Vivaldi Park

A Muslim-Friendly Guide To Vivaldi Park In South Korea


Qistina Roslan •  Nov 17, 2023

Skiing is a sport that we can't experience here in Singapore (with the lack of snow and all). However, South Korea's Vivaldi Park is open once again to bring you the joys of the cold weather. You can enjoy a ton of activities during summer too!

(Psst.. this place was the filming location for K-Dramas such as Legend of the Blue Sea, That Winter The Wind Blows)

How to get there

Daily Shuttle Buses (Seoul - Vivaldi Park)

Bus schedule for Vivaldi Park

Credit: DM Bus Line

If you're planning on having a ski trip after visiting Seoul, there are daily shuttle buses around Seoul that take you to the ski resort! They pick you up from a variety of places such as Dongdaemun, Hongdae and other major train stations. The main bus operator that runs this service is DM Bus Line who have several bus schedules depending on the month you visit. Their current bus schedule runs until 24 November 2023. It will then change to the December one and so on so forth! Prices for the bus ride range from SGD$9 to $16 depending on where you are picked up from and how many people will be taking the bus. They also offer charter services for large groups if need be!

Check out their bus schedule timings here! Do note that it is in Korean so using the Google Translate Camera function or knowing someone who is fluent in Korean will be a big help!

Tour packages

Bird-eye view of Vivaldi Park in Hongcheon

If you're only looking for a day trip, there are a few packages that you can opt for, which include the amenities and transportation that you need. One of the most popular packages is the one from Klook, which offers 4 types of packages. They're divided up by the type of sport that you would like to participate in!

You can choose from Snow Sledding, Snowboarding, Skiing and Basic Ski Lesson. Their pick-up is from either Hongdae or Myeongdong. It's a great package to grab for those of you who want to experience a different climate and try out new sports as well! You can book your tickets here!



The biggest draw to Vivaldi Park is the skiing and other snow-related activities that you can do! There are different sections in the park, which are:

  • Snowy Tornado and Rafting
  • Snowy Coaster
  • Snowy Racing High and Low
  • Snowy Kids
  • Snowy Mini

There is also a gondola on-site that you can use to get around, especially up the ski slopes. Most of the activities here revolve around snowboarding, sledding and skiing especially! Basic classes are available for skiing so fret not if you're not familiar with the sport! Equipment is available as well for rental.

Vivaldi Park Ocean World

This huge water park has 4 zones: Aqua, Extreme, Dynamic and Mega Slide zones.

If you're coming in the summer, the outdoor areas of the park will be open, with activities such as a huge lazy pool, mega slides and more with an overarching Egyptian theme. The Extreme zone has a humongous wave pool and a 'super extreme river' which is like a lazy river but with inclines and slides down. Dynamic zone has the longest water slide at a length of 300-metres, a 68-degree water slide and more. Lastly, we have the Mega Slide zones has racing 'slides', raft slides and more!

Even in winter, you can enjoy Ocean World with ease. The Aqua Zone has a ton of attractions such as wave pools, a huge waterplex, an indoor lazy pool and more. If you're looking to relax, there is a Pharoah's Spa available to chill out. If you still want to enjoy the outdoors in winter, there are two heated pools overlooking Vivaldi Park that you can enjoy.

Do note that the attraction will be closed from 1 November 2023 to 14 December 2023 to prepare for Winter. It will re-open on 15 December 2023 (Friday).


Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

The main resort of the area, Vivaldi Park Ski Resort, is located in the centre of most of the main attractions. With Snowyland, Ocean World and a bunch of food and beverages available for your convenience! Additionally, they offer a ton of amenities and also provide rentals such as skiing equipment, snow sports equipment, goggles, gloves and more (if you need them!). There is free Wi-Fi on the property, so you need not be worried about not being able to connect to the Internet. There are family rooms available if you're coming with a big group!

Rate: Starts at SGD$156 on Agoda

Address: 262, Hanchigol-Gil, Seo-Myeon, Hongcheon-Gun, Gangwon-Do 25102 South Korea, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, South Korea

Sono Felice Vivaldi Park Resort

One of the most sought-after resorts in the area, Sono Felice Vivaldi Park Resort boasts a spectacular view of the mountains that rivals what you see in Switzerland. They offer family rooms if you're coming with a big group. There are also free amenities such as Wi-Fi, toiletries, and parking as well. If you're coming by plane from nearby Wonju airport, they can arrange free airport transfers for you. There are ski rentals and equipment available for rental where you can enjoy the nearby ski slopes. If you're not up for some adrenaline-pumping sports activities, you can enjoy the heated outdoor pools with an amazing view to accompany you.

Rate: Starts at SGD$232 on Agoda

Address: 262, Hanchigol-gil, Seo-myeon, 25102 Hongcheon, South Korea

Sono Felice Village Vivaldi Park Resort

Believe it or not, Sono Felice Village Vivaldi Park Resort is another branch of Sono Felice Resort. Situated just a few miles away from the main park, it's a quaint little village where you can rest and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The mountains surround you as it's situated in a valley! There's free Wi-Fi and parking if you're planning to drive there. If you're planning to book a room with kitchenette, this resort has options for you! There is a supermarket in the basement for all your cooking needs too. Check-in is at 3PM. There are restaurants available in the area however we aren't able to confirm their halal status as of now.

Rate: Starts at SGD$232 on Agoda

Address: 625, Hanchigol-gil, Seo-myeon, 25101 Hongcheon, South Korea


We've listed some eateries that you can visit to satiate your hunger while at Vivaldi Park!

P.S: We have compiled a list of halal food here that you can check out here too!


Dongmoon Express

If you're craving for some good food after a long day of snow fun, Dongmoon Express is where you can go! It is a halal-certified restaurant that serves a bunch of dishes revolving Asian cuisine.

Snow Ice

If you're craving some bingsu (milk-based Korean shaved ice dessert), you can head down to the main centre (2nd floor) to grab some or other Korean desserts as well!

Halal status: Dessert. We are unable to confirm if alcohol is used in the dessert. We recommend you to dine at your own discretion.

Vivaldi Park has a lot to offer, be it Winter or Summer. So book your tickets and enjoy Vivaldi Park in South Korea!