Nuodle: This Halal La Mian In SG Is Perfect For Sharing With Your Family


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 08, 2022

Now that the Singapore government has increased the limit of group sizes to 10 people, it's time to gather your family for a foodie session! What else better than digging in into declious, halal, authentic La Mian (pulled noodles) from Nuodle! Get your party bowls and cutleries on, and check out what dishes you have to try! ?

Sharing Is Caring With Nuodle's Halal La Mian

It’s a celebration, so you’re going big or going home. The Braised Beef La Mian isn’t just your average bowl of noodle soup. Each bowl is served with a heap of springy, chewy noodles of your choice, which are meticulously handmade and hand-pulled by skilled chefs from Lanzhou, so you’ll know it is as authentic as it gets. The rich, flavourful braised beef are slow-cooked to tender perfection for the melt-in-the-mouth texture. Add some scallions with chilli oil drizzled all over, and you’ll definitely be slurping it up in an instant ? It comes with an appetizing, cold side dish of your choice and a drink, especially refreshing for those summer days.

Perhaps you like your noodles dry so that you can get the ultimate flavours swirling all over your tongue. The Lanzhou Fried La Mian would do just the trick for you! These noodles are mixed with a variety of spice, sweet and sour sauces, so be prepared to take your tastebuds to the next level ? There are even generous servings of ingredients to complement your noodles, such as crispy vegetables and heavenly slices of shabu beef. Add on your favourite side dish, and a drink or soup.

Okay, this might not be noodles, but dumplings are a common and perfect pair with noodles, and we couldn’t resist leaving them out after one look at the picture! All of the dumplings in their Dry Dumpling & Sour Soup Dumplings meal are made from scratch and stuffed with different ingredients such as chicken and mushroom, beef and long bean, prawn, leek and eggs. Now you know why we couldn't resist! ?

If you're looking for dining places that's convenient and delicious, head down to the nearest Nuodle outlet, and celebrate being hanging out with your ENTIRE family! ?

Halal status: Halal certified

Opening hours: Different timings for multiple outlets

Address: Multiple Outlets

Delivery: Grabfood ( Islandwide available), Foodpanda & Delivery Chinatown (Islandwide available)

Take-away: Take-away options are available are all outlets

Pick-up: Customers orders through the kiosk for self pick up

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