6 Nature Attractions In Selangor To Take A Break From City Life


Syahirah M. •  Dec 11, 2020

[Updated 25 March 2021]

There are many attractions in Selangor that deserve a travel bucket list on its own. From nature reserves to awesome parks and beaches, the natural landscape in Selangor is simply amazing. If you think you've seen it all, there might still be pockets of attractions you have yet to discover. If you're ready for some outdoor excitement, check out these nature attractions in Selangor you should visit (or re-visit!) this weekend ?

1. Kelanang Beach, Banting

While Morib Beach is popular among locals, its neighbour, the Kelanang Beach is also another beach that’s close to Kuala Lumpur. Though it’s not your typical tropical beach with crystal clear water and white sand (it’s not ideal to swim here), it’s still a good option for a nice quick getaway. You can also opt to have a picnic or simply go for a stroll along the beach. The sunset view is perfect for a photo opportunity too.

2. Redang Beach, Sekinchan

Redang Island in Kuala Terengganu isn’t the only Redang in Malaysia. In fact, there's a Redang beach located in Sekinchan, so it’s not all about paddy fields when it comes to this area! The beach is popular among locals and can be crowded over the holidays but it offers a lovely sea view. It’s also a great place to fly kites as it can get pretty windy. If kite-flying isn't your thing, take a stroll and snap plenty of photos against the picturesque background.

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3. Kanching Eco Forest Park

The Taman Eko Rimba Kanching near Rawang, is home to the majestic multi-tiered Kanching Waterfall. To get here, you’d have to do a bit of hiking so this one is perfect adventure seekers. There are 7 levels of the waterfall which can all be accessed by concrete stairway for the first few levels, then steep rocky trails as it gets higher.

This place also offers facilities like a prayer room, and even toilets and shower rooms. But due to COVID-19, there are SOPs implemented for visitors so make sure you find out more about that before you embark on your adventure.

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4. Shah Alam Lake Gardens

The Shah Alam Lake Gardens was said to be the first public park to open in Selangor back in 1985 and it’s still standing strong today! It’s a pretty massive parkland that has so many things to offer.

Besides jogging and cycling, there are children’s playgrounds and places to rent paddle boats and kayaks. The iconic Blue Mosque is also nearby and you can find plenty of halal eateries around the area.

5. Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands

For a wholesome day out with friends or family, the Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands is perfect because it comes with activities such as horseback riding, cycling, and hot air balloon rides. It’s also a great place to learn and experience the biodiversity in Malaysia too.

Besides that, you can go for a lake tour and participate in bird watching. They also have animal feeding sessions where you can feed wildlife like crocodiles and even Malayan porcupines.

6. Melawati Hill

The Melawati Hill which can be found in Kuala Selangor is an attraction that blends both nature and history together. The fortress built on top of the hill in the late 18th century was said to protect the state from invaders. There are other attractions here too like cannons, a lighthouse and a museum.

To get to the top, you’ll have to climb a steep hill or choose to take a ride on a tram. This is a great hangout spot over the weekend as the peak of the hill gives you amazing views of the Kuala Selangor town and even the Straits of Malacca.

Whether you're taking a stroll on Redang beach in Sekinchan or join a lake tour at Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands, we hope you have the best time exploring the nature attractions in Selangor!