10 Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Jewel Changi Airport (Yes, Suitable For Toddlers Too!)


Noor Aishah Karim •  Apr 06, 2023

Jewel Changi Airport is known for being family-friendly, and you can always look forward to something fun and exciting every month! This time, we round up 10 kid-friendly activities for you and your family!

1) Watch the HSBC Vortex waterfall!

The HSBC Rain Vortex is a must-see attraction for kids visiting Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore. This stunning indoor waterfall stands at 40 meters tall and provides a mesmerizing sight that kids will love.

They can watch the water cascading down from the ceiling, creating a beautiful rainbow effect. At night, the waterfall is enhanced with a light and sound show, making it a truly unforgettable experience. You can check the timings here!

P.S. Head to B2 where you can get up close to the waterfall!

2. Take pictures with your favourite Disney characters at the Disney 100 exhibition!

In collaboration with 100 Years of Disney, Jewel is decked out in Disney decorations throughout the year. ? You can look forward to meet-and-greet sessions with your favourite characters and photo opportunities around Jewel!

There are 10 themed photo spots you can keep a lookout for - 6 on Level 1 (Shiseido Forest Valley) and 4 on Level 5 (Canopy Park). Some photo opportunities feature Toy Story, Snow White, Steamboat Willie, Star Wars and much more! Our personal favourite photo attraction was the Dr Strange backdrop at the Canopy Park.

P.S. We did a review on it! Check it out here

3. Explore the various activities at Canopy Park

The Canopy Park offers many different interactive play areas that provide a fun way for kids to engage in physical activity and develop their problem-solving skills. With the opportunity to explore and discover new things, families can bond over unique experiences!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Discovery Slides, where you can have fun sliding down the two giant, tube-shaped slides.
  • Get lost in this exciting and whimsical maze made of mirrors at Mirror Maze.
  • Hedge Maze is where you can enjoy navigating through this green and leafy labyrinth
  • Foggy bowls - Let your toddler slip in among puffs of cloud and hide away in gentle bowls of mist
  • Bouncing Nets is where you can experience being weightless with your little ones! it's the highest point at 8 metres above the ground!
  • Manulife Nets - a series of thrilling net structures that allow visitors to walk or bounce above ground level while enjoying stunning views of the airport.

4. Pokemon Center - visit the popular Pokemon-themed store with a wide range of merchandise

The Pokemon Center at Jewel Changi Airport is a dream come true for young fans of the popular anime and video game franchise. The store offers an extensive collection of Pokemon-themed merchandise, including plush toys, cards, apparel, and accessories. Families and kids can also take part in interactive experiences such as the Pokemon Photo Booth and catch a glimpse of Pikachu at the Pikachu Parade!

The store's location in the airport makes it a convenient stop for families travelling with young Pokemon enthusiasts, and it's an excellent place to pick up a souvenir or gift.

5. Shiseido Forest Valley

Looking for a nature escape right in the heart of the city? Look no further than the Shiseido Forest Valley in Jewel! This stunning indoor forest is a paradise for both kids and adults alike, with lush greenery, a breathtaking waterfall, and a variety of exciting play structures.

Your kids will love exploring through the tree-like structures, while you can enjoy a peaceful walk through the serene forest, and you can get even see the amazing view of the waterfalls from it.

6. Experience The Extraordinary Changi Experience Studio!

Credit: Jewel Changi Airport

Your kids will love the interactive exhibits and games, from designing their aeroplanes to going on a virtual tour of the airport. And with plenty of photo opportunities and souvenirs to take home, it's an experience you won't want to miss. So come on down and explore the wonders of Changi Experience Studio!

7) Catch a movie

Exclusively only at Jewel, Shaw theatres offer a kid-friendly cinema! Dreamers provide a family-friendly movie experience with bright colours, murals, and a playful atmosphere. Parents and children can enjoy the movie in a comfortable environment with soft lighting and low audio without stressing about their kids running around. Dreamers are not just a movie theatre; it's a place for families to have fun and dream big! So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

8) Dine out with some Kid-Friendly halal eateries

Dining at Jewel Changi Airport with your children can be a delightful experience. With plenty of halal options to choose from, your family can enjoy a delicious meal together.

Here are a list of some kid-friendly restaurants you can consider:

  • El Fuego (Requests can be made to cater to your kid’s palette preferences)
  • Earls Swensen [kids’ meal available]
  • McDonald’s[kids’ meal available]
  • Monster Planet [kids’ meal available]

9) Playtime at the indoor playground (in between Tim Ho Wan and Dyson)

The Jewel’s Children's Play Area offers a small wooden playground in Jewel Changi Airport is a charming spot for kids to play and unwind. With various play equipment, such as slides and climbing frames, kids can engage in fun physical activities while parents take a break and relax nearby. It is located between Tim Ho Wan and Dyson.

10) Zoom with Zoomoov

With a range of battery-operated cars and animals to choose from, kids can embark on exciting adventures and imagine themselves as daring racers or wildlife explorers. The colorful and interactive nature of ZOOMOOV makes it an engaging activity for children, keeping them entertained while parents can sit back and relax. ZOOMOOV also has a mini sensory indoor playground!


Jewel’s changing rooms are one of the best in Singapore. It's designed with everything parents need to care for their little ones, including a comfortable changing table, a sink, and a nursing area. The room is spacious and clean, making it the perfect spot for families to take a break and attend to their babies needs.

Well, that rounds up our list of the 10 kid-friendly things to do at Jewel! Did we miss your favourite? Let us know!