This Halal Hotel Buffet Is Letting You Enjoy Their Favourites In The Comfort Of Your Home


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 28, 2022

If there’s one thing we Singaporeans love to do, it’s to eat! And halal buffets are the best way to do so because you can sample a bit of everything. However, with the ever-changing pandemic situation, having a large gathering at buffets may be the last thing on your mind ? Well, fret not, because you can bring the experience and delicious halal buffets straight to you with Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium! You’ll get to feast as you do at a buffet, and judgement-free because you’ll be wolfing them down in your stretchy sweats! ?

P.S. If you read on, there’s a special promotion that you simply can’t miss!

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Delivers Halal Buffet Meals To You

Their Buffets In A Box are carefully curated by Atrium Restaurant's award-winning chefs, and placed in bento-like containers for a perfect, balanced meal! Each Buffet In A Box consists of 2 mains, 1 accompanying dish & a complimentary dessert of the day. For the mains, they offer 8 dishes of varying meats and seafood designed to suit your palate: Fish Piccata, Roasted Spring Chicken with Rosemary Sauce, Moroccan Lamb Stew, Beef Rendang, Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobi, Taiwanese-style grilled beef cube with garlic and Spicy Taiwanese pepper prawns. True to Holiday Inn’s motto of keeping their buffet offerings fresh and new for you, these dishes are on a seasonal basis as well! ?

Just like the usual buffet experience, you can choose your favourite accompanying dishes. They offer three for you to try: Keema Briyani, Roast Seasonal Vegetables with Herbs Oil, or Steamed White Rice. If you need a little heat in your life, the Keema Briyani is your option. Basmati rice and spiced ground meat are mixed well with aromatic spices for a heavenly meal. It matches perfectly with Aloo Gobi, but if you’re planning to take it up a notch and go down the fusion road, why not choose their Taiwanese mains! ?

P.S. Halal Taiwanese food is rare in Singapore, and Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium has stepped up to the challenge with a new halal Taiwanese-themed buffet that is ongoing now!

Prefer Western classics? The Roast Seasonal Vegetables with Herbs Oil goes well with Western mains such as Fish Picatta or Roasted Spring Chicken with Rosemary Sauce. If you’re wishing for a stronger kick of flavours in your meal, the Moroccan Lamb Stew would do just the trick. It’s your very own buffet, so customise it however you like! ?

Can’t get enough of their complimentary desserts? Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium offers 4 different whole cakes that keep your sugary cravings covered for at least a week! Simple chocolate cakes will never go out of style, and their classic Chocolate Royaltine Cake will hit the soft spot for old-school chocolate lovers. Another cake you should try is their New York Cheesecake. Its decadent, creamy taste will leave you begging for more! ?

Buffets AND discounts? Food tastes even better now! ? If you use our promo code HHWTBuffet20, you’ll get 20% off your meals from 1 March to 13 March 2022. So if you’re planning to have a royal (and safe) feast at home, the Buffet In A Box meals and whole cakes are perfect for you and your loved ones! 

P.S. Do note that orders for Buffet In A Box meals and whole cakes are placed are via their eShop only.

The sheer excitement we get from seeing rows upon rows of mouthwatering food all lined up and ready to be devoured may not be something we can experience for now, but Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s spread will definitely let you enjoy your favourite buffet spread in the comfort of your own home ?

Halal status: Halal-certified

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