Here Are 5 Ways To Easily Organise Your Hijabs For Under $10!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Sep 22, 2021

Messy, unorganised hijabs are a bother, and looking for the best way to store, organise and ultimately retrieve them might just be the key to a neat wardrobe! Fortunately, HHWT has found a way us hijabis can organise our scarves. From mini hangers to underwear storage organisers, we've got 5 ways under $10 that will help you neatly display your favourite dark scarves or store any of your day to day hijabs.

5 Ways To Organise Your Hijabs Under $10

1. Mini Hangers

At only $6, this cute and easy way to hang your hijabs is a fan favourite among hijabis! Normal-sized hangers might be a difficult way for you to organise your hijabs. There's too much space for thin hijabs to sit neatly for you to retrieve them easily!


But just like the way you'd hang your clothes, you can use these mini hangers to hang up your hijabs in your closet for a quick and simple organisation fix.

P.S. Wearing a hijab and not sure if it's safe to travel? Check this out!

2. Underwear Storage Organisers

Although a little more unconventional, this underwear storage organiser sells at less than $10, and it is the perfect way to keep your scarves! Fold them up nicely and neatly insert them into the little pockets of the storage organiser - and there you have it, a neat way to organise your hijabs.

Credit: Underwear Organiser on Facebook

This method also allows you have a bird's eye view of everything in your drawer. You won't have to ruffle through scarves to get to the exact scarf that you want for your outfit! Check it out here on Shopee!

3. Scarf Hangers

This cool, interesting hanger is specifically meant for scarves! It's got circles on every row for you to slot you hijab in, and that way you can just take out the entire hanger to choose your hijab.

If you have a lot of hijabs, you could arrange them in order of colour for an aesthetic arrangement. You could also put your highly-used hijabs on the outer end for easy reach!

Check it out here on Shopee!

4. Multi-Layer Racks

These racks might just be enough for you to hang all your hijabs! It's got multiple rows for you to hang all your hijabs in one spot. Easily pick out the hanger to organise or retrieve your scarves for a neat wardrobe. The best part? Lazada sells them at just $2.15!

5. Pants Hangers

A neat but unconventional way, these pants hangers might just do the trick. Instead of hanging your pants up, provide some space for your hijabs! Oh, and they're contractable too, which means you can keep a few hijabs in one area and save space.

Credit: Booth Street Co. on Facebook

They go for just $6.90, so you definitely don't have to worry about breaking the bank for multiple hijabs. You could also check out Booth Street Co.'s pant hangers for just $12.90!

There you have it, here are some easy ways to organise your hijabs for a neat wardrobe! Share this with a roommate or friend so both of you can enjoy the pleasures of having a satisfyingly arranged room.