8 New Things To Look Foward To In Japan This 2022


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  May 25, 2022

Have you heard? Japan is opening its borders to only 4 countries, and it includes Singaporeans! ? We're all incredibly excited to head over. We've missed the streets of Tokyo, the sights of Hokkaido, and not to mention all the halal eateries in Osaka! But after being closed for 3 years, Japan's changed quite a bit. And that's not necessarily a bad thing: it means we've got new places to explore  ? ? So to help you out for your next trip over, here are 8 new things in Japan that you can look forward to this 2022!

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New Things To Do In Japan 2022

1. Fukuoka Gundam Park

Credit: Gunpla Lab on Facebook

Japan's famous for its anime, games and stories: so it's no wonder they've got entire parks dedicated to these famous character icons! New attraction Gundam Park in Fukuoka is set to open in front of Fukuoka's very own Mitsui Shopping Park Lalaport this spring. The highlight of the park? A life-size Gundam character in the middle of it. This will be Japan's third life-size Gundam character but first full-scale statue of the giant robot character!

For the uninitiated, Gundam is a famous anime created by Sunrise Studios. Featuring giant robots and an exciting plot catering to fans of all ages, the anime has developed into a franchise with parks, cafes, and well, statues, popping up all over Japan!

If you're visiting this park, look forward to immersing yourself in the futuristic world of Gundam through a mini-museum and speciality store!

2. Tokyo Disney Resort's New Attractions

A trip to Japan just isn't complete without a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort. And this time, you get to experience Tokyo Disney like it's your first time! ? Tokyo Disney's undergone a pretty big revamp since Covid-19 began, and Singaporeans can finally experience all the new and exciting attractions they have to offer.

Since 2019, Japan's opened a brand new Beauty and the Beast attraction called ''Enchanted Tales of Beauty and the Beast'', which includes a trackless ride, a new shop and a restaurant! You can also look forward to enjoying the new Fantasyland Forest Theatre, Tokyo Disneyland's first full-scale indoor theatre, Big Hero Six's new attraction, ''The Happy Ride with Baymax'' and more! There are too many to list, really. I guess you're going to have to check it out for yourself ?

3. Toy Story Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort

There are so many new things to do at Tokyo Disney Resort, you might just opt to stay at the resort itself! And if you're looking for something different this trip, you're in luck. Tokyo Disney Resort has opened a new hotel and it's Disney-themed (of course ?)!

In 2021, Tokyo Disney Resort opened a new Toy Story-themed hotel inspired by the Disney and Pixar Toy Story films! ? The hotel offers guests a choice of 575 standard rooms and 20 superior rooms, all decked in designs inspired by Andy’s room from Toy Story film. ?

4. Super Nintendo World

Can't get enough of theme parks? You're going to love this one. Bringing your childhood games to life, Super Nintendo World lets you immerse yourself in famous Nintendo games like Mario Kart, Yoshi's Adventure and more ? A rush of adrenaline and thrills, Super Nintendo World can be found in Universal Studios Japan, so those are definitely not the only rides you can enjoy. In fact, it might be best to make a day of it!

5. Ghibli Park

Studio Ghibli's movies have always had a refreshing, magical atmosphere to it, so much so it makes you want to experience the Ghibli world for yourself! And now you can with Ghibli Park ? Built within the grounds of Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park, Ghibli Park brings you a truly immersive experience of what it's like being ''cast'' in a Ghibli film.

With no big attractions or rides, Ghibli Park retains its true essence of calming magic with sights such as "Ghibli's Grand Warehouse," "Hill of Youth," and "Dondoko Forest''. Take a stroll through fantasy-filled exhibitions like the Robot Soldier, Cat Bus, and kid-sized film studio exhibitions or visit the antique shop from Whisper of the Heart. 

P.S. Dondoko-do awaits you at the top of the forest hill that sits behind Satsuki and Mei's House, so you might just want to rush over! ?

6. Teamlab: Digitized Kairakuen Garden in Mito

Kairaku-en is a Japanese garden located in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Along with Kenroku-en and Koraku-en, it is considered one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan and was created at the end of the Edo Period in 1842. Incorporating surrounding scenery into its composition, it is known for its scenic beauty, plum trees and plum blossoms.

This 2022, Japan is celebrating Kairaku-en's 180th anniversary by turning the already beautiful garden into art! In collaboration with teamLab, Kairaku-en turns nature into art by using non-material digital technology and testing the boundary of our understanding of time, our perception of it and its continuity.

So while you're in Japan, be sure to head over to the retransformed garden to enjoy gorgeous lights in the giant Cedar garden, walking figures in the Bamboo forest and lit up plum trees at night! It's an Instagram-worthy moment you absolutely cannot miss ?

7. Netflix’s First Store In Tokyo 

We no longer need to introduce this popular movie streaming service: Netflix is a household name everyone uses! And in a bid to expand to the Japanese market, Netflix will be opening its first brick-and-mortar store in Tokyo, Japan soon! The store will recreate scenes from shows and films, sell related merchandise and aims to “merge the virtual world of the internet with the real world” in a physical store setting.

8. Setouchi Triennale

If you're into art, you absolutely can't miss this contemporary art festival. Setouchi Triennale is a nine-month art fair and one of the largest art festivals in Japan! This year, the festival will be bringing world-class art to an unlikely location: the islands across Japan's Seto Inland Sea! Art unlimited to galleries and museums, this art fair will blur the lines between metaphor and reality. You have to check it out for yourself.

With so many new things to do in Japan this 2o22, there's a little something for everyone. As expected of Japan! ? What do you think? Is it time to plan your next trip to Japan?