Vivaldi Park: Ski Resort Near Seoul With A Halal Restaurant And Prayer Room


Faruq Senin •  Jul 12, 2020

One of the activities that you can't miss when visiting Korea is skiing. If you've always wanted to try skiing in Korea, one place you have to add to your list is the Sono Belle Vivaldi Park! Located in Gangwon province, it's only an hour plus away from Seoul. The best part is that Vivaldi Park has halal food and a prayer room, making it perfect for Muslim travellers ?

Credit: Korea Tourism Organization (Malaysia)

The Sono Belle Vivaldi Park is one of the most visited ski resorts in Korea and is home to Asia’s first 8-seater express chairlift and gondola! With a total of 12 slopes, you can do various winter activities here like skiing, snowboarding and snow-sledding. If you're new to skiing, don't worry as they have basic ski lessons for beginners too!

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Credit: Korea Tourism Organization (Malaysia)

Need a break from the winter activities? Just head over to Dongmoon Express, a halal-certified fast-food style restaurant! Fun fact: It's a franchise of the halal Asian Family Restaurant Dongmoon at Nami Island.

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Credit: Naminara Republic

At Dongmoon Express, you can expect a variety of halal Korean food as well as fusion dishes. If you're looking for something light, their Salad and Hearty Wraps would be perfect for you! Take your pick from Bulgogi Salad Wrap, Dakgalbi Fried Rice with Cheese Wrap or Kimchi Fried Rice Wraps. For something more filling, try their Mega Lunch Box instead. Whether you're craving Dakgalbi Fried Rice, Bulgogi Fried Rice or Shrimp Nasi Goreng, they've got you covered! Plus, they also serve Stewed Beef Short Ribs Lunch Box (Galbi-jjim) which you can order by making a reservation ?

Credit: Naminara Republic

If that's not enough to entice you, here's where you can savour halal Korean street food too! With offerings like tteokbokki, tteokbokki with cheese and a fishcake combo (odeng), you'll be able to satisfy your Korean street food cravings after a long day of skiing.

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Credit: Korea Tourism Organization (Malaysia)

Vivaldi Park's prayer room is worth mentioning too! The ablution areas and prayer spaces are both gender-segregated and well-equipped with prayer mats.

So, if you're planning a visit to Korea in winter when the borders reopen, don't miss a visit to Sono Belle Vivaldi Park! Not only will you enjoy an awesome ski experience, you'll also get to fill your tummy with mouth-watering halal options and do your prayers comfortably.

Halal status: Halal-certified, Prayer room is equipped with prayer mats.

Location: Main Centre, 2F (Dongmoon Express), Maple Bldg, 2F (Prayer room)

Reservations (for ski resort):Website

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