Together At The Table: HHWT’s First Food Festival In SG Offers Unique Dining Experiences And Masterclasses


Qistina Bumidin •  Sep 07, 2022

“Eat to live, or live to eat?” - ask any Singaporean this question, and there’s a high chance they would reply the latter. We bet you’ll answer the same too! ? There’s something more to food than the merely physical - regardless of our cultural and religious differences, the food-obsessed DNA ingrained in us helps build a strong connection to the shared sense of our Singaporean identity ?

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With that being said, HHWT has a special announcement to make - in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, as a fringe event of the Singapore Food Festival 2022, we are launching the inaugural Together At The Table festival (TAtT,) from 10 Sept to 23 Oct 2022! ?

TAtT celebrates the diversity of our Singapore culture and seeks to build bonds that connect people from different walks of life through food ?️ You can look forward to food-related activities like curated halal dining experiences and masterclasses. From Anglo-Indian dishes to fusion Malay dishes, HHWT hopes to invite people from all walks of life to join us at the table! ?

If you’re ready to take your tastebuds to the next level, here’s what you can expect at TAtT, the first-ever festival in Singapore solely dedicated to unique halal gastronomic adventures like no other ?

Experience culture Together At the Table  

TAtT offers curated dining experiences and masterclasses from stores that you already love to frequent! Let us name-drop a few: Picanhas’, Tipo, and The Meatery. Surprised, aren’t you? ?

There are 3 masterclasses and 2 curated dining experiences for you - whoever said halal food is limited in options and taste has been sleeping on these gems! ? 

1. Learn to be a meat connoisseur from the experts at The Meatery

The Meatery was first started when co-founder Renga realised a gap in the local halal meat market after he converted to Islam more than 10 years ago. Prior to this, he could only find unique and high-quality halal prime cuts overseas or in other non-halal stores. Renga and his wife/co-founder, Sophina, eventually decided to fill that gap, and voila! The Meatery was born and specialises in only the finest halal-certified prime cuts ?

Credit: The Meatery

Though their backgrounds are in the advertising industry, their humble consumer-focused principles have allowed The Meatery to carve out its niche and flourish ever since. Their success is evident in their mix of loyal Muslim and non-Muslim customers, who particularly love visiting their store for cuts they cannot find anywhere else, like hangar steaks, picanha (also known as rump cap) and a wider selection of rib-eyes ?

Credit: The Meatery

Now it’s your turn to relish these delicious, rare cuts in their 2-part masterclass taught by Renga himself, and in-house butchers who graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. It’s truly a holistic crash course of all things beef - from cooking tips (did you know that the beef neck is the best part for rendang? ?), to having access to meats that high-end restaurants carry that you’ve never tried before (hangar steaks are a butcher’s best-kept secret, and their favourite; which will be yours soon ?)

Credit: The Meatery

If you’re wondering how high the price tag can go, fret not: there’s something for every budget and taste preference; all you have to do is ask the friendly, knowledgeable staff for assistance. For starters, you can get 100g of Australian Black Angus rump cap at only $6.40! ?

Dates of the masterclass: 10th September, 8th October

Duration: 2 hours

Time: 7pm-9pm

Location: 10 Jln Gelenggang, Singapore 578191

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2. Learn the art of pasta-making from Tipo

Credit: Tipo

It’s almost unheard of to hear a restaurant taking pasta-making seriously - and Tipo is just that ? All pasta is made in-house using high-quality ingredients (fun fact: the name 'Tipo' comes from Italian tipo 00 or doppio zero flour that's finer than regular flour, providing a silken texture) and often infused with flavours, such as garlic-parsley fettucine and squid ink fusilli! ?

Credit: Tipo

Tipo offers you two masterclasses where you can go behind the scenes and learn how pasta and gnocchi are being made separately. It runs for 2.5 hours, and by the time it ends, you’ll leave with three important things - the knowledge of different types of pasta (no more ordering linguine or fusilli anymore ?), a happy stomach filled with a delicious pasta meal (which is a secret menu you can't get at Tipo EXCEPT at this masterclass ?), and a special secret door gift (more pasta we hope ?)

Credit: Tipo

Dates of the masterclass: 5th October, 12th October

Duration: 2.5 hours

Time: 6pm-8.30pm

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3. Serve up some classy mocktails with Picanhas’

Credit: Picanhas'

Picanhas’ has been pushing the boundaries of what a halal steakhouse should be in Singapore - they served an exclusive cut that was rarely known beyond Brazil, expanded into the world of pastries with their fusion pancakes and other desserts, and now they’re ready to upsize your dining experience with a special masterclass on mocktails ?

Credit: Picanhas'

But wait, aren’t mocktails just overly sugary sodas and syrups in a fancy glass priced extravagantly? ? Here’s where Picanhas comes in - you’ll be replicating Picanhas' signature mocktails, such as the Kyoho Sangria and Rose mocktail. It feels like a chemistry lesson, minus the equations you have to learn ?

Credit: Picanhas'

At the end of the class, you’ll get the ultimate Picanhas’ meal - a main of your choice (Queen of Steak or Mentaiko Crepe Pasta), a side of your choice (Spinach/Mushrooms/Garlic Mash Potato), a Mix Flavour Dessert Crepe and a drink! They got us sold at dessert crepe ?

Dates of the masterclass: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd October

Duration: 3.5h

Time: 3pm-6.30pm

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4. Go on a wildly underrated Anglo-Indian experience 

Oysters made with spiced curd and rasam. Credit Black Hole Group

Remember The Mad Sailors, the humble stall in Haji Lane whipping up delicious fish and chips? They may have closed down recently, but their journey has yet to end - they’re making a comeback this time round at TAtT, with a delicacy almost unheard of in the Muslim community: Anglo-Indian cuisine! ? It’s basically what you think it is - the marriage of English and Indian cuisine; it sounds exquisite, doesn’t it? ?

Chocolate cardamom tart. Credit: Black Hole Group 

You might be drooling reading the next sentence: oysters made with spiced curd and rasam, Irish duck slathered with madras sauce, chocolate cardamom tart ? It might not be for the faint of heart, so if you’re a true blue foodie, you must put your tastebuds to a gastronomic adventure that’s bound to wow your minds! Plus limited slots are available, so don’t walk, RUN! ?

Dates of the curated dining experience: 14th October

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5. Relearn the hidden side of Nusantara cuisine

Credit: Chef Imran

Do you know what Nusantara cuisine is all about? Well, think again. It’s time to try out unconventional ingredients that aren't in the ones you used to grow up with this unique fine dining experience from a local chef, Chef Imran ?

Chef Imran may be known for his colourful pasta-making workshops, but this time round, he’s elevating your childhood dishes in an intimate, fine dining setting ?

Credit: Chef Imran

Start your foodie adventure with Popiah Sayor (Vegetable Popiahs), a classic stuffed with red cabbages and squid silk! Move on to your main dish, the Satay Ayam, made in a style you’ve never seen - chicken roulade with mushrooms with a side of macadamia cauliflower puree (replacing your peanut sauce) and ulam rice cake ? End your journey on a sweet note with the Jempot-Jempot - instead of the usual fritters, you’ll be sinking into banana beignets with a side of banana curd ?

There’s still more on the menu, but we’ll let you try it out yourself - nothing’s better said than your own experience! ?

Dates of the curated dining experience: 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd October

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If you’re looking for more information on these experiences, You can also learn more about these cool experiences and masterclasses above via the Tribes link here!

HHWT’s new initiative - Tribes!

We’re also launching a new initiative - Tribes! If you haven’t heard, it is simply an extension of our current HHWT content platform! Look forward to a curated list of brands and services we think you’ll love all in one place, from discovering where to stay, what to do, where to eat, what to buy and how to get there based on recommendations from the community ?

We’re launching the platform on 10th September, tying in with TAtT. As part of the festival, we’ll curate halal dining options in the 4 cultural precincts - Little India, Chinatown, Joo Chiat & Katong, and Kampong Gelam on Tribes. This will showcase the diverse offerings in Singapore’s different neighbourhoods, encouraging further exploration of these neighbourhoods ?

If you’re a foodie like us, we bet you’re as excited over Together At The Table as we are! It’s the first-ever festival in Singapore where everyone, regardless of religion, can come together and enjoy fine dining experiences while learning the amazing diversity behind Singaporean food ? Which one will you be signing up for? ?

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