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9 Halal Confinement Meals In Singapore For A Smooth Recovery


Qistina Bumidin •  Feb 05, 2022


Good nutrition is important for your postpartum recovery. Regaining your strength after giving birth is truly a priority to be the best mum possible to your child. 😊 But we get that it might be a little hard to plan and cook a nutritious meal while taking care of your newborn, so why not invest in a confinement food delivery service instead! Here’s 9 services that provide delicious, halal confinement meals in Singapore. 😋
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9 Halal Confinement Meals In Singapore


Credit: @tashahshahrom for InstagramWHOA! MAMA brings a variety of confinement dishes to new mamas, from delicious Malay cuisines, Chinese and Western menus. Their daily Menu of The Day posts might even get your spouse tempted to try! 🤭 All of their confinement food deliveries are usually accompanied by healthy drinks and wholesome snacks by local providers such as Amazin’ Graze. The best part? Most of their meals are packed in BioPak packaging, which is sustainable, as their part to being more environmentally friendly! 😌Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: DM them on Facebook or Instagram for more informationContact: Whatsapp at +65 9227 5652 Facebook | Instagram

2. Ummu Fazwill SG Confinement

Credit: Umma Fazwill for FacebookUmmu Fazwill is one of the few halal confinement food services in Singapore that has an SFA-licensed kitchen and operates seven days a week, so you can rest easy knowing that all your meals are sorted for the entire course of your package. Each meal consists of a base carbohydrate dish, meat dish, side dish, lactation desserts, and drink, for a filling, nutritious meal. 😍 They offer a delectable menu that includes a variety of original dishes, lactation desserts and daily brews! They have limited slots due to being high in demand, so make sure to order early! 💃🏽Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: 10 days ($550)20 days ($1000)30 days ($1450)44 days ($2100)Email: [email protected]Contact: Whatsapp at +65 9667 1011Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Naddycooks Confinement Meals

Credit: @naddycooks for InstagramHave a taste of homemade, healthy food from Naddycooks! 😋 Their menu ranges from local favourites to Western delights, and the team behind are always curating new recipes to keep your confinement meals interesting and delicious! Judging from the high demand of booking slots, you can definitely tell that their food looks AND tastes amazing! 🤩Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: DM them on Facebook or Instagram for more informationEmail: [email protected]Facebook | Instagram

4. Sizzling Dyyana

Credit: Diah Mastura for FacebookThis place is highly recommended by our local celebrity mums, so you’ll definitely know what to expect when you book a course from Sizzling Dyyana. 😌 She offers a mixed menu of Malay, Chinese and Western confinement dishes which change daily, because she shops for fresh and organic groceries by herself every morning! 😱 Refreshing drinks and teatime snacks such as lactation cookies, muffins and scones are also included.Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: DM her on Instagram for more informationContact: Whatsapp at +65 8222 3105 Instagram

5. Ukashah’s Confinement Meals

Credit: @ukashah_confinement for InstagramOne scroll through Ukashah's Confinement Meals' Instagram feed, and we’re already drooling! Apart from the usual Malay and Western confinement fare, she even offers Indian, Moroccan, Turkish to even Japanese dishes! 🤩 They’re truly living up to their tagline, “​​A different kind of Halal confinement meal served with love”, and perhaps having one more baby wouldn’t be so bad after all. 😉Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrice: DM her on Instagram for more informationContact: Whatsapp at +65 9623 9036 (closed for orders on Sunday and PH)Facebook | Instagram

6. Lagun Sari Kitchen

Credit: @lagunsarikitchen for InstagramLagun Sari isn’t just fantastic for making all of our wedding dreams come true, but their sister stall Lagun Sari Kitchen also provide delicious confinement meals as well! Their menu is a scrumptious mix of all your favourite Malay, Indonesian and Western fare, so you’ll never get bored of the same menu everyday! 🥳 There’s three different meal plans for you to choose from, and if you’re planning to book a package for 30 or 40 days, you’ll even get free tingkat (tiffin) meals! We’re too spoiled now, are we? You can also upgrade your confinement meal plans to couple meal plans, so your spouse can indulge in these tasty, fuss-free meals too. 😋Halal status: Halal-certifiedPrice: Regular confinement meal plans10 days ($500)20 days ($1000)30 days ($1540 with 5 free tingkat meals)40 days ($1800 with 7 free tingkat meals)Couple meal plans10 days (Lunch for dad: $517.50, Lunch & Dinner for dad: $585)20 days (Lunch for dad: $1035, Lunch & Dinner for dad: $1170)30 days (Lunch for dad: $1588.50, Lunch & Dinner for dad: $1791)40 days (Lunch for dad: $1890, Lunch & Dinner for dad: $2160)Check out here for more information. Order via:This linkWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

7. Mannadew Confinement

Credit: @mannadewconfinement for InstagramIf you’re looking for uber-healthy meals, look no further than Mannadew Confinement! Each meal comes with nutritional facts, so you’ll know what you’re putting in your bodies. The pictures though? Enough to make you salivate! 🤤Halal status: Muslim-ownedOrder via: This link (check their prices here too)Contact: Whatsapp at +65 97802688Facebook | Instagram

8. Noor Confinement

Credit: @noor_confinement_sg for InstagramNoor Confinement's menu is truly interesting! From using meatballs made out of oats, to using organic almond milk in their Thai Green Curry Kampong Chicken and making Rendang with Soy Letchin, it’s truly a delight to our taste buds and tummies. 😍 They also sell express bengkung, a cloth used to do the traditional Malay belly binding method! They are currently going under revamping right now, so check out their social media for updates. Don’t worry, they are still offering confinement meals during their revamping as well! 🥳Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrices: DM them at their social media accounts for more informationFacebook | Instagram

9. Makanlicious By Sue

Credit: @makanlicious for InstagramThis home-based food catering service offers halal confinement meals too, apart from events! If each picture could tell a thousand words, Makanlicious By Sue's IG feed would simply be overflowing with synonyms of the word ‘appetising’. 🤤
Credit: @makanlicious for InstagramYou’re totally pampered with their hearty, nutritious meals! 😊Halal status: Muslim-ownedPrices: DM them at their Facebook or Instagram for more informationContact: +65 9112 0424Email: [email protected]Facebook | InstagramYour babies need you at your best, so offload some of the pressure from your shoulders and order from any of these 9 places that delicious halal confinement meals instead! 😊
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