This Store's Halal Lanzhou Beef Noodles In SG Is The Hot, Comfort Meal You Need


Shasha Dania •  Aug 12, 2020

[Updated: 13 July 2021]

With the rainy days and cold weather we've been enjoying recently, nothing beats a hot meal to warm us up. If you’re a fan of halal authentic Chinese food then you’ve got to try this freshly hand-pulled Lanzhou-style Chinese La Mian from Nuodle ASAP. It's the perfect comfort meal for any occasion, especially for enjoying with friends in the current weather we're having ?

Credit: Nuodle

Nuodle is a pretty new restaurant in Singapore but the chain itself was started way back in 1915 - that’s over 100 years dedicated to perfecting the homecooked flavor of their Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles! ? ISince we can't visit Lanzhou right now, this is definitely a worthy alternative to look forward to. Nuodle’s beef broth uses all parts of the cow in order to give it a rich and deep flavour that has a subtle sweetness.

Thankfully in Singapore there are 2 outlets at SingPost Centre and Our Tampines Hub where you can watch their noodles being pulled live before ordering some Signature Beef La Mian (from $8.60) for yourself. They’re also behind the Delibowl franchise so you can try out Sichuan cuisine once you’ve seen what Lanzhou has to offer. ?

Credit: Nuodle

For a slightly more filling meal, try the Signature Sauced Beef La Mian (from $11.50) which comes with slices of sauced sliced beef, and 1 braised egg. The sauce really brings out the taste of the beef, and paired with their homemade Lanzhou soup broth it becomes a truly unforgettable dish. ? Remember to add in lots of chilli oil for an extra kick! If you’ve already tried it before then you’ll be excited to hear about something new - the Shabu Shabu Beef La Mian (from $9.90) is now on the menu! Topped with thin and tender shabu shabu beef that’ll melt in your mouth, this dish might just become your next favourite. ?

#HHWT Tip: If you think your meal isn’t complete yet, they have lots of sides you can add on including Fried Dumplings (from $3.90) and Mini Beef Pancakes ($3.90). You can even order an extra side of Cold Cut Beef Slices ($7.90) in case you can’t get enough. ?

Credit: Nuodle

If you’re not a fan of beef don’t worry because they have seafood and chicken on the menu too! The Seafood La Mian (from $9.90) combines their warm and savoury broth with fresh prawns, mussels, and more for a unique take on Lanzhou noodles. ? The dry Chicken Bean Paste La Mian (from $8.60) is also similar to ‘Jjajang noodles’, and topped with a salty black bean paste that brings out the sweetness of the chicken and springiness of the noodles.

Excited to try out Nuodle for yourself? ? Squeeze in a Nuodle date with your makan buddies soon! ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

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