I’m A Hijabi Who Regularly Visits Topp Care For Hair & Scalp Treatment, Here’s Why


Syahirah Mazlan •  Feb 17, 2023

Living in Singapore, the struggle of staying comfortable in this tropical heat can be tiring especially for a hijabi. I would know! One of the most common issues a hijabi faces is a sweaty scalp that leads to clogged pores and can cause a string of even more concerns. ? Hello, it’s nice to meet you, my name is Leeyana and I’m a hijabi in my 20’s. I never would have thought that I, of all people, would be struggling with hair and scalp problems just yet. 

Ever since I started wearing the hijab around 6 years ago, I began developing dandruff that was difficult to control. It affected my daily life and overall comfort to the point where I had to look up anti-dandruff shampoo brands that would be the most effective for me. Ever since I started receiving regular hair and scalp treatments at Topp Care, I’ve begun to understand my scalp better. Now, I’m here to share with all you lovely hijabis why you too should consider Topp Care for your hair woes!

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How I got to know about Topp Care

Credit: Leeyana

If you’re looking for treatment solutions for your own hair problems, keep reading! I found out about Topp Care’s hair care experience about it from one of HHWT’s articles. It was an interesting read which gave me the confidence to pay them a visit and try it out for myself. ✨ Needless to say that I loved it because it really made a difference and now I have regular appointments at Topp Care every 2 to 3 weeks to check and maintain my hair and scalp condition.

Why I chose Topp Care

1. The focus is on YOU

Initially, I only knew I had a dandruff problem but I had no idea how serious it was until I did the hair and scalp analysis. As with all new customers, I was brought into the private consultation room for a hair and scalp analysis to get to the root of my problems (no pun intended). Through that analysis, we found out that on top of my dandruff issue, my scalp was also sensitive and red plus there were also oil clogs that were blocking baby hairs from growing healthily. ? 

I’m a really busy person. The stress of my job and being a newlywed has definitely taken a toll on my scalp health. I’m also someone who air dries my hair (I don’t like using the hair dryer!). My perpetually damp hair, hijab and overall stress has definitely contributed to the unfavourable state of my hair and scalp. I wouldn’t have known about the severity of my hair and scalp conditions if the specialists had not looked into the state of my scalp! I’m really thankful for that. ??

2. The specialists take your hair and scalp health very seriously

I’ve been a regular at Topp Care for about 3 months now, so I typically get ushered to a salon chair when I arrive for an appointment (it’s a very speedy and hassle-free process). During my first ever appointment, I received a free hair and scalp analysis. This process helps the specialist better understand my main hair and scalp concerns. They asked about my hair care and daily habits which could potentially be the reasons for my concerns in the first place! Then they explain how my habits affect my scalp health before giving tips on how to improve my current hair and scalp conditions – this is how they are able to customise a treatment suited for me. ?

Although it may sound daunting, the specialists are very friendly and easy to talk to! ? They’re attentive to your needs during the entire treatment process and are certified professionals which makes me confident to leave my hair and scalp to their very capable hands. They know my concerns well and would adjust the treatment according to the current conditions of my scalp.

P.S. Enjoy a Customised Hair Treatment @ only $40 (U.P $309), plus a FREE Hair & Scalp Analysis and a Complimentary set of Shampoo & Conditioner!

3. There’s a privacy curtain (for hijabis!)

Here’s one of the biggest draws about Topp Care – they have a privacy curtain that is perfect for hijabis! ? If you’re like me and prefer privacy as you let your hair down (literally!), Topp Care can arrange for you to use the curtains during your appointment! All you have to do is inform the Topp Care staff in advance so they can prepare the necessary arrangements. Plus, the Western Botanical scent that wafts around the room smells really good but more on this later!

4. Customised hair and scalp treatment for every concern

Pictured above are example scans of a Topp Care customer after 1 session

The progress of my scalp condition is closely monitored with a post-treatment detailed scan after every treatment session. After a few sessions of the same treatment, the specialists would not hesitate to adjust and change the products and steps of the treatment process according to the state of my scalp condition! ? Topp Care really knows their stuff.

If you’re curious about my current custom treatment, it starts with a Customised Detoxifying Masque which is tailored to your hair and scalp concerns! Afterwards, I go for a relaxing Botanical Hair Wash with the specialist gently massaging my scalp (it’s seriously one of the best hair massages ever! ?). I return to my salon chair for the Leave-in Conditioner and thorough Blow-dry. Once my hair is dry, the specialist lathers on a Customised Lotion onto my hair and we go to my favourite part – a Stimulating Scalp Massage! Finally, my head goes through an Infra-red Therapy which uses infra-red rays to penetrate the scalp without causing any heat damage, and helps to activate blood circulation to the scalp for better hair growth.

P.S. Need more reasons? Get the award-winning Customised Hair Treatment at only $40 (U.P $309), plus a FREE Hair & Scalp Analysis and a Complimentary set of Shampoo & Conditioner!

5. There’s a trial you can try

If you’re a fellow hijabi like me and are interested in Topp Care’s hair and scalp treatments, here’s an exclusive promo for you. Click here to enjoy the trial for the award-winning Customised Hair Treatment @ only $40 (U.P $309), which comes with a FREE Hair & Scalp Analysis and a Complimentary set of Shampoo & Conditioner! Not only is it affordable, you’ll also get to see an immediate improvement after your first session.

Credit: Leeyana

I can confidently say that my dandruff issue has improved since the first time I set foot into Topp Care. I really appreciate the constant follow-ups about my ‘homework’ – the specialists are very attentive about how I care for my hair and scalp when I’m on my own. ? I’d recommend anyone who wants to find better ways to take care of their hair and scalp under their hijab to visit Topp Care and at least give it a go. There’s no harm in trying and hey, you may even end up finding a solution for your hair concerns just like I did!

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