Chocolate Origin’s Products Are Now Halal-Certified!


Shasha Dania •  May 21, 2020

[Updated 11 June 2021]

Chocoholics it's time to get excited because Chocolate Origin's amazing chocolate cakes and desserts are finally halal-certified! ? We reached out to Chocolate Origin to inquire, and they confirmed that they have obtained halal-certification under MUIS' Product Scheme, and these are the certified products:

  1. Original chocolate cake
  2. Dark chocolate cake
  3. Dark gelato
  4. Dark truffle
  5. Milk truffle
  6. Lava cake
  7. Soft serve

While their brick-and-mortar stores are not halal-certified due to manpower concerns, their products are made in a central kitchen so you can rest assured that their delicious desserts are fine to eat. ?

Credit: Chocolate Origin on Facebook

Their original chocolate cake is definitely a must-try! The chocolate sponge is light and fluffy and is sandwiched between layers of rich and creamy chocolate ganache for a perfect, fudgy masterpiece that isn't too heavy or decadent. ? Chocolate Origin definitely lives up to their name too - the chocolate taste is strong without being overbearing, and sweet without being too 'jelak' or thick. Their dark chocolate cake takes it up a notch with a stronger bitter note that will have you hooked!

Credit: Chocolate Origin on Facebook

Ice cream lovers should rejoice because you can order their dark gelato too! Made from fresh milk and rich Belgium chocolate, their gelato is creamy and smooth with a hint of bitterness that really ties it all together. The weather is getting hotter these days, so it looks like it's time to treat yourself to a refreshing dessert to cool you down. ? They have a soft-serve version too (currently not available for delivery) that's even fudgier!

Credit: Chocolate Origin on Facebook

If you're looking for a bite-size treat or a gift for a special occasion (Father's day is coming up soon!), their milk and dark chocolate truffles are perfect for the occasion. Coming in boxes of 25, each truffle is soft and melts in your mouth the moment it hits your tongue. The light coating of chocolate powder is what truly makes it a sweet treat, just be careful because you might find yourself finishing the whole box in one go ?

Credit: Chocolate Origin on Facebook

Lastly, even though it's not available for delivery right now we've got to mention their stunning lava cake. Coming in a perfect hand-held size, the cake consists of ice-cold vanilla ice cream topped with warm chocolate cake - and that IG-worthy oozing lava center! The sweetness and bitterness of the chocolate blend perfectly together, and the warmth of the chocolate lava goes surprisingly well with the cold ice cream. ? We're hoping to get a taste of this summertime treat soon!

The best part is that Chocolate Origin is offering islandwide delivery so you can get these delicious desserts delivered right to your doorstep! They even have same-day delivery so you can place your order and have it arrive within 90 minutes! ? Just try to order during off-peak hours so you won't risk any delivery delays. After that, take your chocolate cravings to the next level with these easy halal chocolate recipes for a taste around the world.

Halal status: Halal-certified under Product Scheme (7 products total)

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