8 Amazing Instagram-Worthy Spots In Sekinchan (Besides Paddy Fields)


Cheng Sim •  Jun 24, 2020

[Updated 19 May 2022]

Planning a trip to Sekinchan comes with the promise of a laid-back holiday. It may just be a small town in Sabak Bernam, Selangor, but there are many things to do in Sekinchan for Instagrammers who love travelling off the beaten path. If you're planning to take some photos other than the famous paddy fields, here are some of the best Insta-worthy spots in Sekinchan!

1. Sekinchan paddy fields

Sekinchan is home to a paddy processing factory, so there's no better way to kick off your picture-perfect journey than the scenic paddy fields. Also known as the rice bowl of Selangor, visit in March, April, September or October to catch the paddy fields flourished in green. Otherwise, you can swing by during the harvest season, which takes place at the end of May or in November, to take photos with golden paddy fields.

2. Sky Mirror 

The famous Sky Mirror in Kuala Selangor beach may be a 30-minute drive from Sekinchan, but it's so close that you shouldn't miss it! You can only capture the stunning Sky Mirror effect twice a month during the new moon and full moon where the tide is low. When you have the chance to see it, gather your family and friends and get creative!

3. N16 Cafe (Sekinchan Bus Cafe)

Also known as N16 Cafe, never resist the opportunity to take photos in front of the antique bus cafe when you stumble upon it in Sekinchan! While you can find other bus-themed cafes and attractions around Malaysia, this bus cafe is certainly unique because it's parked on top of a container! If you climb up the steps, you can see a vast landscape of the paddy fields too.

4. Padi Box Homestay

For anyone who wishes to spend the night in Sekinchan, you can stay at the vibrant Padi Box Homestay! Situated next to N16 Cafe (Sekinchan Bus Cafe), this cosy homestay also adopts the container concept that overlooks the view of the scenic paddy fields. Starting at RM118 per night, they have rooms that can cater from 2-6 guests, which is perfect for girls' trips and family vacations.

5. Wishing Tree

When you arrive in Redang Beach, you will stumble upon the massive Sekinchan Wishing Tree that's adorned with red ribbons knotted with gold coins. While the Sekinchan community believes that throwing the red ribbons high up in the trees will make their wishes come true, it remains a beautiful sight to see and definitely worth a snapshot.

6. Redang Beach

Not to be confused with Redang Island in Terengganu, Redang Beach is where the locals go for a change of scenery. It may be small, but you can spot tourists taking family photos here too. Since the beach is covered with small seashells, skip the idea of walking around barefoot and wear comfortable footwear!

7. Lemon Myrtle Plantation

Who would have guessed that Sekinchan has a tea plantation now? Known as the Lemon Myrtle Plantation, this orchard is now open to visitors and you can explore the plantation while taking photos. While you're here, make sure to get the Lemon Myrtle Spice and Tea, which can be used to add flavour to your pasta or zesty punch to your lemon cheesecake. Do contact the owners before heading down!

8. Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay

It's easy to add a pop of colour to your Instagram feed in a place like Farm Ville Cafe & Homestay. Besides providing a place to eat and stay in Sekinchan, the container concept is definitely worth a photo in the middle of a vast paddy field. Make sure to climb the steps to the rooftop to take a photo of the scenery too.

Sekinchan may be a small town in Selangor, but there are many things to do in Sekinchan to keep Instagrammers busy. If you're looking for more Instagram-worthy spots in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang, we hope you'll find these articles helpful!