Is Hoshino Coffee Halal? Here's What You Need To Know


Qistina Bumidin •  Oct 12, 2022

Perhaps you saw the long queues. Or caught a whiff of their aromatic hand-drip coffee as you walked past it ? Whatever your reason was, you might have wondered if Hoshino Coffee is halal. And we have the verdict for you! ?

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What is Hoshino Coffee?

For the uninitated, Hoshino Coffee is a cafe-restaurant known for serving up a mean cup of hand-drip coffee made only with premium Arabica roasted coffee beans, and their range of Japanese-Western fusion cuisine. Of course, we're not forgetting their jiggly golden soufflé pancakes ? Hoshino Coffee originates from Japan, with one of their popular outlets located right above the Shibuya Scramble!

Is Hoshino Coffee halal?

We did a cross-reference check on Hoshino Coffee's outlets in Singapore and found that they do serve pork in the menu. However, you can simply cross the border to any of Hoshino Coffee's 5 outlets in Malaysia (3 in KL and 2 in Penang)! We reached out to them via Instagram, and this is their statement:

"As of October 2022, 4 out of 5 of our outlets are now halal-certified except for the store at LaLaport BBCC. We are currently in the midst of applying for halal certification for the latter. Do note that all of our food and drinks do not contain alcohol and pork, and are all using ingredients sourced from halal-certified suppliers".

We're really happy to know that we have the chance to try Hoshino Coffee (I'm coming for you, pancakes! ?) Let us know what halal status of other chains you'd like us to debunk on! ?

Hoshino Coffee Malaysia

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