12 Korean Dramas And Travel Variety Shows That'll Take You Around The World


Faruq Senin •  Apr 11, 2020

[Update 11 June 2021]

One way spending more time at home, it's the perfect time to travel from your TV screens and binge-watch on these shows. That way, you can still dream about our next big travel adventure! Here's a list of 12 Korean TV dramas and travel variety shows that'll take you around the world ?

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1. Crash Landing On You

Credit: tvN Drama on Facebook

When we asked you guys on Traveler Thursday (our weekly segment on Instagram stories where we ask readers for recommendations) which travel shows you'd recommend, we got an overwhelming vote for Crash Landing On You! When the series on Netflix ended, we swear we just wanted to pack our bags and book a flight to Switzerland right away! We're sure many of you felt the same too ?

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Credit: tvN Drama on Facebook

With the picturesque views and a perfect love story, the show has won the hearts of many. From Lake Brienz where Ri Jeong Hyeok played his solo piano piece to the Sigriswil bridge where the two lovebirds had their first casual conversation, you'll be enchanted by the scenic views ?

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If you're a thrill-seeker, Crash Landing On You will definitely make you want to add paragliding in Switzerland to your travel bucket list! Who knows, you might find your other half and have your own serendipitous moment in Switzerland too? ?

Besides Switzerland, the drama also gave us a sense of what North Korea is like and if we didn't have the "hermit kingdom" on our bucket list before, this drama made us even more curious than ever to visit!

2. Goblin

I'll admit; Goblin was the reason why I visited Canada back in 2018! This fantasy drama is about a 900+ year-old "goblin" who wants to end his cursed immortal life but needs a human bride to help him with it.

Credit: 도깨비 on Facebook

The drama alternates between Korea and Quebec City in Canada, which has some super breathtaking scenery, with French colonial architecture and gorgeous autumn foliage ? Travel through your TV screens as the goblin, Kim Shin and his "bride" Ji Eun-Tak stroll along the charming Petit Champlain district, the Tourny Fountain as well as the iconic hill of Parc du Bastion-de-la-Reine where the couple shared many romantic moments.

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Credit: 도깨비 on Facebook

But even if Canada isn't on your travel bucket list, you'd be happy to know that Goblin features some IG-worthy places in Korea too, like the Jumunjin beach in Gangneung where Ji Eun-Tak first summoned Kim Shin and the Deoksugung Palace walls in Seoul.

3. Memories of the Alhambra

Memories of the Alhambra follows its main character Yoo Jin-woo, a CEO of an investment company who goes on a search for the inventor of an augmented reality game in Granada, Spain. What's interesting is that the game is based off stories surrounding the historic Alhambra fortress-palace.

Credit: Park Shin-Hye PSH on Facebook

Jin-woo then meets his love interest Hee-joo and the pair gets drawn into the game, entangling themselves in various battles with warriors from the Middle Ages. It's fascinating and unique at the same time as lines between the real and virtual world are blurred.

With gripping scenes and unexpected twists that will keep you on edge, the drama will also take you around magnificent sights that show the beauty of Spain's Islamic kingdom. Of course, the Alhambra Palace complex with its magnificent Moorish architecture is one of the iconic filming locations.

Credit: I Love Travel on Facebook

But you'll also get to see other sights in Spain such as Old Quarter of Girona, Granada's Albaicin district and the Mirador San Nicolas which offers a stunning overview of the Alhambra. Even if Spain isn't on your bucket list, you'll be awed by the wealth of history and impressive architecture featured in this drama ? Fun fact: Part of the filming also took place in Slovenia and Hungary!

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4. Descendants of the Sun

Credit: Descendants of the Sun Thailand on Facebook

Descendants of the Sun received immense popularity across Asia with its soldier-doctor love story played by Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo. Due to their job assignments, both characters (Captain Yoo and Dr Kang) were deployed to Uruk (a fictional country) and experienced a lot of hardships together. Part of the filming for the drama was set against the backdrop of the Greek islands ?

One of the most memorable places is Navagio Beach on Zakynthos Island where love blossomed between the 2 main characters. The shipwrecked vessel has been stranded on the island since 1980, and is the main attraction.

The scenic mountain town of Arachova was also featured in the drama where the couple went on dates. The Clock Tower of Arakhova and the Church of St George are some of the more iconic places that set the scene for the love story between the characters. With such lovely scenes, it won't be hard to fall in love with Greece when you're watching Descendants of the Sun!

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Variety shows:

5. Battle Trip

Battle Trip is where you can watch your favourite Korean celebrities travel to different parts of the world and compete against each other for audience votes. It's interesting to see how the celebrities explore places like California, Bali, Hokkaido and even underrated places like Laos, Myanmar as well as uncovering hidden gems in Korea itself. And yes, in case you're wondering, they travelled to our part of the world as well, including Brunei, Langkawi and even Singapore!

It's not just entertaining because you can see Korean celebrities "rough" it out, but Battle Trip also provides a lot of travel tips and recommendations especially if you're interested in that particular destination. Not to mention that it is super relatable too; it shows the reality of travelling, that things might not go your way sometimes but that's what makes it fun ?

6. BTS: Bon Voyage

Credit: BTS on Facebook

If you're a fan of Korean boyband BTS or even if you're just curious how K-pop stars are when they travel, then BTS: Bon Voyage will be perfect for you! Follow these 7 idols as they explore various parts of Northern Europe, Hawaii, Malta and New Zealand over 4 seasons. From immersing themselves in a hula dance to enjoying the Mediterranean Sea and camping overnight in the snowy mountains, you'll be able to live vicariously through their adventures ?

7. Trans-Siberian Pathfinders

Credit: Lee Sang Yeob Thailand Fanpage on Facebook

There's something about train journeys that make it a charming alternative to air travel or travelling by car. And that's what Trans-Siberian Pathfinders is all about! 5 celebrity friends journey through Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway and in this show, you'll get to see their experience of going on one of the world's longest rail journeys. From Vladivostok to Moscow, the group stops by several magnificent landscapes in Russia like the Lake Baikal, Alhorn Island and various small towns along the way. After watching the show, perhaps you'd want to add this to your bucket list and experience the romanticism of train travel yourself!

8. Youth Over Flowers

Credit: Ktown4u on Facebook

What if someone told you that you were going on a trip just hours before your flight? Well, that's what the various celebrities in Youth Over Flowers' 5 seasons had to go through! While the cast had the privilege of visiting bucket list-worthy sights like Peru's Machu Picchu, Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls and experience the Northern Lights in Iceland, it came with a twist.

Credit: 꽃보다 시리즈 on Facebook

The cast had their wallets taken away from them and had to rely on a set amount of money given by the producers. They also had to achieve a mission at the end of their trip and along the way, try exciting activities like bungee-jumping and skydiving. It's always interesting to see others go on spontaneous adventures, and this is probably just what we all need since we're stuck at home!

9. 2 Days & 1 Night

Credit: 1박 2일 - 1 Night 2 Days on Facebook

While many of the shows on this list take you around the world, 2 Days & 1 Night is the show to watch if you're constantly dreaming about Korea and looking for new places to visit for your repeat trips there. The cast members of the show take several trips around Korea and even to offshore islands to perform certain missions. With every destination they visit, you'll surely be introduced to different aspects of Korean food, culture and scenic sights, and make you love Korea even more! Not to mention that you'll get to see the chemistry between cast members and grow a bond with them ? Plus, the show has been going on for over 10 years so if you haven't watched it yet, it's time to start now!

10. Traveler

Always had backpacking on your bucket list but never got down to planning it? Perhaps, Traveler will give you some inspiration as it's a show about several actors going on a backpacking adventure. The first season will bring you around Cuba where you'll witness the country's old-school vibe, gorgeous beaches and Cuban culture. The second season is a feast for the eyes as three actors backpack through breathtaking landscapes of Argentina like the Andes Mountains, Iguazu Falls and Perito Moreno Glacier. Watch as the backpackers navigate their way through these exotic destinations and work together to overcome the challenges of travelling!

11. Law of the Jungle

Credit: SBS 정글의 법칙 on Facebook

In this Korean-style survivor, celebrities are taken out of their comfort zones and are tasked to survive in remote locations around the world. But instead of fighting against each other, the celebrities have to work together to complete missions such as preparing their own meals or creating shelter. In some destinations, they also meet local tribes and experience life with the people. Featuring exotic destinations like Fiji, the Himalayas, Palawan Islands, Mongolia and more, Law of the Jungle will bring you on a journey off the beaten path, to places you'd never thought of going!

12. Salty Tour

Credit: 짠내투어 on Facebook

Going on a budget doesn't mean you can't get the most out of your vacation and Salty Tour aims to show just that. In each destination that cast members travel to, one of them will be appointed as a tour guide and provide the best vacation experience to the rest of the cast with a fixed tight budget that they are given. Exploring various locations around the world such as Osaka, Bangkok, Lisbon, Budapest and more, the "tour guides" are judged based on the food places, places of interest and accommodation. And there's a reward too - the tour guide that wins will get to enjoy a small luxury treat such as a massage, a fancy meal or a night's stay at a 5-star hotel ?

With these 12 Korean dramas and travel variety shows, now's the time for you to sit back, relax and travel around the world from your couch ? Let us know what other travel shows you love in the comments section!