Singapore And Hong Kong To Launch An Air Travel Agreement Without Quarantine Soon


Faruq Senin •  Oct 15, 2020

Singapore and Hong Kong have reached an in-principle agreement to allow travellers from both sides to be exempted from quarantine or stay-home notices, including those travelling for leisure. That's according to a press release by Singapore's Ministry of Transport on 15 Oct. Travellers would also not have any restrictions on their travel movements or have a controlled itinerary.

However, travellers from both sides will need to test negative on mutually recognised COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. They will also have to travel on dedicated flights where no transit passengers will be allowed. The number of flights will also be adjusted or even suspended, according to the COVID-19 situation in both countries.

While the start date of the travel bubble is not fixed yet, more details will be announced about the travel bubble in the coming weeks.

Starting 15 October (today), Singapore has reduced the number of stay-home notice period for those arriving from Hong Kong to 7 days (from the usual 14). Hong Kong is also on the list of countries/territories that are deemed as low-risk.

Currently, Singapore has unilaterally opened their borders to New Zealand, Brunei, Australia (except Victoria) and Vietnam. Singapore has also forged bilateral green lane agreements (for essential business and official travel) with China, Brunei, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia.

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