5 Easy Chinese New Year Goodies Recipes You Should Make This Festive Season


Ili •  Feb 04, 2021

As huge foodies, one of the things we look forward to most during the festive holidays are all the yummy snacks - and Chinese New Year is no different! From pineapple tarts to peanut cookies, there's nothing better than enjoying these delicious treats with family and friends. If you're looking to make them yourself, check out our list of easy Chinese New Year goodies recipes.

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1. Pineapple tarts

Buttery, sweet and tangy all at the same time, pineapple tarts are a classic treat to enjoy during Chinese New Year. These melt-in-your-mouth bites often come in two versions: open faced or enclosed. No matter which you prefer, the one thing that's for sure is how simple it is to make them yourself! Get yourself started with this easy pineapple tart recipe today.

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2. Peanut cookies 

For fans of peanut butter, there's nothing more perfect than enjoying peanut cookies! Similar to pineapple tarts, this is one of the many goodies that beautifully melts in your mouth and leaves you a perfectly gooey, nutty taste. Using just a few ingredients, check out What To Cook Today's easy peanut cookie recipe and whip up a batch for yourself in no time.

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3. Kuih bahulu

If you love madeleines, then there's no doubt that you love kuih bahulu too. With a slightly hard and crispy exterior, one bite into its soft and fluffy inside is enough to make anyone crave for more. Perfect as a teatime treat or an after meal sweet treat, keep this easy recipe by kuali in hand so that you'll be ready whenever the Chinese New Year holiday rolls around.

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4. Dragon cookies

It may be the Year of the Ox, but that doesn't mean you can't have dragon cookies this Lunar New Year! Crumbly, milky and airy, get your family and friends to join you as you pipe trays upon trays of swirls shaped like 'flying dragons' at home. With the help of MyKitchen101en's easy dragon cookie recipe, a fun time awaits in the kitchen!

5. Honey cornflakes 

Nothing but a true classic, honey cornflakes are a must-have for major festive holidays and that includes Chinese New Year. Not only are they super delicious (and addictive), but these delightful cups of cornflakes are easy to make. If you've never baked before, this is one goodie that you can and should make at home. Check out Butterkicap's incredibly easy honey cornflake cookie recipe that's perfect for any occasion.

With these easy recipes, it's time to hop in the kitchen and get to baking ?‍?

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