18 Things You Need To Know About A Trip To KL From SG (From Personal Experience)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jun 08, 2022

Now that the Singapore-Malaysia borders are open, many of us are rushing for the causeway to get our dose of Malaysian goodness! Be it tasty food, or exciting theme parks like Legoland or Sunway Lagoon, we here in Singapore truly cannot get enough of our next-door neighbour.

But after a few years of not heading over, loads of things have changed. From the prices of accommodations to the crowds, many of us don't know what to expect ? So if you're heading over and looking for tips from those who have already taken that bold step into the unknown, you've come to the right place! Here are 18 things you need to know for a trip to KL from those who have recently gone over! ?

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Heading Over

1. The peak hours tend to change a little during the holiday period, so be sure to use Google Maps! It's your best friend when it comes to checking traffic conditions. - Imran Kassim

2. Be aware of drivers not signalling. There are a lot. - Imran Kassim

3. It's best to avoid peak hour because when I was heading towards Genting in the morning, the other side of the road had a tremendously long jam - Farhana Ayu

4. We drove to KL before Covid and rented a Malaysian car. We were picked up in Singapore by a rented car by a Johorian driver. After reaching JB, he showed us how the car and how toll works and off we went! Driving in Malaysia with a Malaysian car felt safer than driving w Singaporean car...(I think)?? Only thing is we Singaporean drivers signal all the time, so other Malaysian cars must be wondering why this Malaysian car is so polite ?

It was an 11 seater car, too. So it was clean and comfortable. - Rita

5. I recommend entering Malaysia via Tuas if you are driving up to KL as you are immediately in the highway once you leave customs - Ilyana

6. Going to KL isn't hard! Take the North-South highway and just keep going straight, you won't have to use a GPD. - Rahmat

7. Get your touch and go card from the SG petrol kiosk. To top up, only in MY after custom. But don't fret, there's a lady that goes around and helps you scan. Pay her the extra amount with 10RM extra. - Asma

Getting Around Town

8. If you are not driving and only depending on Grab, please prepare to wait for quite some time to get a Grab out, especially if it's during the evening peak period and rainy days. - Farhana Ayu

9. Always be aware of the traffic before you head out, the jam in KL is no joke. But honestly, traffic in KL is way better than it was last time. Police presence is much higher now! - Imran Kassim

10. If you plan to go to Pavilion, park at Fahrenheit, it’s cheaper. - Desi Erni

11. (Be aware of traffic conditions) It took me 45 minutes just to get out from Pavilion carpark - Farhana Ayu


12. A pitstop at Jejantas Ayer Keroh for its A&W is recommended! I'm not sure why but their Coney Dog tastes so much better than elsewhere ?- Farhana Ayu


13. For kids usually, when I go overseas, I like to bring them to the Science Centre at KLCC. I'm not sure why but it's very entertaining! - Farhana Ayu

14. Check out Tasik Putrajaya where all the govt office buildings are. At night they have those rides along the tasik and foodstalls too. - Farhana Ayu

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MySejahtera App

16. Make sure you download MySejahtera. I don't know about all airlines but if you're taking Scoot, they will ask you to show them the app. You must also do the traveller’s form on the app. Some huge malls like KLCC and pavilion still check your app to see if you’re a high or low risk. - Faruq

Crowds & Other General Advice

17. Don't go in June. My mum came back and said it was so crowded she couldn't shop. - Sarah

18. Get Starhub's DataTravel Asia-Pac: it's easier than getting a local Malaysian Line. - Zaki

And there you have it! All the tips you need to help you enjoy a getaway in Johor ? If you're heading to KL anytime soon, be sure to send this over to your travel buddies ?

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