Korea's Nami Island Just Had Its First Snow This Year & It Looks Like A Fairytale


Faruq Senin •  Dec 16, 2020

Not being able to travel this year has definitely made us explore more of our own backyard. While that's a great thing, we can't help but miss travelling, especially during the winter season ? Whether it's the snow in Korea, the snowy Alps of Switzerland or Hokkaido's snow season, we can't wait to experience winter again. Korea's snow season just started a few days ago and stunning photos of popular spots blanketed in snow flooded social media.

Nami Island

Credit: @namiisland_naminara via Korea Tourism Organization (Malaysia) on Facebook

Nami Island, a popular tourist attraction just outside Seoul, looks simply magical in a sea of white ? The island skyrocketed to popularity after it was featured in the classic Korean drama, Winter Sonata and we swear this looks just like a scene from the drama.

Credit: @namiisland_naminara via Korea Tourism Organization (Malaysia) on Facebook

One of Nami Island's most breathtaking spots is this avenue lined with tall Metasequoia trees. The towering trees and wide avenues give it a majestic appearance, and this is one of the most popular spots for visitors in the entire island. It looks even more magical in the snow ☃️ Just by looking at this, we can't help but feel wanderlust.

Credit: @namiisland_naminara via Korea Tourism Organization (Malaysia) on Facebook

When it's safe to travel again, we're definitely heading to Nami Island in winter for a quick escape from city life!

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Credit: Jeju Tourism Organization on Facebook

But it wasn't just Nami Island which had scenes of the magical winter. The popular resort island of Jeju was also covered in gorgeous snow. At Ecoland Theme Park, it feels as if you've stepped into a fairytale with the images of the famous Forest Train travelling through the snow.

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Credit: Jeju Tourism Organization on Facebook

Elsewhere, the snow blanketing the grounds of Halla-san, Seogwipo Natural Recreation Forest, Jeju Stone Park and more is also a sight for sore eyes ?

Even though we can't travel to Korea yet, we can take this time to dream about our next trip, hopefully in winter 2021! With COVID-19 vaccines and travel bubbles coming up in 2021, hopefully, we can make travelling a reality soon.