This Is Why You Can't Swim at Pasir Ris and Sembawang Beach For Now

This Is Why You Can't Swim at Pasir Ris and Sembawang Beach For Now


Qistina Roslan •  Feb 06, 2024

With Singapore's reputation of being clean, the news that just dropped yesterday on Pasir Ris and Sembawang beaches is unsafe for swimming shocked us all. Although the water around us is not as clear as it should be (sediment disturbance from being a trading route), we would assume that the waters around us safe to play in! But not anymore now. Why?

Presence of bacteria - Pasir Ris and Sembawang Beach

Pasir Ris Beach

The National Environmental Agency (NEA) has put out a statement that there are increased levels of Enterococcus bacteria. The bacteria can cause gastrointestinal infection which is why NEA has advised the public to stay away. The bacteria came from inland if anyone was wondering! Right now, NEA is working with other governmental bodies to find out the primary source of the bacteria and mitigate such incidents from happening again.

Avoid the water as much as possible

That means no water sports either! Wakeboarding and even kayaking are now not advised as the likelihood of you being in the water is high. You might not swallow the water but if you dunk your head in it, chances are the water could come in through your ears and nose. There will be signs put up to warn the public so just look out for those before heading to the sea!

Where to find more information

You can check out the Beach Short-term Water Quality Information tab on the NEA website or head down to their myENV app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

The other beaches are all safe

Siloso Beach

If you're planning to go to East Coast Park or one of the many beaches in Sentosa, you need not worry about this bacteria! According to the WHO guidelines, these beaches have already been surveyed and graded 'good'. So you don't have to worry about the rest!

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Stay safe and remember to follow the guidelines posted on the beaches!