6 Hidden Nature Spots In Sentosa You Probably Never Knew About


Auli Cinantya Hadi •  Oct 07, 2021

Sentosa is famous and well known for the massive resort world. The 500-hectare resort island is a favourite among international tourists and Singaporeans for a leisure vacation, staycation, or fun getaway at the Universal Studio Singapore. But did you know that Sentosa is also the perfect place for hiking and rediscovering nature?

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6 Hidden Gem Nature Spots in Sentosa

1. Imbiah Trail 

Located just a short distance from Imbiah Lookout, you will find a hidden side to Mount Imbiah, Imbiah Trail. The Imbiah Trail extends the Sentosa Nature Discovery attraction; you will experience a different kind of environment when entering the lush woods. Imbiah Trail offers you more relaxing walks surrounded by greens, far away from the crowds and the bustle of a crowded beach. Some of the things that are not to be missed when taking a walk here are the three mini-waterfalls that will greet you. The trail itself is only 30-40 minute walk, where you will meet a 10-metre tall bird watching tower at the summit of Mount Imbach.

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2. Fort Serapong 

If you are looking for a more thrilling exploration and adventure, you could take the deep path of Mount Serapong. Located in the forgotten forest, you will find a piece of a historical monument, kind of like the one you see in the Lara Croft movie. Fort Serapong was one of the many fortifications that were used to protect Singapore from threats. Rusty stairs, abandoned structures, gravel paths, and overgrown roots will greet you. The path travelling through the abandoned and forgotten Fort Serapong will take you to travel through time. If you are planning to go to Fort Serapong, it is accessible via guided tours.

3. Sentosa Nature Discovery 

The lush Sentosa's rainforest is the perfect place for a hike. If you prefer more tranquil experiences, not far from Imbiah Lookout Point, you will find the Sentosa Nature Discovery gallery. What was once a monorail station has now turned into a peaceful destination where visitors could learn about the diverse wildlife that exists and thrives on the island. Here, you could learn about the 8 different types of habitats, over 30 of Sentosa's heritage trees and flowers, promising a full day of learning and fun in Singapore's nature.

4. Fort Siloso Skywalk 

After a fun learning experience in Sentosa Nature Discovery, head up to see the stunning lush greenery that Sentosa has to offer from Fort Siloso Skywalk. This treetop walk is 11-storey high and stretches 181 metres long, promising you a scenic stroll you won't want to miss out on.

5. Tanjong Rimau 

Tucked away at the tip of the island, this untouched beach offers natural landscapes and marine animals. Also known as Siloso Headland, this beach is a hidden gem worth visiting, complete with a rocky shore, especially if you want to stray away from crowded places. Along with the rocky shores, there are many secret nature spots, including caves and tidal pools. The clear water will also allow you to observe the marine creatures co-existing in the beach's water. If you want to explore Tanjong Rimau but are afraid to get lost, Sentosa also provides a guided tour of this hidden gem.

6. Sentosa Coastal Trail 

Located near the Siloso Point, the Sentosa Coastal Trail is the perfect destination to hike or to enjoy a breezy ride on your bike. The secluded path runs through the secondary coastal forest, where you can find Totem Poles, Monoliths and enjoy an undisturbed harbour view. Aside from that, you will also find many endangered species that reside here; one of them is Seashore Mangosteen, said to be the oldest tree species on the island. With only 2.2km in length, you could complete the trail about 30 to 40 minutes at a leisure pace.

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