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24 Places To Get The Best Kuih Raya And Snacks In Singapore 2022


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 09, 2022


If you think it’s still too early to get your raya cookies stash, you’re wrong! Since there’s a possibility we can celebrate Raya physically this year, it’s time to amp up your preparations 🥳 With this list of places you can get kuih raya and snacks for Hari Raya 2022, you can save time looking and be prepared for the occasion with your loved ones soon! 🥰P.S. Some of these stores have exclusive discounts for HHWT readers, so read on to find out more!

Best Kuih Raya And Snacks In SG This Hari Raya 2022

1. Cik Fah's
Credit: Cik Fah'sStarting from making cookies and tarts for just family and friends to a small business, Cik Fah has become one of the well-known names in the kueh business. With multiple features in local publications, winning awards, and recipes passed down through 4 generations, you can expect authentic, mouthwatering treats fit for a king 😋 Their range of bakes is suited for all, regardless of age!
Credit: Cik Fah'sWhy not buy a bunch of their cookies such as Chocolate Butter Rainbow Cookies and Mini Makmur in bundles? Choose either 4, 6 or 8 different cookies in a bundle, and you’re set for Raya! 😍Halal status: Muslim-ownedFacebook | Instagram
2. Happy Halal Cookies
Credit: Happy Halal CookiesFor a mix of unique and traditional cookies on your table this Raya, Happy Halal Cookies would be the perfect fit. Each and every one of their bakes is handcrafted using fresh and premium ingredients, so you can truly taste the passion and love in each bite 😍
Credit: Happy Halal CookiesFrom classics such as Pineapple Tarts and Dahlia Cookies to contemporary cookies such as Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate and Peanut Love Letters, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Don’t worry if you can’t decide, you can purchase your cookies from Happy Halal Cookies in bundles of 5 or 10!Halal status: Muslim-ownedFacebook | Instagram
3. The White Label
Credit: The White LabelIf you already love The White Label’s delicious French menu, you’ll enjoy their special Raya cookie range 🤩 Expect all your favourite Raya cookies with The White Label’s luxurious touch: crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies, melt-in-your-mouth Pineapple Tarts and more! 🥰Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: Mon-Fri; 11.30AM-9.30PM, Sat-Sun; 10.30AM-9.30PM Address: 734 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198702 Website | Facebook | Instagram
4. Sunnyhills
Credit: SunnyhillsSnacking on a few pineapple tarts just doesn’t do it for you? Have a Pineapple Cake from Sunnyhills instead! It’s made using Taiwanese Pineapples, each taking around 18 months to ripen naturally without growth hormones! Fun fact: Did you know that one pineapple produces 5 pineapple cakes? 😱 This is simply a dream come true for all pineapple tart lovers 😋
Credit: SunnyhillsThey also offer Premium D24 Durian rolls, a twist from the classic love letter egg rolls! In the spirit of giving this festive season, they will be donating $1.50 to PERTAPIS Children’s Home for every purchase of Pineapple Cakes or Durian Rolls, You’ll also get 2 complementary sets of green packets! The promotion is from today till 8 May, so hurry down now! 😍Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours: Raffles HotelMon - Fri: 10.30am - 6.30pm Sat: 11am - 4pm Closed on SundaysTakashimaya S.C. 11am-8pm daily Addresses: Raffles Hotel3 Seah St, Singapore 188379 (beside Raffles Hotel Carpark entrance) Takashimaya S.C. 391 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238872, Ngee Ann City Tower B, Unit B2-27A (They are not inside the Takashimaya Departmental Store. They are located near Action City, near the linkway to Wisma Atria.)Delivery (free with minimum spend of $80) via this linkWebsite | Facebook | Instagram
5. Polar Puffs & Cakes
Credit: Polar Puffs & CakesThis Raya, munch on Polar Puffs & Cakes’s new range of bakes that promises all your old-school flavours with a contemporary twist. Polar Puff & Cakes offers a New Premium Ondeh-Ondeh range such as Ondeh Overload Cake, Ondeh Ondeh Coconut Balls and Ondeh Ondeh Pandan Bun that’s bound to make you drool.
Credit: Polar Puffs & CakesCan’t get enough of pandan? Their best selling product, Pandan Ketupat Cookies should definitely be on your Raya cookies list this year. For the younger ones, they’ll definitely love their buttery Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies!Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours, address and contact: Check out Polar's outlets here.Delivery: Click on this link to orderTake-away: Take-away options are available at all 29 retail outlets islandwide Pick-up : Pre-orders and collection can be made at all 29 retail outlets Website | Facebook | InstagramP.S. Here’s a little gift for you: you’ll get an Early Bird Special of 25% off from 31 March to 17 April 2022! The promotion is applicable on Polar’s website here and in all Polar outlets. 
6. Kamariah Ibrahim's Empire
Credit: @kiempire for Instagram Sometimes, modern variations of kuehs this time around just don't cut it, and only traditional desserts hit the comforting spot. You can get authentic, traditional kuehs from Kamariah Ibrahim's Empire! The recipes used have been handed down from generation to generation, so you can be sure of high-quality bakes that taste just like home 🤤 Indulge in cookies such as Almond Suji, Dahlia cookies, Pineapple tarts, and more! They also serve up a delicious range of cakes such as Kek Tapak Kuda and Nutella Cake Roll. Prefer something savoury? Their Sotong Pedas Manis (Cuttlefish Marinated in Spicy and Sweet sauce) is a must-try! 😍 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
Credit: FIFTEENSGFill your table this Raya with mouthwatering goodies from Fifteen - a home-based bakery specialising in Halal Artisan Bakes. They're known for their soft, pillowy Donut Bombs available in 4 flavours - nutella, milo dino, classic vanilla bean and maple french toast 🤤 If you spend a minimum of $50, you’ll get 10% off storewide! Simply flash a proof by following HHWT and FIFTEENSG’s Instagram! Halal status: Muslim-owned Website | Facebook | Instagram
8. Little Sarah's Pantry
Credit: Little Sarah's PantryFor those who love some savoury snacks, Little Sarah's Pantry got you covered with their self-manufactured roti boyan, epok-epok and spicy mini popiah rolls! 😍 All you have to do is fry it up and it’s ready to be served. Make a warm cuppa and it's the perfect tea time snack for your late afternoon guests (or for yourself!). Here’s a special promotion for you! When you spend $80 and above, you’ll get to enjoy FREE delivery! Simply sign up for Tribes via this link to get the promo code! 🥳Halal status: Muslim-ownedWebsite | Facebook | Instagram
9. Palate Bakes
Credit: Palate BakesPalate Bakes are known for their IG-worthy eclairs, which are a must-have in your Raya goodies stash! They are delicious and their rich texture melts in your mouth with each bite; truly the epitome of a good Raya bake. Currently, they're having a special promotion for all HHWT Tribes members who double up as eclair lovers as well: you’ll get $2 off each seasonal box! Each seasonal box contains 6 eclairs of different flavours: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Keylime, Strawberry, Vanilla Custard, and Salted Caramel. Are you drooling, because we are! 🤤 Remember to add a discount code which you can get once you sign up for Tribes here! The promotion only lasts from 3rd April to 30th April, so check it out now!  Apart from their eclairs, their special Ramadan cookie range is definitely one you should not miss on buying: Dark Chocolate cookies, Milk Chocolate Butter cookies and Pecan Chocolate cookiesHalal status: Muslim-ownedInstagram
10. Cookiegang
Credit: CookiegangLarge cookie lovers, it’s time to gather together and join the Cookiegang! 😋 Serving up some of the most overloaded, large NYC-style cookies such as their Big Fat & Classic Chocolate Chip, Walnut, Macadamia White and Oatmeal Raisin, and even Raya favourites like Tapak Kuda, you’ll be wolfing them down in no time! 🤩 Specially for our Tribes members only, you’ll get 10% off storewide over all your delicious cookies! Just redeem the discount using a special promo code you can find when you sign up for Tribes here! This promotion is running from now till the end of April! 😱Halal status: Muslim-ownedFacebook | Instagram
11. TutuBakes
Credit: TutuBakesFor a range of artisan, delectable tarts, TutuBakes is your choice! A nurse by day, and a baker from time to time, your eyes will immediately light up in awe as you scroll through her IG! Her tarts are popular for all ages, with over 40 flavours and counting that everyone loves! 🤩 TutuBakes also offer varieties of brownies, puffs and breads. You'll love the special promotion even more if you’re already a fan of her tarts! 😋 From now till 17th April, you’ll be treated to 15% off for a set of 16 assorted tarts! The promotion is ending real soon, so what are you waiting for? It’s time for a tartilicious Raya! 😉P.S. Do note that the promotion only applies to self-collection.Halal status: Muslim-ownedFacebook | Instagram
12. Tella Pops
Credit: Tella PopsIf you still love your traditional Raya tarts, but you love exploring a variety of flavours, you can count on Tella Pops for some homemade goodness. Can’t choose a single flavour? 🤭 Why not have a mix of all? Get Ondeh Ondeh, Nutella, Red Velvet, Speculoos, Oreo and the classic Pineapple tarts all in one box! It gets even better with their special promotion: 10% off ALL regular pricing products on their menu 😍 The promotion is running from now till May! Do note that the promotion is only applicable for in-store purchases will be at their shop at Jalan Berseh!Halal status: Muslim ownedFacebook | Instagram
13. Biskuitbyfk
Credit: BiskuitbyfkTake things up a notch this Raya with delicious bread pudding from Biskuitbyfk! It’s creamy, it’s delicious and simply heavenly! You can choose a variety of flavours such as Chocolate Chip, Raisin, a mix of Chocolate Chip and Raisin, and even Chocolate Chip and Cheese if you’re feeling adventurous 😋 Your bread pudding is going to taste a whole lot sweeter with their new promotion! You’ll get 15% off when you spend a minimum of $30 (excluding the cost of delivery). Sign up for Tribes to get the promo code!Halal status: Muslim-ownedFacebook | Instagram
14. Meringuekind
Credit: MeringuekindScroll through Meringuekind’s IG and you’ll immediately start cooing at how adorable there are! And there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to taste! 😋 Their melt-in-your-mouth cookies come in many forms including caricatures, characters, text, items and more, and are perfect for your Raya guests, or just a sweet treat after fasting! Currently, they have two special promotions going on! You’ll get 10% off of your total at checkout with a minimum spend of $50 😍
Credit: MeringuekindIf you can’t resist their lollipops, you’ll get 5 extra ones when you purchase 30 lollipops and above! You’ll need a promo code for each of these promotions, which you can find out if you sign up for Tribes here 😉 Halal status: Muslim-ownedFacebook | Instagram
15. Al Nusra
Credit: Al NusraApart from being a one-stop place for all your personal care, sunnah foods and more, they also offer homemade traditional Malay kuihs and snacks! From the classic Pineapple Tarts, to Kueh Makmur and Kueh Bangkit, it’s hard to choose one! 😱 Well, perhaps their promotion might make it easier for you 😉 If you buy 3 types of cookies, you’ll get it at a discounted price of $35! Prefer savoury snacks? Buy 3 packets of their keropok and kacang for only $10! You can also opt for free delivery when you’ve spent more than $49 online! Their promotion is ending on the 30th April, so don’t miss it! Halal status: Muslim-ownedFacebook | Instagram
16. PrimaDeli
Credit: PrimaDeliWhere better to buy your Raya bakes from than one of the veterans, Prima Deli? With a wide range of delectable treats such as their signature Pillow Pineapple Tarts to the classic Kueh Lapis and crunchy Assorted Cookies, there’s plenty for everyone to share with your loved ones! 😍Here’s another great deal you can’t miss out: From 14 Apr 2022 till 14 May 2022, you can enjoy 15% off their Hari Raya goodies! 😌Halal status: Halal-certifiedWebsite | Facebook | Instagram
17. Choux by SA
Credit: Choux By SAIf you couldn't tell by Choux by SA's name, this home-based baker specialises in French pastries such as Choux puffs, Chouquettes, and even Bouchons 🤤 Their Craquelin Choux puffs are topped with a crackly crust, and filled with sweet fruit-flavoured cream 🤩 With flavours like Mango Passionfruit, Solero Citrus, Banana Chocolate, and Strawberry Cream Cheese. They also have Chouquettes which are choux puffs covered with white pearl sugar for extra sweetness 😋 Currently, they’re having a special combo consisting of their Signature Chouquettes (Box of 12) and Choux au Craqueline (Box of 16) at a discounted price of $45! Sign up for Tribes by clicking on this link to get the promo code! Do note that you need to buy a maximum of 2 combo sets at the discounted price.Halal status: Muslim-ownedInstagram
18. TheIkat
Credit: TheIkatRaya is all about bringing your loved ones closer together, and you can expect your bakes from TheIkat to taste as heartwarming as your familial ties 🥰 Choose from a delectable range of cookies, shortbread, and brownies with premium ingredients all handcrafted with love such as Potato Chip Choc Chip Cookies with Sea Salt, Speculoos Brownies and more 😋 We also have a special gift for our dear Tribes members: you’ll get 5% off with a minimum spend of $50! Once done, just screenshot TheIkat’s vendor page on Tribes and send it to them to enjoy your discount. Not on Tribes yet? You can sign up for FREE via this link!Halal status: Muslim-ownedContact: 98286667 Facebook | Instagram
19. Ratu Lemper
Credit: @ratulemper for InstagramFans of old-school savoury snacks would love Ratu Lemper’s Indonesian signature, the lemper! It’s the perfect snack for any occasion; whether you’re serving it for your guests during Raya, or if you want a snack on the go! It’s filling yet light enough for you to keep eating more of it! 😍
Credit: Ratu LemperIf you still haven’t sign up for Tribes here, well, you’re missing out! Tribes members get 10% off for every set of 3! You can add on even more nostalgic kuehs such as Bika Ambon (tapioca cake) and Putri Salat (pandan custard on sticky rice) 😋Halal status: Muslim-owned Opening hours: 10am to 2pm (Tues-Thurs); 10am-6pm (Fri-Sun) Address: 31 Arab St, Singapore 199730 Contact: 98132450 (for store orders) Website | Facebook | Instagram
20. Chika Bakes
Credit: Chika BakesAt Chika Bakes, you can have the best of both traditional and contemporary flavours all in one! Try their buttery ORLO tarts made with Oreo, Milo and Nutella flavours and toppings; it’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth 😍 How about their crunchy Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies, which we know adults would love! You definitely have to check out their Ondeh Ondeh Tarts, which brings back the authentic traditional ondeh ondeh taste that’s adapted to modern tastes; it’s a favourite for both the young and young-at-heart! 🤤 When you spend a minimum of $50, you’ll get $5 off your first purchase! All you need is a promo code that you’ll receive once you sign up for Tribes via this link!Halal status: Muslim-ownedInstagram
21. Tartisty by M
Credit: Tartisty by MRun by a husband and wife duo, Maryam and Mirza, Tartistry by M’s gorgeous tartlets look like it’s from posh bakeries; just at affordable prices! The tartlets are filled with either rich and creamy homemade custard or chocolate couverture with a high percentage of cocoa butter (i.e. a stronger chocolate flavour). Don’t you just want to order them all? 😍
Credit: Tartisty by MWell, you can get their Festive Artisanal Giftbox, which consists of 5 of each of these heavenly tarts: Ondeh Ondeh Tartlets, Salted Choc Peanut Brittle Tartlets, Date Pecan Pie Tartlets, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Tartlets and Raspberry White Tartlets 🤤 It’s perfect for gifting when you’re visiting your relatives during Raya or perhaps when you need that much-needed #selfcare! 😉 Whatever the occasion is, these tarts are dressed to impress! 😍 For Tribes members, you’ll get access to a special promo code which gives you 10% off when you spend a minimum of $60! You can sign up for Tribes right here for free to enjoy this promotion!Halal status: Muslim-ownedOpening hours: 9am-5pm daily; closed on Mondays Contact: 98580870 Website | Facebook | Instagram
22. Ugly Cake Shop
Credit: Ugly Cake ShopWe've said this before, and we'll say it again: their bakes definitely do not reflect their store name! If you're looking for guilt-free bakes, which are all fondant-free, marzipan-free (lower in sugar), and uses few artificial flavours, colours or stabilisers, and get the double benefit of supporting their noble cause to feed undernourished kids in Timor-Leste, check out Ugly Cake Shop. Their egg-free Cornflake Cookies are perfect for kids and guests with vegan diets! These delicious morsels are made with French butter and cornflakes, and you'll find yourself mindlessly snacking on them 🤤 Chocolate fans would love their Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies. These super chocolatey cookies with sea salt flakes are very popular among our customers all year round, and it isn't too sweet; so it's definitely safe for guilt-free snacking 😉
Credit: Ugly Cake Shop Can't decide which to choose? Why not get EVERYTHING in one box! They have a special Ramadan Gift Box which consists of a mini bag of Cornflake Cookies, a mini bag of our famous double chocolate cookies, two loaf cakes (one coconut caramel loaf and one speculoos dream butter loaf) and a peanut butter and dark chocolate cake cup 😍 It's perfect for gifting someone when you're going visiting, or just solo indulgence at the comfort of your own home 🤭 While each box costs $29.80, you might be the lucky three who can win this box for FREE! Ugly Cake Shop is having an Instagram giveaway. From now till 28th April, all you have to is like this post, share it and follow their Instagram by 28th April, 11.59pm. Winners will be chosen at random, so best of luck! Not feeling lucky? Don't worry, you'll still get to enjoy their special discount: 10% off all online orders on their whole cakes! 🥳 Use the promo code HHWTandeatcake before checking out your order via their website! Halal status: Halal-certified Opening hours: 10am to 6pm, Mon to Sat; PH - 10am to 1pm; Closed on Sundays Address: 535 Kallang Bahru, GB Point, 01-06, Singapore 33951 Contact: +65 82288300 Order viaWebsiteWebsite | Facebook | Instagram
23. Papami's Pantry
Credit: Papami's PantryPapami's Pantry once said that food is for the stomach, and durian is for the soul, and we couldn't agree more! 😋 If you're a durian lover like us, you'll be head over heels over their traditional kuih Serabai paired with delicious, creamy Serawa Durian! 🤤 Starting out as an activity to pass the time during the lockdown in 2020, they have now emerged as a full home-based business. Made daily with only premium grade durians, you'll be snacking on these non-stop!
Credit: Papami's Pantry Each set comes with 9pcs of bite-sized Serabai with a tub of premium durian flesh Serawa Durian, made with love 😌Can't get enough of the gooey Serawa Durian? Well, if you're a Tribes member, you'll get an additional tub of Serawa Durian for FREE when you purchase 5 tubs! All you have to do is key in a special promo code which you can get when you sign up for Tribes right here! Do note that the promotion is only applicable to Serawa Durian tubs without delivery. Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | Instagram
24. Mar's
Credit: Mar's Fancy some shortbread this Hari Raya? Well if you were inspired by the latest season of Bridgerton, these caramel shortbreads from Mar's will be absolutely delightful for you 😍 They dubbed their shortbreads as #3layeredgoodness, and we couldn't agree more! Starting with a crunchy shortbread base, paired with their perfectly sweet homemade gooey caramel that hits the spot and generous dark chocolate toppings, it's as heavenly as it sounds! 🤤 They offer four flavours: The Classic, Biscoff, Nutella and the seasonal Ondeh Ondeh for a local twist. It gets a little sweeter for Tribes members! You'll get 10% off when you spend a minimum of $50 (excluding delivery). You know the drill, it's time to sign up to be a Tribes members here and get that special promo code to enjoy this sweet, sweet deal! 😉 Halal status: Muslim-owned Facebook | InstagramSo what are you waiting for? It’s time to stock up on your Raya cookies now! 🏃‍♂️Don’t forget to sign up for Tribes via this link to enjoy these exclusive discounts and promotions! 🤩