This Vanilla Farm In Pahang Makes Homemade Desserts With Its Own Vanilla Beans


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Dec 02, 2021

Pahang is the go-to getaway for city dwellers for its abundant nature retreats surrounded by lush greenery and of course, Cameron Highlands! They could find plenty of beautiful resorts to stay in Pahang but did you know there's a vanilla farm tucked away in Temerloh? That's right! Amani Vanilla is a humble farm that also makes its own vanilla-based desserts, perfect for a sunny day.

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Amani Vanilla Makes Delicious Desserts With Its Own Vanilla Beans

Credit: Vanilla temerloh on Facebook

If you love vanilla ice cream and wonder how a vanilla plantation looks like, Amani Vanilla is the place for you! It is one of the rare vanilla farms in Malaysia since there aren't many vanilla farmers around here. This farm was founded by a former journalist, Mohamad Feisal and aside from planting them, he also supplies fresh vanilla beans to restaurants in KL!

Credit: Vanilla temerloh on Facebook 

To attract more tourists, he opened a cafe with homemade desserts made from his very own vanilla beans - a true depiction of fresh from the garden! Imagine savouring creamy and decadent ice cream made from pure vanilla beans on a hot day. It's hard to find this kind of dessert shop anywhere else in Malaysia.

Credit: @ayuhmakan on Instagram 

Amani Vanilla's menu offers a wide range of desserts other than vanilla ice cream. They have fried ice cream, fluffy waffles topped with soft serve ice cream, root beer floats and delicious coconut shakes! For the ice creams, they have toppings like nutella, coffee and more! The price range for the desserts is between RM3 and RM18 and you'll love every bite of your sweet treats.

Feeling more adventurous after a relaxing time at the farm and cafe? Amani Vanilla also recently launched ATV rides to roam around the farm's surroundings! This is the perfect place if you're looking for something fun to do over the weekend with your family or friends ☺️

Halal status: Cafe is Muslim-owned

Address: Lot 2231, Kampung Bangau Parit, 28000 Temerloh, Pahang

Contact: 0189132774 (Whatsapp)

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