Travel Back To The Past With This Gorgeous Historical Kampung Site In Melaka


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Dec 15, 2021

Known as one of the best historical cities in Malaysia, there are many ways to enjoy a fun road trip to Melaka. From savouring delicious food like spicy asam pedas or the iconic chicken rice balls to taking snapshots at IG-worthy spots, you're sure to find fun activities to fill your time! Melaka is also home to many gorgeous hotels to spend the night but there's this unique kampung which you should check out for your next Melaka staycation! It's none other than Kampung Morten!

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Travel Back To The Past With Melaka's Kampung Morten

Credit: petai.net / Tourism Malaysia on Facebook 

Smacked right in the middle of the bustling Melaka city is Kampung Morten! This historical site is a gem as regarded as a living museum since there are people still living in these traditional Malay houses. If you're searching for a place for the ultimate Melaka trip

Credit: irhms_ / Tourism Malaysia on Facebook

This beautiful kampung is located next to the Melaka River, home to the famous Melaka River Cruise so it's a breezy walk to the spot if you're planning to take the cruise. We recommend you take it at night to enjoy the stunning view of the city and kampung houses with colourful lights. As you ride your cruise, your guide will give you a brief history of Kampung Morten.

Since it's near the river cruise then, you bet Jonker Walk is also a stone's throw away! You can delicious, authentic food and visit more popular historical sites like Kota A'Famosa, St Paul's Church, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum and the 15th century Melaka Sultanate Palace!

Credit: reenwish / Tourism Malaysia on Facebook 

What makes Kampung Morten unique compared to other villages across Malaysia is that all of the houses still retain the traditional features, designs and landscape. The government has also been funding the villagers living there to ensure the site remains to its true form. This village is home to 85 traditional houses and some of them are actually homestays so tourists could spend the night!

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