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Build Your Own Bouquet And Bonsai Tree With LEGO's All-New Botanical Collection


Cheng Sim •  Jan 15, 2021


From starting a home garden to trying a new Korean dessert recipe, there are many creative things to do at home! If you're planning to reconnect with your old hobbies, these all-new LEGO build kits will leave you in awe! Launched in January 2021, LEGO has released two new LEGO Botanical Collection sets that feature a flower bouquet and bonsai tree. Currently available in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, the series is designed for LEGO builders aged 18 years and above, which makes it perfect for grown-ups!
LEGO Botanical Collection: Flower Bouquet
Credit: LEGO Certified Store Indonesia on Facebook
If you enjoy the sights of flowers on your desk, the LEGO Flower Bouquet is the one for you! This flower bouquet model building kit has 796 pieces in different shapes, sizes and colours. While the vase is not included, this bouquet is inspired by real flowers including roses, poppies, asters, snapdragons, and daisies. The stems are also adjustable, so you can adjust the height of each flower.
Credit: LEGO Certified Store Indonesia on Facebook According to LEGO Senior Designer Anderson Grubb who designed the LEGO Flower Bouquet kit, there are interesting pieces that were used to create this bouquet, including pterodactyl wings in the rose flower and robot heads in the snapdragon.
LEGO Botanical Collection: Bonsai Tree
Credit: Box of Bricks on Facebook The LEGO Botanical Collection also features the LEGO Bonsai Tree, which is interchangeable depending on how you wish to style it. While the classic way is to customise it with green leaves, you can switch it up with cherry blossom blooms when the sakura season comes! If you look closely, the pink cherry blossom blooms actually shaped like a frog! This 878-piece set also comes with a rectangular pot and a slatted LEGO wood-effect stand, so you can display it proudly on your desk. Last checked in January 2021, the LEGO Flower Bouquet (SGD79.99) and Bonsai Tree (SGD79.99) are temporarily out of stock in most LEGO Certified Stores in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. However, these sets are still available on Shopee, Lazada and Tokopedia. And there you have it! While reconnecting with your love for LEGO building, we hope you'll discover more creative ways to make the most of your time at home ?