10 Places You Can Order Raya Food In KL


Ili •  May 12, 2020

Now that we're a little more than halfway through Ramadan, it means that Raya is coming closer! With the festive season approaching, everyone is beginning to gear up for it by going into prep mode.

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Besides jazzing up our homes, one of the things that many (if not all) of us look forward to while getting ready for Raya is the food. That's right - we're talking about your traditional favourites like rendang, satay, lemang and more! As much as we all enjoy digging into these delicious dishes, anyone who has prepared a feast for the holidays knows how much work goes into cooking it. So, if you or the 'chef' in your house are looking to take a break this year, we're here to share a list of places where you can get Raya food in KL delivered to your doorstep ?


Where there's Raya, there's satay ? Served with peanut sauce, cucumbers and onions, this traditional dish is definitely what we're all looking to have at some point or another during the festive season.

Satay Shafiq

This Raya, get your hands on some perfectly delicious, grilled meat from Satay Shafiq. Place an order from them by May 18 for an authentic taste of Terengganu satay! While you're at it, go ahead and add on some nasi impit (compressed rice) with kuah kacang (peanut sauce) for a complete meal.

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Contact: +6 014 960 1395

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Amemy's Satay

Ready to serve you mouthwatering satay this Raya, make sure to keep an eye out for Amemy's Satay. With the choice of chicken, beef and lamb, simply shoot them a message at the number below, send your payment online and prepare to dig into some yummy satay ?

Halal status: Muslim owned

Contact: +6 019-336 0908

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Satay Station

Get your satay fix this Raya from Satay Station where you can look forward to indulging in mouthwatering, juicy meats ? And if you're up for it, take it to the next level by having their wagyu satay as well! It's definitely different from the traditional dish but since we're all huge foodies here, it wouldn't hurt to try.

Halal status: Muslim owned

Contact: +6 012-646 4129

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It's hard not to imagine a Raya celebration without rendang. Rich, tender and explosively flavourful, this classic dish is a crowd favourite every year and we're not surprised as to why.

Rendang Palembang Cikgu Leha 

Turn to Rendang Palembang Cikgu Leha for some amazing dry curry and beef this holiday. Whether you eat it with white rice, ketupat, lemang or just on its own, you'll definitely appreciate having this on your table as you enjoy it with your family.

Halal status: Muslim owned

Contact: +6 012-664 0016

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Hands up if you're a lemang lover! Perfect to eat on its own (with chicken curry or beef rendang) or as an addition to your main meal, this glutinous rice dish is one of the must-have foods during Raya.

Lemang Daun Lerek Greenwood

In search of some yummy lemang to have this Raya? Look no further than, Lemang Daun Derek Greenwood - a popular place that's been churning out lemang for people ever since the MCO started. Make sure to get your order in by May 18 for a maximum order of ten lemang sticks per person.

Halal status: Muslim owned

Contact: +6 018-223 2866

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Pak Jol Lemang

Satisfy your craving for lemang this Raya with Pak Jol Lemang's...well, lemang! ? Opening pre-Raya slots just two days ago, make sure you get your orders in so you won't have to miss out on this tasty dish. You also have the option of getting beef rendang here which makes it super convenient since it's the perfect side dish to compliment your lemang.

Halal status: Muslim owned

Contact: +6 011-619 61419


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Ketupat palas

As the perfect food to have at any time of the day, ketupat palas (rice dumpling) truly deserves its spot in every household during Raya. Drawing you in with its soft, chewy texture, this iconic dish is best eaten with rendang or serunding.


One place you can get your ketupat palas this Raya is from hz.ketupatpalas. Not only do they have the regular version that's fully made with glutinous rice, you can also get yourself other flavours such as corn, black bean and more. Since they're sold in frozen packages, you won't have to worry about finishing them right away. Simply store them in the frezeer so you can enjoy them for a longer period ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

Contact: +6 017-225 0705

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Bonus: Raya kuih

Raya kuih might not be categorized under your traditional Raya dishes, but they're just as important to have for a complete festive celebration! From pineapple tarts and semperit to almond London biscuits and kuih bangkit, here are a few places that are still accepting Raya kuih orders:

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While Raya this year will be celebrated differently due to unprecedented circumstances, don't let it bring your spirits down. Make the most out of the situation by looking at the brighter side of things! With good food and your family by your side, it's the only combo you need this festive season ?