Your Favourite Pasta Bar Tipo Is Teaching You How To Make Pasta (And Eat It!)


Qistina Bumidin •  Sep 13, 2022

Once you’ve tried pasta at Tipo, returning to the generic, more commercialised ones you see lining up in grocery stores is tough ? Well, now you have a good reason to return to Tipo again for their special pasta-making masterclass as part of HHWT’s first-ever food festival, Together at The Table (TatT)! Not only will you go behind the scenes of how your favourite kinds of pasta are made, but you’ll be treated to an intimate meal, plus bring home your fresh pasta too! ? 

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Wait, what’s Together at The Table? In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, as a fringe event of the Singapore Food Festival 2022, this festival will run from 10 Sept to 23 Oct 2022! ?TatT celebrates the diversity of our Singapore culture and seeks to build bonds connecting people from different walks of life through food ?️ 

When bringing a group together, one of the best places to begin is with a beloved dish around the world: pasta. Plus, where else in Singapore can you find halal pasta-making classes that are authentic and SUPER TASTY?! ? Yes, exactly at Tipo! If your bellies are already grumbling, we’ll take you through what you can expect when you attend their masterclass ?

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First, you’ll be given an introductory class on the different types of pasta! If your knowledge is limited to only spaghetti and linguine, or maybe the max, fusilli, you’re missing out on many more types of pasta which will add to the indecision on your favourite type EVER ?

You’ll also get to know how different parts of Italy make pasta! What you’ll see in the masterclass is close to the Southern Italy style - eggs are not usually needed since their flour of choice is higher in protein! Tipo’s pasta is EGGLESS, which makes it even more inclusive to all diets, including vegetarian and vegan ? At HHWT, this is what we’re all about - having shared experiences regardless of our backgrounds, and there’s no better way to get together than food! ? 

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You can choose from two classes: you can learn to make pasta on 5th October, or make gnocchi on 12th October. If you’re wondering what’s the difference, gnocchi is not a type of pasta! It’s a dumpling made from potatoes! Whichever class you decide to go for, we promise one thing - you’re going to have lots of fun rolling up dough into various adorable pasta and gnocchi shapes ?

P.S. Excited to check out? Sign up for the experience via Klook here! There are only 10 slots in each session, so don’t wait! If you need more details, head on to our Tribes website here!

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And of course, this might be the part of the masterclass you enjoy the most - tasting sessions! You’ll get a special pasta dish; made by the experts at Tipo. We don’t know what it is (we’re hoping it might be this picture ?), but we bet you’ll be delighted by what’s served!

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Your pasta masterclass at Tipo ends with a special goodie bag filled with your VERY OWN GNOCCHI OR PASTA! ? Now, you’ll have top-quality products at home whenever you feel like it! ?If you need more information, check out via HHWT's new initiative, Tribes! We launched the platform on 10th September, tying in with TAtT. As part of the festival, we’ll curate halal dining options in the 4 cultural precincts - Little India, Chinatown, Joo Chiat & Katong, and Kampong Gelam on Tribes. This will showcase the diverse offerings in Singapore’s different neighbourhoods, and help you find halal food easily while exploring ? For instance, if Tipo's masterclasses have made you crave for gnocchi EVEN MORE, why not head to Tipo Gnocchi's outlet in Kampong Gelam? After digging into a delicious plate of gnocchi, just scroll through the Kampong Gelam tab in Tribes to search for halal dessert options - because a day with something sweet is a truly good day!

Each masterclass runs for 2.5 hours, and by the time it ends, you’ll leave with a happy stomach and more ways to enjoy your favourite carbohydrate in the WORLD ? There are only 10 slots available for each session, so sign up now via Klook! We went to check out the experience ourselves, you can watch the video below!

Dates of the masterclass: 5th October (gnocchi), 12th October (pasta making)

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For more information about Together At The Table and to find more activities and events, check out via Tribes!