This SG Hotel Buffet Serves Halal Taiwanese Street Food Like XXL Fried Chicken, Oyster Mee Sua & More


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 14, 2022

When we went to Taiwan, we found out that despite the country being a predominantly Buddhist country, they actually have so much delicious halal food! While we wait for the possible VTL to Taiwan, we can get a slice of Taiwan right here on our little island! From February 21st to April 1st, Holiday Inn Singapore Atriumis having a halal Taiwanese-themed buffet serving some of the best halal Taiwanese street food ever, and we’re so excited! With 40 dishes on the menu (AND counting!), here is the first look at what they have on offer. Get your bellies ready! ?

Halal Taiwanese-Themed Buffet At Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Credit: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

The Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua is one of the main highlights we’re looking forward to! It’s one of the most popular street foods in Taiwan. Wheat vermicelli is cooked in rich bonito-flavoured thickened soup and topped with generous amounts of juicy, plump oysters. Finding halal Taiwanese oyster mee sua is superbly rare in Singapore, so we can’t wait to slurp it up! ?

Credit: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

We didn’t manage to try flame-torched beef cubes in Taiwan, but Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium has heard our calls by serving up halal Taiwanese-style Grilled Beef Cube with Garlic. These bite-sized beef cubes are grilled and flame-torched before being served! It’s slightly charred at the corners, but one look at the picture and we can already imagine how succulent it must taste! ?

Credit: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Here’s the big winner that we are all super, super excited about: the Taiwanese XXL Fried Chicken. We’ve seen these in our yearly Ramadan bazaars (that we sorely miss by the way ?), and we definitely love this tasty, crispy chicken. You already know what to expect when you take a bite into its heavenly crunch, but you’re going to blow your mind when you get to eat endless amounts of fried chicken FOREVER (or at least until your lunch or dinner buffet slot is over ?). 

Credit: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

What’s a meal without dessert, right? When we were at Jiufen Old Street, we managed to indulge in a bowl of taro dessert and we couldn’t get enough of it! Now you can try the sweet, chewy, light Taiwanese Taro and Sweet Potato Dessert at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium too! Flavours of taro, sweet potato and green tea chewy glutinous rice balls are served with grass jelly, red bean, green bean and coconut milk. If we close our eyes, we can almost imagine walking down Jiufen Old Street, cooling down from the summer heat with this cold, refreshing bowl of delight. ?

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Credit: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Is the dessert not sweet enough for you? The discounts could help! You’re getting 50% off ALL your meals! Endless, delicious, hotel-quality street food at affordable prices? Consider us SOLD ?

We really can’t wait for Feb 21st to arrive and get our halal Taiwanese food cravings fixed! If you’ve yet to try, or you’re just like us too, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s halal Taiwanese buffet is as authentic as it’s going to get ?

This article is brought to you by Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium. 

Halal status: Halal-certified

Buffet dining hours:

Lunch: 12:00pm to 3:00pm daily. (Last Order: 2:30pm)

Dinner: 5:30pm to 9:30pm daily. (Last Order: 9:00pm)

Address: 317 Outram Rd, Concorde Shopping Centre, Singapore 169075

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