Delibowl SG Is Finally Bringing Halal Fried Marmite Chicken To Your Dining Table


Shasha Dania •  Oct 15, 2020

When you think of halal Sichuan cuisine, the first dish that comes to mind might be Mala - but there are so many other delicious Sichuan dishes you need to try too! And Delibowl is the halal Sichuan restaurant in Singapore bringing you authentic dishes in all kinds of flavours. ? They’ve just released their latest dish you need to try - Marmite Chicken!

P.S. From now until 30 November, quote ‘MARMITE2OFF’ to get $2 off the Marmite Chicken Set Meal (U.P. $12.90 at Funan or Paya Lebar, U.P. $16.90 at Tampines) that comes with a Side Dish and Soup or Drink too! The promo code is valid from Mon-Thurs (excluding PH and PH Eve) only, so it’s perfect for a workday lunch or delicious dinner at the end of a tiring day. ? Head down to their outlet right in town at Funan Mall, or drop by Paya Lebar Square or Our Tampines Hub on your way home!

Credit: @aunteefoodee on Instagram

Sichuan food has a reputation for being extremely spicy, but it’s actually so much more varied than that! Delibowl’s latest Marmite Chicken is the perfect example of how flavours are layered together in Sichuan cooking to transform a simple dish into something spectacular. The chicken is marinated before being deep-fried in hot oil, keeping the meat tender and flavourful but coated with a crunchy skin.

Credit: @aunteefoodee on Instagram

Coated with Delibowl’s homemade Marmite sauce, each piece is sweet, sour, and crispy with a slight chewiness - and there’s no spiciness to it either! It’s perfect for diners who can’t take spicy food, and goes perfect with a bowl of soft and fluffy rice. ? Delibowl’s “One Bowl to Satisfy” philosophy is encapsulated in how their dishes go so well with something as simple as rice - giving you that home-cooked feeling even when you’re dining out.

Credit: Delibowl

Delibowl also has a variety of other dishes you should try out - if you’re dining out in a small group that just means more options to share! ? The Sichuan Styled Eggplant ($9.90) is fried to perfection, with a crispy and fragrant coating yet staying chewy on the inside. It’s drizzled with a sweet and sour sauce and mixed in with red chillis for an extra kick!

Credit: Delibowl

The Fish Fillet with Pickled Vegetables ($15.90) is another popular top seller with Delibowl fans! Sliced fish is poached in a rich broth made from Sichuan-style pickled vegetables, giving the dish a sour yet light and refreshing flavour. ? Delibowl's dishes come at various price points so you can always find something you love that's within your budget.

Head down to Delibowl Ricebowl at Paya Lebar and Delibowl Express at Funan Mall to try out their delicious Sichuan dishes, including the Marmite Chicken! You can also order Delibowl for takeaway, or on delivery via GrabFood and foodpanda. If you’re trying the Marmite Chicken between Mon-Thurs from now till 30 November, remember to quote ‘MARMITE2OFF’ to get $2 off the Marmite Chicken Set Meal (U.P. $12.90 at Funan or Paya Lebar, U.P. $16.90 at Tampines that comes with a Side Dish and Soup or Drink! ? The Marmite Chicken is only available at Delibowl Ricebowl, Delibowl Express, and Nuodle at their Our Tampines Hub flagship.

Halal status: Halal-certified

Opening hours:

Delibowl Ricebowl: Open daily; 11.30AM - 2.30PM

Delibowl Express: Open daily; 5.30PM - 9PM


Delibowl Ricebowl: 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Paya Lebar Square #01-77, Singapore 409051

Delibowl Express: 107 North Bridge Rd, Funan Mall #02-06, Singapore 179105

Delivery via: GrabFood, foodpanda

Contact: 93825685 (Paya Lebar) or 93878349 (Funan)

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