Royz Et Vous Is Opening A New Halal Pancake Spot In Kampong Gelam On 4th September With Three Amazing & Unique Pancake Flavours


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Sep 03, 2021

If you’re an avid cafe-hopper or foodie, you’re going to love what we have in store for you this time. Throw away your usual pancake recipes! Popular cafe Royz Et Vous has just opened a new halal pancakes spot in Kampong Glam, and we’re all excited ? Opening from 4th September, they’re selling a whole bunch of delicious pancakes for you to try - including three unique pancake specials! From savoury to sweet, the Pancake Place’s dishes are breakfast delights you’re not going to want to miss. P.S. Read on further for a special Pancake Place promotion ?

Pancake Place Dishes

Indulge in their Black Forest Pancakes ($18.90) - so sweet & chocolatey you’re not going to be able to resist. They use 73.5% dark chocolate couverture for a sweetened chocolate mousse drizzled over carefully layered Mousse, Chantilly Cream & Cherry Compote, giving you just the right balance of sweetness to this classic dish. It’s then topped with fresh cherries to balance out the sweetness of the dish along with Feuilletine crisps & chocolate shavings for the extra special crunch in every bite!

Pancake Place recommends this for chocolate-lovers and those with a sweet tooth!

If you’re not into sweet things, go for savoury! Pancake Place has a Grilled Tiger Prawn pancake dish ($19.90) that’s going to leave you wanting more ? This soft and fluffy pancake is inspired by local ingredients and spices to give you that mildly spicy flavour. Lightly doused with their Signature Cream Sauce and topped with wilted baby spinach, you’ll never be bored of this incredible pancake dish. And to add that extra crunch, The Pancake Place has Tater Tots on the side to accompany the savoury sauce! Recommended for adults who love a little spice in their life, this is definitely a dish you have to try. 

Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast? Pancake Place disagrees! Their Cempedak pancakes ($16.90) are made out of natural Cempedak meat for you to enjoy rich, creamy and sweet flavours all in one bite. Layered with Cempedak custard between each pancake and sprinkled with freshly torched, caramelised sugar, it’s just like enjoying a Creme Brûlée for breakfast. 

Recommended for everyone who loves European desserts mixed in with familiar, Asian and Local flavours, this is the perfect meal for anyone who wants to satisfy their inner child!

P.S. Here’s the part we promised! Pancake Place is offering diners a free 10% discount voucher at any of their three outlets (Royz Et Vous, IndoBowl & Pancake Place). The voucher can be used at any of these outlets, as long as it’s not the outlet you got it from! 

From locally-inspired dishes to desserts for breakfast, who could possibly resist? Make sure to share this with your friends so you can try out these amazing pancake dishes together!

Pancake Place

Halal-Status: Muslim-Owned

Address: 56, Kandahar Street. S(198904)

Opening Hours: 

Monday – Sunday: 

12pm – 4pm (3:15pm last order)

5pm – 10pm (9:15pm last order)

Contact: 65189368

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