This Hijabi-Friendly Hair Spa Helped Me With My Stress-Related Hair Issues!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  May 27, 2023

Since I’m in my early 20s, I don’t think about hair loss. So I was definitely surprised to find out on my spa day at Topp Care that I am experiencing hair loss and an oily scalp. It was also confirmed that this was all thanks to stress and my hijab! Fortunately at the end of it all, my scalp felt cleaner, fresher and healthier. Their customised hair treatment worked super well! It’s no wonder they’ve won so many awards, including those from Daily Vanity & Beauty Insider. If you’re curious to find out more about how their treatments could work for you the way they did for me, read on or check it out yourself here!

 P.S. The treatment is going at $40 (U.P. 309)! Grab it while you can.

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Spa Day At Topp Care 

Since the pandemic began, I’ve been really stressed out. From working full-time to planning a wedding during COVID, I think I was pretty close to actually pulling my hair out myself! Balancing two stressful things has not been an easy task. I noticed that as I experienced more stress, I also experienced more hair loss!So I was incredibly relieved when Topp Care invited me to try out their treatment. Between my hair falling to chronic headaches, a spa day was definitely welcomed to help me relax and help my stress-induced hair loss problems.

Getting to the root of the problem

When I arrived, I was greeted with a smile and friendly faces. The helpful hair care specialists showed me to a room where they analysed my scalp. The close up analysis discovered that instead of the usual 2-3 strands per pore on my scalp, a lot of my pores only had one strand of hair. My hair was thinning. Not something a bride-to-be wanted to hear! To make matters worse, wearing my hijab for such long periods of time in Singapore’s hot and humid weather had caused my scalp to be oily. My pores were also clogged due to excess sebum production.This had definitely worsened my hair loss. If you’re a hijabi, then you might want to consider this, too. Singapore’s painful weather means we have to take extra care of our hair!

Based on my scalp’s issues, they suggested a customised treatment for me: Topp Care’s Detoxdren Scalp Treatment! I was more than willing to try it out. This treatment helps target and regulate excessive sebum production and removes blockages around my pores. I was especially excited since their hair specialists are US Trichology Institute Certified, which means that they’re well-trained enough to help me walk down the aisle with ease. Sure, I wear the hijab... But it’s about confidence

Giving my hair some TLC!

Once the analysis was complete, I was ushered into their private, hijabi-friendly hair care station. Complete with a curtain for privacy, I could leave my hijab off for the treatments at ease here.

I was relieved and impressed to find out that the treatment was natural, safe and extremely gentle on the follicles with no harmful substances like parabens used. Plus, the mask was super cooling and left a very pleasant, relaxing feeling on my scalp.After leaving the mask on for about 20 minutes, the hair specialist washed off the product along with any excess oil and sebum that the product had loosened from the scalp. This wash was the best part. Not only did it help remove blockages and residue around my hair pores, the relaxing head massage left me so relaxed I fell asleep. 
Once done, I was given a massage that accompanied a moisturising hair lotion treatment. Meant to soften my hair and promote blood circulation which would help to thicken my hair, the calming massage made me feel like all my worries were melting away. While I didn’t fall asleep again here, I definitely felt refreshed after.For the last part of my spa day, I underwent an infrared treatment. The infrared helps nutrients to be properly absorbed into my scalp and improve blood circulation, ensuring the nutrients reach my hair and scalp. Both were just what I needed to make sure that my hair grew well in the long term!Before leaving, I was shown how the customised treatment had helped my hair. In just one treatment, my scalp had become much clearer. I could finally see the edges of my hair roots.

P.S. Warning for photos of my scalp and hair follicles!

And I can say with great confidence that for the past few weeks, my hair’s been doing much better. Not only is my scalp less oily, but my hair’s been falling out less too!After so much stress and hair fall before, this was a relief. I have much more hope now for healthier hair despite stress causing unhealthy hair. Balancing my job and planning my wedding will definitely be much easier now. I don’t have to worry about my stress and the hair loss that comes with it! I can finally work and walk down the aisle without stress.

So, if you’re looking for something to help your stress-induced hair loss, this is definitely a treatment to consider! It only cost me $40 (UP$309) for a customised hair treatment.The promotion is valid for first-time customers, aged 21 years old and above, so you should definitely head down to try it for yourself if you want to experience an affordable, quality hair spa!

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