La Hilir Luxe Camp Is The Romantic Glamping Site (With Outdoor Bathtub!) You Need To Check In Now


Farah Fazanna •  Sep 28, 2022

Is the idea of going away for a day or two and spending the night under the stars where you can hear crickets and the stream trickles right below you sound like heaven? Well, look no further. La Hilir Luxe Camp offers an exclusive glamping site where you can truly relax and be close to nature without compromising your comfort. The tent even has an air-conditioning unit to make sure you won’t sweat through the night! Talk about being super fancy ?

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Why book?

Located in Kuala Pilah, about one and a half hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, the glamping site offers two tents that can accommodate up to 8 pax that you can book for your family or with your friends. You won’t be sharing the glamping site with strangers, so you’ll have the whole place to yourself and complete privacy! It’s also perfect for a romantic getaway with your loved one ?

Owned by a husband and wife team, you’ll feel completely at home. Allan and Irena will make you feel welcomed and you’ll be treated like their own family rather than guests! We loved the little touches they put into the glamping site and were completely impressed that Allan did the design and built the sites himself! If you thought the name La Hilir sounds familiar, it’s because they made a wave time in 2021 when they moved from Petaling Jaya and built a tiny home in the jungles of Kuala Pilah. Do note that the glamping sites are located in the compound of the owner’s home, so you should be respectful of their space!

Location, location, location

Once you stepped foot into the glamping site, you’ll be completely enveloped in the sounds of nature. Sounds of crickets, streams trickling and the wind rustling the trees — it’s like you’ve been transported into another world. Despite that, you’re actually only about five minutes away from Kuala Pilah town centre! There are plenty of shops and eateries nearby that if you need anything, it is easily accessible. 

If you’re coming in a large group, there is plenty of space for parking as well. So, no need to worry about bumping into each other! We do have to mention that the glamping site is not wheelchair and stroller accessible as there are plenty of steps going up and down to the tents as well as uneven surfaces. 

Insta-worthy stay

You’ve probably seen or even experienced glamping before. But let us assure you that La Hilir Luxe Camp takes it to the next level. The tents are equipped with an air-conditioning unit so you won’t twist and turn in the middle of the night, thanks to Malaysia’s tropical heat. The tent is also beautifully decorated in a boho chic aesthetic — cosy rugs, plump pillows and wood furnishing.

No air mattress business here as the tent is completed with a king-sized bed and furnished with hotel-quality bedsheets and pillows. Crawling into bed after hours of driving is pure bliss! It’s super comfy and we may have fallen asleep ? There is also a single bed and a rollover mattress if there are four of you. We loved the little details that the owners have put into the tents — floor lamps for ambience lighting, real-life plant for some greenery that adds a cosy feeling to the room, and plush rugs to complete the look. 

Right in front of the tent is a lounge area complete with a rug, picnic chairs and comfy pillows and blankets to add to the cosy vibe. Here, you can truly relax as you enjoy the sounds of a trickling stream down below. If you're lucky, you might be joined by the resident cats Ginger and Roy!

Private pool and outdoor shower

What sets La Hilir Luxe Camp apart from other glamping sites is the outdoor private pool. We have complete privacy as it’s surrounded by various plants and trees. We loved a bathtub and would constantly search for hotels with one but soaking in a bathtub outdoors under the blue sky is something else. Remember to bring a bath bomb, close your eyes, listen to the nature sounds (no Spotify playlist needed for this!) and truly relax. Suffice to say, we are completely spoiled during this trip! In the evening, you can enjoy a bonfire and even a BBQ! Just ask the owners in advance to prepare the BBQ set-up. You'll need to bring your own food and drinks for this.

There is also an outdoor bathroom for you to do your business. With La Hilir’s standards of putting attention to detail, you can expect the bathroom to be completed with all the necessary necessities you need. There are eco-friendly toiletries, a bidet, and a rain shower. The towels are fluffy and absorbent too! As city people who are used to indoor bathrooms, it takes us a while to get used to it but we kinda liked it as we can enjoy the sounds of nature while showering. Don’t worry, there are curtains if you need privacy!

At the time of our visit, there are no hot water yet (it’s still in the works) but it was kinda nice to take a cold shower as it could get quite hot during the day. So, don’t make the same mistake as we did and take an earlier shower as the water can get ice cold later in the evening. Do remember to bring flip-flops as well!

Food and drinks

One thing we loved about staying at La Hilir Luxe Camp is that you don’t have to worry about your meals! Everything is taken care of by the owners. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with cold lemonade and truffle chips that were perfect for the hot weather. We loved the truffle chips so much that we asked for a refill ? 

As for food, you’ll be served Aglio olio pasta with roast chicken for dinner. When we arrived for dinner, we were taken away by how beautiful the table was set up. Soft jazz music filled up the air, candles were lit and linens were placed on the plates. It was fine dining in the jungle! ? The food was delicious too as they were all home-cooked by Irena herself. The owners are both Muslim, so you’re guaranteed halal and mouth-watering meals here! As we had a toddler during the stay, Irena even made the pasta to be non-spicy so that our kid could enjoy the meal as well. 10/10 for service!

For breakfast, it’s the quintessential Malaysian breakfast - nasi lemak! Fluffy rice is completed with spicy sambal, crispy anchovies as well as crunchy chicken. Yum! Perfect to start your day. Just beware of the cats — they might steal one or two chickens when you’re not aware!

What can you do here?

As the glamping site focuses on being one with nature, it’s perfect if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There are plenty of board games to occupy your time as well as some stacks of books that you could start reading during your stay. Honestly, we could just soak in the outdoor bathtub for hours with a book! In the evening, you can enjoy an outdoor cinema after dinner. There are a few streaming platforms and you can choose whatever strikes your fancy!

La Hilir Luxe Camp is the perfect glamping site for those looking to unwind, relax and chill. We highly recommend advance booking as the site is highly sought after!

Rate: Starts from RM1,588/night. Lunch and dinner included.

Address: La Hilir Luxe Camp, Kampung Kuala Dioh, 72000 Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan

Contact: 012-379 0713


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