Inariku: Savour Authentic Halal Japanese Cuisine From A SG Home Cook Who Trained In Japan


Faruq Senin •  Jun 21, 2020

One type of cuisine that never fails to excite us is halal Japanese food! If you're not ready to dine out at halal Japanese eateries in Singapore just yet, why not just stay home and enjoy it instead? We know a home-based business specialising in authentic halal Japanese cuisine that you might like - Inariku!

Credit: Inariku on Facebook

Inariku is a humble home kitchen helmed by a stay-at-home mother, Marhamah Sapandi whose love for Japan started when she was a teenager after watching Japan Hour ☺️ Marhamah has trained at various culinary schools in Japan like the Tokyo Sushi Academy and Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo! She was also guided by other experienced Japanese chefs and culinary talents during her time in Japan so you're guaranteed top-notch quality Japanese food. What's more, she has also managed to source for halal and Muslim-friendly ingredients, including a non-alcoholic substitute for mirin in her cooking! You might have spotted Inariku at various events like Artbox and Twilight Fest.

Inariku serves an extensive variety of Japanese dishes and its menu changes weekly. One dish that's popular with customers is Salmon Aburi Mentai. Topped with savoury mentaiko (mayonnaise and fish roe), this sushi is grilled to smoky perfection ? This might be one of the most tempting sushi platters we've ever seen!

Inariku also sells Salmon Sushi Moriawase, which is an assorted sushi platter of all-things salmon. If that's still not enough salmon for you, their Salmon Mentai Don (rice) or Salmon Mentaiko Pasta will leave you thoroughly satisfied!

Looking for a sushi platter to share? You'll want to get one of their signature dishes - the Duo Inari Platter. Consisting of lobster salad inari and spicy chicken floss inari - this is truly a delicious combination of premium and standard toppings.

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If you're a fan of Japanese curry, don't miss out on their Kare Raisu/Udon (curry rice/udon). Take your pick from Japanese rice or fresh-frozen udon from Japan and have it with crispy Chicken Karaage and ramen-style egg. This hearty meal will definitely warm your tummy especially on a rainy day ?

Inariku's huge takoyaki balls will also satisfy all your takoyaki cravings! Stuffed with generous portions of ingredients and topped with tantalising mentaiko, you'll be in for a treat. The Chuka Idako takoyaki has a huge of chunk of baby octopus in it, making every bite a chewy burst of flavours.

Credit: Inariku on Facebook

Ramen lovers, you've got to try their Smoked Duck Ramen. Its broth is flavourful and rich, complemented by the smoked black pepper duck. With the springiness of the ramen noodles and a dash of spice, one slurp of this mouth-watering dish will transport you to Japan! It's no wonder that Inariku's ramen has also been highly raved by customers!

Besides the various Japanese delicacies, Inariku also prepares dishes for special events, like this salmon sushi cake! If your loved ones are huge fans of salmon sashimi, this will be perfect for them. These days, you can also keep a lookout for other Japanese delights like Cha Soba with Ebi Tempura, Wagyu Yakiniku Don, Tuna Tataki Poke Bowl and more. This means that you can keep ordering a different dish from Inariku and you'll get to satisfy your cravings every single time ? Not to mention that they sell halal miso paste and halal Unagi slabs from time to time, so you can also try your hand at Japanese cooking at home! If you're planning a Japanese-themed private dinner or event (perhaps after COVID-19), you can also engage Inariku's service.

So, have we managed to entice you to order Inariku's scrumptious offerings? If the answer is yes, it's time to plan for your next Japanese meal at home. Do note that you'll have to wait for pre-order slots via Inariku's Instagram page and pre-order your dishes. Be sure to set a notification as slots might run out fast ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

To order: Wait for pre-orders and fill up the form on their Instagram page

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