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6 Scenic Accommodations In Sabah With A View Of Mount Kinabalu


Cheng Sim •  Jul 10, 2020


Ask any Malaysian and they would say Sabah is best known for its breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu. Besides being the highest mountain in Malaysia, it's also part of Kinabalu Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To see it for yourself, it's time to book one of these scenic accommodations in Sabah with a view of Mount Kinabalu! Disclaimer: All nightly rates are based on a search in July 2020 (2 adults) for booking periods between September and October 2020. Prices are subject to changes especially during peak travel periods and over weekends. We recommend that you do a search before booking.
1. Ceaser's Place
Credit: Ceaser's Place on Facebook If you're planning to keep your trip to Sabah affordable, you can spend a night at Ceaser's Place in Ranau. With room rates starting at RM88 per night, this accommodation provides enough to cater to your travel needs before your adventurous hike to Mount Kinabalu. If you prefer a laid-back getaway, step outside on a clear day and let the beauty of Mount Kinabalu impresses you.
Credit: Ceaser's Place on FacebookRate: Starts at RM88 per night on AgodaAddress: AH150, 89300 Ranau, Sabah Contact: +6088 888 343 Facebook
2. Sutera Sanctuary Lodges at Kinabalu Park
If you're looking for a resort in Sabah that's close to the famous Kinabalu Park, look no further than Sutera Sanctuary Lodges at Kinabalu Park. There are 9 lodges, villas and suites available for families and honeymooners. Equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, living area and dining area, some of these accommodations come with a fireplace to stay warm on a cold night. Rate: Starts at RM113 per night on AgodaAddress: Kinabalu National Park Kundasang, 89300 Ranau, Sabah Contact: +6017 833 5322 Website | Facebook | Instagram
3. Jabez Resort
Credit: Jabez Resort on Facebook The feeling of waking up to a view of Mount Kinabalu is absolutely priceless and you can do so at Jabez Resort. Complete with rooms that are perfect for solo travellers, honeymooners and families, this accommodation offers other facilities such as BBQ stove rental, board games, mini market, and the chance to admire the view throughout your stay.
Credit: Jabez Resort on FacebookRate: Starts at RM182 per night on AgodaAddress: Jabez Resort, KM 9.5 Ranau, Kundasang Highway, 89309 Kundasang, Sabah Contact: +6088 886 110 Website | Facebook | Instagram
4. Kinabalu Pine Resort
Credit: Kinabalu Pine Resort on Facebook Another option for resorts in Sabah with a breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu is Kinabalu Pine Resort. The best thing about Kinabalu Pine Resort is that all cabins have open porches that face Mount Kinabalu, which is a treat for nature lovers far and wide. Besides the gorgeous view, each room comes complete with free Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, ensuite bathrooms and more.
Credit: Kinabalu Pine Resort on FacebookRate: Starts at RM287 per night on AgodaAddress: Pekan Kundasang, 89308 Ranau, Sabah Contact: +6088 889 388 Website | Facebook | Instagram
5. Mountain Valley Resort
Credit: Mountain Valley Resort, Kundasang on Facebook Situated in Bundu Tuhan, a village near Kinabalu Park, Mountain Valley Resort is also a 15-minute drive from Kundasang. This hillside resort is occupied with 15 guestrooms consisting of Family Room, Signature Deluxe Room, and Standard Room.
Credit: Mountain Valley Resort, Kundasang on Facebook Starting from RM360 per night, you can choose to stay in the Mountain wing (with a view of Mount Kinabalu) or Valley wing (with a view of Bundu Tuhan valley). You can read more about Mountain Valley Resort here!
Credit: Mountain Valley Resort, Kundasang on FacebookRate: Starts at RM360 per night (excluding breakfast) Address: Mountain Valley Resort, Jalan Tenompok Bundu Tuhan, Bundu Tuhan, 89300 Tenompok, Sabah Contact: +6017 777 6750 Website | Facebook | Instagram
6. Mesilau Mountain Retreats
Credit: Mesilau Mountain Retreats on Facebook If you're looking for another accommodation in Sabah with a view of Mount Kinabalu, look no further than Mesilau Mountain Retreats. A privately-owned cluster of three-bedroom villas, this accommodation is spacious enough to fit the whole family. Besides waking up to the breathtaking mountain view, the villas are also complete with verandah, kitchen and ensuite toilets. Rate: Starts at RM480 per night (three-bedroom villa) on AgodaAddress: Mesilau, past Kinabalu Golf Course, Kundasang, 89300, Mesilau, Kinabalu National Park, Sabah Contact: +6012 899 0025 Facebook If you're looking for scenic resorts in Sabah with a breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu, now you know where to go! To inspire your next getaway to Sabah, check out our recommended reads below!