Muslims In Hong Kong Celebrate KFC’s First Ever Halal-Certified Fast Food Chain In The City


Syahirah Mazlan •  Nov 14, 2022

We’re fortunate to have plenty halal food options in South East Asia. No matter what you’re craving for, there’s always going to be somewhere you can visit to satisfy your taste buds! Here’s some new and great news for you if you’re visiting Hong Kong. KFC has opened its first ever halal-certified outlet in Hong Kong so you can enjoy delicious fried chicken on your next visit!

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Food choices are limited for the city’s 300,000 Muslims, who make up about four per cent of the population and observe religious dietary restrictions. Muslims in Hong Kong are now celebrating KFC’s move to cater to Muslims with its first halal-certified outlet that has recently opened in Kowloon, near the Kowloon Mosque. ? 

Many have travelled from far to visit the ONLY halal-certified fast food chain in the city! Including families who have said that they often cook meals at home due to the lack of halal options. The KFC outlet has been selling halal meats and ingredients since last week much to the excitement of the local Muslim community!

If you happen to be visiting Hong Kong, we hope this good news will let you dine at KFC more comfortably knowing that they’re halal-certified. ? We’re happy to see progress and the step to increase awareness about Islamic dietary restrictions in Hong Kong!

KFC Hong Kong 

Address: Shop 101 & 106-108, 1/F, Chuang's London Plaza, 219 Nathan Road, Jordan

Opening hours: Open daily; 8AM-10PM