting about a stylish swim suit with this modest piece!

4. Rent Board Games

If you’re looking to have fun within the comforts of an air-conditioned room, then why not try renting some board games?

Frenemy Singapore provides board game rental services for you to have fun during your staycation. At only an affordable $20 for a basic bundle package, you could spend your staycation bonding over a board game. And if you have a Play Station, hook it up to your hotel television and spend the day competing away! Frenemy has packages at just $50 for PlayStation games, as well.

5. Take A Nap

What’s a staycation without a nap? Curl up under comfy blankets and clock in some snooze hours in a fancy hotel room. You’ve worked hard, you deserve the rest - it’s what a staycation’s for.

So if you’ve got a staycation booking already on the way, no biggy! There are still plenty of ways to have fun on your staycation despite the restrictions. Grab a loved one and enjoy some time off with a staycation!