8 Essential Tips For An Enjoyable 'Road Trip' In Singapore With Your Family


Faruq Senin •  Oct 22, 2020

Ever since the pandemic, most of us have been spending more time with our family. Now that we’re still unable to travel abroad, it’s time to take the chance and go on a ‘road trip’ around Singapore with your loved ones! Singapore might be small but there are still plenty of places that you have yet to uncover. 

We’ve rounded up these 8 essential tips to survive a drive with your whole family! When the borders open, you’ll most likely want to go on a road trip to Malaysia and drive out to Johor Bahru (or further) for a short getaway. That's when these tips will come in handy too!

1. Get a spacious car

Having more space will always make your ride more comfortable, especially if you have a family or growing kids! If you’re going on a road trip with both kids and the elderly, you’d want to make sure that they have enough space. That’s why Mitsubishi Outlander is perfect for the occasion! 

Your family can sit comfortably in an enhanced 7-seater SUV (sport utility vehicle) that has a spacious and quiet interior as well as flexible seating arrangements. If you’re driving with kids, the Outlander comes with ISOFIX (an internationally standardised car seat fitting system which secures the child seat to the car) so parents can drive with a peace of mind. 

Your loved ones will also like the third-row seats that are comfortably padded and can be reclined with four settings to choose from, ensuring an enjoyable ride all the way. There are air blowers at the second-row seats everyone can keep cool, which is perfect for the resident “Snooze Master” who always manages to squeeze in a nap whenever they’re on the road ? Now, you can explore more of Singapore in comfort!

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2. Let the navigator sit in the front seat

Even in a small country like Singapore, the roads aren’t as straightforward as they seem, especially if you’re unfamiliar with an area. It’s easy to miss a turn or possibly even take a longer route to reach your destination. That’s why it’s important to assign “The Navigator” for your road trips. Yes, we’re referring to that one person who always hogs the front passenger seat ? 

Whether or not that person is good with directions, there’s nothing to worry about as the full colour 7-inch multimedia touch screen LCD information panel in the Mitsubishi Outlander will help you out! With easy-to-operate controls and high-contrast colour, navigating for your road trip is a breeze. 

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3. Decide on the entertainment beforehand

Music always makes a drive more bearable, especially if you’re stuck in bad traffic with the entire family. Instead of fretting about the traffic, why not have a karaoke session with your family for some quality bonding time? Decide on the entertainment beforehand so you won’t need to think about what song to play next. 

Create a playlist of your favourite songs and instantly connect your mobile phone using Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ on the Mitsubishi Outlander’s infotainment system. With the handy LCD touchscreen, you can listen to music easily or even make calls and get directions from your phone. Once the music is all set, the Karaoke Kings in your family will be belting out those high notes in no time! Whether or not it’s music to our ears, it’s a different issue ?

4. Pack everything you need for your road trip

Driving to Marina Barrage or Changi Beach for a picnic? You’d want to bring a picnic mat, various sports equipment or even your kids’ bicycles. For those travelling with young kids, you’d know that it’s always useful to have everything on hand - from prams to strollers, extra clothes/shoes, toys and more. Having a large boot capacity will be useful for your road trip! 

The Mitsubishi Outlander’s configurable seats and flexible seating arrangement will definitely give you the added space you need for your drive. You can use the 60:40 split configuration and fold down the seats to accommodate both your items and family members. If you need even more space, you can fold down both the second and third-row seats to store your bulkier items.

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5. Keep things clean and organised

We feel you! For families with toddlers, it might seem like an uphill task to keep things clean and organised in the car. Let’s not forget, if you’re married to a “Gym Rat”, there might also be extra shoes, clothes, shaker bottles and protein bars lying around in the car boot. 

But trust us, keeping your car free of clutter and trash can greatly improve your mini road trip experience with your family ? Be sure to bring plenty of plastic bags to keep your trash for those snacks you’ll be having along the way. Wet wipes are also essential for cleaning any mess or spills that might occur. 

If you’re planning to bring some toys or games for your kids, make sure you have a bag or box to store them. Make use of your car’s in-cabin storage spaces like the seat pockets, drinks holder and compartments to keep things neat and tidy. You can also invest in a car boot organiser to keep your personal belongings neat and tidy. By keeping your car organised, we guarantee that your drive will be a pleasant experience. 

6. Ensure everyone’s safety

As with any drive, the safety of everyone is the most important aspect. Before your drive, make sure you check that your car’s tyres, battery, engine oil and lights are in good condition. If you’re travelling with babies or toddlers, check that your car seat is appropriately installed and that everyone else has secured their seatbelts. 

The advanced safety features of the Mitsubishi Outlander will give you peace of mind. For one, the elevated driver’s seat gives you a better view of the road and the car has 7 SRS airbags so you’d have protection from all sides. The electric parking brake with auto hold, Active Stability Control (ASC) and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) are also added features to ensure that you drive as safely as possible. 

7. Plan your itinerary ahead for longer road trips

Whether you’re planning a mini road trip in Singapore or to Malaysia when the borders open, plan your itinerary ahead of time! This gives you a better idea of how long you’d need to get between destinations. This way, there won’t be a situation where you fit too many things in your itinerary for the day. It also helps if your whole family is kept in the loop of your plans so that everyone will be on the same page and there’ll be lesser chances of miscommunication. 

It is also worth asking yourself if you’re planning a leisure drive with scenic views or just getting from one point to another? For example, if you’re driving in Malaysia in future, you’d probably want to get on the North-South Expressway for a quick drive. But if you’re looking for scenic views, you might want to go on a scenic beach or kampung road instead. That’s why planning ahead will ensure that you have a smooth driving experience!

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8. Schedule regular rest stops

Unlike in Singapore, driving to your destination in Malaysia (when we’re able to) might take hours and that’s why scheduling regular rest stops is super important. Thankfully, there are plenty of R&R (rest and relax) areas along Malaysia’s highways so you can stop to take a break, have a meal and stock up on snacks and water. 

Plus, if you’re travelling with kids, they might grow restless on longer drives. Some of you might also bring your elderly parents on road trips so rest stops are important for toilet breaks and for them to move around. Not to mention that rest stops are also important for you, the driver, as you can take a break before continuing your journey. If there are a few drivers in your family, this will also be a great time to switch drivers ?

With these 8 useful tips, now you’re ready to survive a drive with your whole family! From getting a spacious car to ensuring everyone’s safety, navigating your way and more, your drive will definitely be a more comfortable experience ?

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