Is Inside Scoop Halal In Malaysia? Here's Everything You Should Know


Ili •  Jul 06, 2021

When the notorious Malaysian heat strikes, what do you do? Cool off with ice cream of course! There are plenty of halal dessert spots in KL and Selangor where you can enjoy ice cream to beat the heat and that includes Inside Scoop. But is it halal? Let's find out.

P.S. You can also make desserts at home to help stave off the heat - check out the recipes here!

What is Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop is an ice cream chain in Malaysia that started churning ice cream in their cosy Bangsar store in 2013. Fulfilling the need for premium ice cream in a market that was predominately served by international chains, Inside Scoop sets out to make great ice cream that’s inspired by Malaysian taste buds and current trends. Today, they have more than 80 flavours on rotation and a variety of ice creamcakes at their 27 outlets and counting! Some of their best-selling flavours are Valrhona Chocolate, Durian and Teh Tarik.

Is Inside Scoop halal?

According to Inside Scoop's official website, this is what they have to say in regards to their halal status:

"Yes, our central kitchen is a halal-compliant facility. Most of our ice cream and ice cream cakes are certified halal by JAKIM. We still have a few flavours and products that are pending Halal certification (but all are made using halal ingredients and made in a halal-compliant facility) and we expect all our products to be certified halal by year end." - Inside Scoop

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