6 Easy Halal Dessert Recipes You Can Make To Cool Off At Home


Ili •  Mar 02, 2021

HHWT readers, have you been feeling the heat recently? If yes, then why not whip up some chilly desserts at home that'll cool you off instantly. From sorbets to popsicles, save yourself from the sweltering weather and enjoy these yummy sweet treats ?

1. Watermelon sorbet

Refresh yourself with a delicious watermelon sorbet! Using super basic ingredients, you'll be able to make this dessert in no time at all. Get yourself started with this incredibly easy 2-ingredient recipe from Oh The Things We'll Make. Top it off with mint leaves (plus a paper umbrella) and you'll be good to go!

2. Fruit popsicle

Fancy a healthy treat? Then a fruit popsicle is the way to go! This dessert works with pretty much any fruit: watermelon, blackberry, lemon, mango, strawberry - you name it. You can even combine a few fruits together just like how Jessica Gavin does in her homemade fruit popsicle recipe. Make a huge batch and freeze them all at once so you won't run out of them too quickly.

3. Chocolate mousse

One way to cool off while satisfying your chocolate cravings is by making chocolate mousse. As fancy as it sounds, it's actually pretty easy to make on your own. With just 4 ingredients, all you need to do is combine, whip and let it all magically come together in the fridge before serving yourself a fantastically rich dessert - check out the recipe right here!

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4. Greek frozen yogurt

Instead of your traditional ice cream, treat yourself to something special like a greek frozen yoghurt. One of the best things about making it is that it's absolutely customisable. Use any combo of frozen fruit and flavour of fat yogurt (Greek or regular) that you like. The same goes for toppings - feel free to add honey, peanut butter, nuts and any other yummy ingredients. Start off with the basic using this easy recipe from Just A Taste.

#HHWTTip: Remember to swap out vanilla extract with vanilla essence to make the recipe halal!

5. Strawberry cheesecake popsicle 

Credit: @beyondriceandspoon on Instagram

Indulge in your next chilly dessert with a strawberry cheesecake popsicle. Yes, you read that right! While this flavour is typically found in a cake, you can easily turn it into a popsicle too. How? Head on over to Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking to check out her easy recipe for this decadent treat. It may take a few more ingredients than the popsicles and sorbets, but it'll definitely be worth the effort once you have a taste.

6. Frozen hot chocolate

Credit: @kitchenkaboodle11 on Instagram

Did you know that you can enjoy hot chocolate as a chilly dessert? Nope, we're not kidding - this easy recipe from Lil Luna proves it! Whether you need a drink to cool off while working from home, looking for a mid-week treat or craving for an after meal dessert, this drink is the perfect concoction to fix you right up. And just like the previous desserts, don't hold back on the toppings and make sure to add whip cream, chocolate curls (or both) for that extra special touch.

Now that you know how to beat the heat, hop into the kitchen and have a go at these easy recipes ?