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This Is SG’s Newest Halal-Certified Korean Fried Chicken Eatery (And It’s In Orchard!)


Faruq Senin •  Oct 08, 2019


Halal Korean fried chicken in Singapore might not be hard to find, but we always find ourselves going back to same few chain eateries ?Don't get us wrong - we love 4Fingers and Jinjja Chicken but there's a newly halal-certified Korean fried chicken chain in Singapore that we're excited about! Credit: Giphy We're talking about Otoké Chicken at Lucky Plaza - the latest eatery to join the list of halal food options at Orchard Road! Hailing from Vietnam, Otoké Chicken has earned a reputation back home for serving delicious Korean-style fried chicken. Although they opened in May this year, the eatery just got their halal certification last week ?
Credit: Otoke Chicken Singapore on Facebook It's hard to resist fried chicken especially when it looks this enticing! At Otoké, you can choose from 3 sauces for your chicken - spicy, soy garlic and black pepper. While the crispy fried chicken is good on its own, one of the recommended flavours is the soy garlic. If you're a fan of spicy food, you'd want to try their spicy sauce which packs a punch ? What's special about Otoké's chicken is that they are coated in a thin batter which makes it really crispy without being too oily. Unlike the usual Korean fried chicken prices in Singapore which can go up to $10 for a meal, prices at Otoké's prices are pretty affordable. A 2-piece chicken combo meal costs $7.90 (including fries and a drink)!
Credit: @nhungnhonhon on Instagram Can't live without rice? Then get their ricebox instead! Priced from $6.30 ($7.80 for combo), you can choose to have a drumstick or wing for your meal. What's more, if you come during lunchtime (11am-2pm), enjoy their Saver Lunch which has 2 pieces of drumstick/wings with rice and kimchi soup for just $6.50. The eatery also has other items on their menu like chicken burgers, salads and nuggets! P.S. Visiting Singapore this year-end? Check out these 11 top things to do!
Credit: @greyon.z_est on Instagram Besides their yummy fried chicken, don't miss out on their Shaked French Fries which comes in two flavours - cheese and seaweed. We hear the cheese fries are worth a try!
Credit: Otoke Chicken on Facebook So, the next time you're in Orchard, be sure to check out Otoké Chicken! The eatery is located at Asia Food Mall at the basement of Lucky Plaza. There are limited seats reserved for customers but you can also sit at other seats in the food court. Don't forget to SHARE this good news with your fellow foodie friends and let us know what you think of Otoké Chicken ? P.S. Looking for Japanese food at Orchard Road instead? Check out this new halal Japanese eatery at [email protected]! Halal status: Halal-certified Average price of main dishes: $7 Opening hours: Open daily; 9AM-10PM Address:304 Orchard Road #B1-38 Lucky Plaza, Asia Food Mall Contact: 8816 8468 Facebook | Instagram