This Halal Chinese Fast Food Chain In SG Serves Authentic Beef La Mian Noodles And More


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 27, 2022

When we think of fast food, our mind instantly thinks of something greasy and quickly. But fast food doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be unhealthy  to be cheap and ready-to-eat! Nuodle serves up halal authentic Chinese noodles, or La Mian, that are handmade AND hand pulled by chefs from Lanzhou, the birthplace of the amazing bowl of goodness! ?

Nuodle Serves Up Halal Chinese Food Such As Beef La Mian, Soya Sauce Vermicelli And More

With 13 outlets across Singapore serving light yet filling bowls of La Mian, you can simply pop by any stall nearest to you and indulge in this comforting bowl at your convenience (which aren’t packed with preservatives by the way). Not sure what to try? We give you some of the best items they have to offer. ?

Credit: Nuodle

Their authentic Signature Beef La Mian ($12.50) lives up to its title. Each bowl is served with a heap of springy, chewy noodles of your choice (thin, normal, thick, flat or leek leaves), which are meticulously handmade and hand pulled by skilled chefs from Lanzhou! The noodles are then mixed with generous portions of scallions and chilli oil drizzled all over. It might look messy, but it’s the taste that matters the most. The rich yet light beef broth is truly slurp-worthy and the chilli oil adds an exciting kick with each sip. The beef slices are tender and laced with little marination which boost its natural beef flavour. Complete your meal with an appetizing side dish of your choice and a drink - the homemade milk tea is highly recommended! ?

Credit: @nuodle.asia for Instagram

Prefer something drier to get an ultra-boost of flavours? The Superior Soya Sauce Thick Vermicelli Set Meal ($12.50) will do just the trick. Their homemade superior soy sauce goes big on flavour and even bigger on satisfaction. Toss it together with the thick vermicelli noodles, pickled long beans, chilli and peanuts, and you’re going to be treated to a complex yet pleasurable mouthfeel. The set comes along with a side dish of your choice and a drink too! ?

Credit: Nuodle

If you prefer something lighter, try the Premium Fish Thick Vermicelli Soup Set Meal ($12.50) instead. Their homemade fish soup broth is slow-cooked with chicken and fish bones to bring out the highly-desired umami flavour. Pour it all over thick vermicelli noodles and vegetables, and it simply just embraces you like a warm hug in each bite. Mind you, the meals thus far may sound a little bit much, but it’s light enough to prevent digestive discomfort, but filling to keep you energized for your day ahead. ?

Ah, the epitome of fast food achieved - convenience, delicious and affordable, with an extra benefit of being healthier! Nuodle definitely should start replacing your usual fast food spots! ?

Halal status: Halal certified

Opening hours: Different timings for multiple outlets

Address: Multiple Outlets

Delivery: Grabfood ( Islandwide available), Foodpanda & Delivery Chinatown (Islandwide available)

Take-away: Take-away options are available are all outlets

Pick-up: Customers orders through the kiosk for self pick up

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