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JUST IN: McDonald’s SG Is Bringing Back Its Fish And Fries


Faruq Senin •  Mar 27, 2019


It's mid-week and if you need some motivation to get through hump day, we've got great news! Credit: Giphy McDonald's is bringing back its Fish & Fries ? [P.S. Looking for newly halal-certified stores in Singapore? Check out this halal Thai eatery!]
Yes, their delectable fish fillet is back to reel you in? If you haven't tasted it before, get ready to bite into two pieces of tender and yummy fish fillets coated in crispy batter, a total delight for your taste buds.
Credit: McDonald's Singapore But that's not all - McDonald's is also bringing back their Sweet Chilli Fish Burger. It's the same crispy fish fillet but this one is topped with sweet chilli mayo, accompanied with two buns. This is definitely perfect for you if you're looking for a little zing.
Credit: McDonald's Singapore But perhaps what we're really looking forward to is the Coffee Milk Tea ice-cream ? Yes, you read that right! It's inspired by the popular yuan-yang drink so caffeine lovers would totally appreciate the aromatic taste of coffee and fragrance of milk tea - this is pure bliss! Have it your way, either in soft-serve form, Sundae, ChocoCone or McFlurry. All these amazing items will be available at McDonald's tomorrow (28 Mar 2019). So, make sure you get in line and have that scrumptious meal plus a sweet, sweet dessert ? [P.S. Check out these other eateries in Singapore for your halal food fix!]