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8 London Accommodations From £19 Near Halal Food


Shasha Dania  •  Jun 16, 2019


[Updated 18 August 2020] London is one of Western Europe's classic destinations, full of exciting attractions for every type of traveller! However, that popularity also means it can get pretty expensive to visit, especially if you're looking for accommodations in an accessible and convenient location. Add in finding halal food nearby, and it can feel impossible to find something that isn't extravagantly expensive! 😅 Credit: Giphy Well there's no need to worry anymore - we've gathered 8 accommodations near some of London's best halal eateries, and they cost as low as £27! 🤩 To help plan your London adventure, we've curated the best accommodations near halal food for extra convenience! Note: As of 8 January 2020, the approximate currency exchange rate is GBP100 = SGD177.36 / MYR539.19 / IDR1,826,414. Do check with your local money changer for the latest rates closer to your date of stay. Disclaimer:  All hotel nightly rates are based on a search done on 8 Jan 2020 for a 1-night stay in June 2020 for 2 adults. Do note that prices may change during peak travel periods, and we recommend that you check with the hotel accordingly before booking (some hotels or booking sites may offer cheaper prices for solo travellers or additional costs for children). Prices are generally at their lowest if you book at least 3 months in advance, so it's time to start planning ahead to get the best deals! 
1. YHA London Oxford Street Hostel
Credit: YHA London Oxford Street on Facebook
Whether you’re with a bunch of friends or your family, YHA London's range of affordable hostels is absolutely perfect for you. Just steps away from the bustling Oxford Street in the upbeat Soho area, this YHA hostel has a lot to offer if you want to be close to the energy and excitement! Opt for double to quadruple rooms, or dormitory-style beds complete with Wi-fi access and a laundry area. You're a short walk away from the Carnaby and Covent St Markets and the renowned British Museum. Soho is a pretty young and hip area, meaning you'll have plenty of choices for your next meal no matter where you look. Try out American-style bakes at the Hummingbird Bakery where you can have your pick of brownies, cheesecake, pies and so much more! Or keep it local with an iconic London dish at Poppie's Fish and Chips (pictured) - don't worry, the fish is cooked entirely in groundnut oil and no beer is used in the batter! Address: 14 Noel Street, London, W1F 8GJ Contact: +44 345 371 9133 or email [email protected] Nightly Rate: From £40 Website | Facebook | Instagram
2. sohostel
Credit: sohostel
sohostel is another simple and dressed-down option available for the budget-conscious traveller, located in the heart of the busy Soho neighbourhood itself. True to the vibrant character of the neighbourhood, the Soho Theatre is just a short walk away, where you can watch the latest up-and-coming theatre, comedy, and music acts all in one spot. If you're looking for something more classic, the theatre district is nearby too, including the Price Edward Theatre, the Nimax Palace Theatre UK, and the famous Curzon Soho. Apart from the eateries mentioned above, make sure to try out the lobster at the famous Burger and Lobster (pictured) located nearby. While the meat used here may not be halal, the generous helpings of seafood make it a must-try while you're in the city. Another famous eatery nearby is Dishoom , which uses halal chicken and lamb in its dishes (cooked separately from pork and alcohol). Dishoom is famous for its mix of traditional Indian flavours with creative fusions such as chocolate chai, date and banana porridge, masala prawns, and spicy lamb chops. Address: 91 Dean St, West End Soho, London W1D 3SY Contact: +44 0208 821 5154 or email [email protected] Nightly Rate: From £19 on Agoda Website | Facebook | Instagram
3. St Christopher's Inn London Bridge - The Village
Credit: Agoda
St Christopher's Inn is another popular budget accommodations franchise, with several establishments across the city. Each hotel includes a variety of rooms ranging from individual capsules to doubles - perfect whether you're travelling on your own or with a friend! This particular St Christopher's Inn is near the famous Borough and Maltby St Markets, and is just a short 500m walk away from the iconic London Bridge! Just down the road is the Borough St outlet of the Wrap It Up franchise (pictured), which sells generous servings of wraps and kebabs inspired by international cuisine. Whether you're craving Korean, German, or Lebanese they'll have the perfect meal waiting for you! Walking further down towards the Tate Modern will bring you to Tibits, a vegetarian/vegan eatery that serves up seasonal menus with only the freshest produce. Address: 165 Borough High St, London SE1 1HR Contact: +44 (0)207 939 9710 or email [email protected] Nightly Rate: From £24 on Agoda (Do note a minimum of 2 nights stay is required)   Website | Facebook | Instagram
4. Alexandra Hotel
Credit: The Alexandra Hotel
The Alexandra is located in Paddington, which is right next to Bayswater. Small but comfortable, the hotel is notable for being located inside an actual Victorian-era townhouse! The rooms themselves are cozily decorated with a more traditional style, and the hotel is near the major Tube stations of Paddington making it easy to get around the city. Masjid Salahuddin is also just down the road from the Alexandra, making the hotel truly one of the most convenient choices on this list. Paddington is another neighbourhood that has several notable Malaysian restaurants within it. Tukdin (pictured) is a small family-run restaurant dedicated to showcasing the flavours of Malaysia - serving up favourite dishes including sambal terung (aubergines in chili paste), mee bandung and nasi lemak. The Satay House has also served up Malaysian cuisine in the area for over 30 years, and you can dig into familiar dishes such as roti canai, nasi goreng, and of course satay! Melur is another restaurant serving up Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine with a French twist - though the dishes are all Southeast Asian favourites, the decor and service is a touch fancier with traditional French service. So you can enjoy some sambal sotong, sambal udang, beef rendang and even the famous ABC (Air Batu Campur, a sweet dessert comprising of shaved ice) in comfort! To add something different from all these Malaysian restaurants, why not try out the Persian cuisine at Patogh too? This Muslim-owned establishment is where you can find naan, hummus, skewers, and so much more at an affordable price. For a restaurant in such a central neighbourhood of London, its prices are definitely great value for money! Address: 159 - 161 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, London, W2 2RY Contact: +44 20 7402 6471 or online form Nightly Rate: From £92 on Agoda Website | Facebook [Click to find out more Malaysian restaurants in London you absolutely have to try!]
5. Mayfair Guesthouse
Credit: Agoda
 Mayfair is one of the higher-end neighbourhoods in the entire city, which makes it so amazing to be able to find a room there for under 100 pounds! The Mayfair Guesthouse is small but elegantly decorated, with spacious rooms and luxe finishings. Budget-conscious travellers who still want some luxury during their stay will want a room here, especially since it's so close to Hyde Park, the Buckingham Palace Gardens, and the small but worth-a-visit Shepherd's Market.  Michelin-starred Benares is famous throughout London for its contemporary British twist on some traditional Indian flavours. The smart-casual restaurant serves halal chicken and lamb as well as seafood, including smoked tandoori lamb cutlets, Delhi-style tandoori chicken, and chargrilled Scottish salmon. If you prefer Lebanese dishes, head over to Al Hamra which has served traditional dishes ever since 1984. Here, you can dig into different varieties of lamb kofta, chickpeas fatteh, and even king prawns that will leave you feeling satisfied!

Address: 41 Curzon St, Mayfair, London W1J 7UB Nightly Rate: From £127 on Agoda

6. Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel
Credit: Agoda
This hotel is the perfect place to head to if you like being near history and culture without being in too busy a neighbourhood. The Bayswater neighbourhood is right next to Kensington where British royals live, and you're also only a short distance away from attractions such as Harrods, Hyde Park, and the Insta-worthy Natural History Museum. The hotel itself is highly rated and well-furnished, promising you a stay that's well worth the price!  Bayswater is also known for housing significant Arab and Muslim communities. You'll find an endless choice of eateries here such as the Malaysia Hall Canteen (pictured), which is actually located within the Malaysian High Commission Student Department but has gained a reputation for the most authentic Malaysian food throughout the entire city! As the Canteen has stepped up security measures recently (officially requiring visitors to either be Malaysian or be accompanied by a Malaysian) if you fail to secure a seat there you can head over to Noodle Oodle a short walk away, which serves up halal Shanghai cuisine! Noodle Oodle uses only halal ingredients to create authentic Shanghai dishes that will have you craving dimsum for days to come. There's also Tinseltown nearby, an American diner chain that uses halal ingredients to bring you that classic All-American taste. Address: 35-39 Inverness Terrace, Bayswater, Hyde Park, London W2 3JS Contact: +44 20 7221 2220 or email [email protected] Nightly Rate: From £93 on Agoda Website | Facebook
7. Noteworthy Kensington Studio (Airbnb)
Credit: Airbnb The Kensington district is usually one you can't find budget accommodations in - besides housing British royals, the area in general is a little fancier and even contains some of London's classic attractions such as Hyde Park and the V&A Museum. However this amazing Airbnb near to Kensington Palace is a lucky find if you manage to book it early! The Airbnb comes with a washer, dryer, and even a kitchen so you can whip up your own meals if the surrounding restaurants seem a bit too pricey for your wallet. The hosts also stay nearby, so you'll be able to reach them easily for any problems or issues.  The Maroush chain operates various Lebanese restaurants around London, and Randa by Maroush (pictured) near this Airbnb pairs the best of Lebanese cuisine with a comfortable atmosphere. Here, you can order not-so traditional spins on Lebanese dishes as well, including king prawns, chicken liver, shawarma, and a whole range of charcoal-grilled main courses! If you're looking for another high-end option to treat yourself to a special meal (who says you can't be a little fancy while on a budget trip? 😉) then head to Chakra for some Indian cuisine. You won't even recognize some of the beautifully plated Indian dishes, putting a gourmet spin on chicken tikka masala, korma, and of course lamb chops and kebabs. Area: Kensington (next to Kensington Palace) Contact: Airbnb Nightly Rate: From £176 (Do note that available dates are limited. We recommend checking the rate with your intended dates for an accurate estimate.) 
8. Studio in Euston/Regents Park/Great Portland st! (Airbnb)
Credit: Airbnb
Our final accommodation on this list is also another Airbnb, this time located near Euston Station and King's Cross Station, right in the middle of the city. The apartment is near some beloved attractions such as the Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4, as well as lesser-known but intriguing ones like the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. Though the apartment may be small, it has just about anything you'll need for a comfortable stay including a washer and a microwave for those late-night supper meals! Nearby you'll find Roti King, who have made it their mission to spread their love for roti canai to London. The restaurant offers up a dizzying selection of fresh and crisp roti canai for your indulgence, including both sweet and savoury variations of the standard roti canai such as roti with cheese or roti tissue (a cone shaped roti with sugar sprinkles and vanilla ice cream). They also deliver, so you can eat in the comfort of your apartment! There's also Mildred's next to Kings Cross Station, serving up vegetarian dishes inspired by a range of international cuisines. Here you'll be just as likely to find gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) flavoured stir fry as Caribbean jerk dishes! Area: Marylebone (next to Regent's Park) Contact: Airbnb Nightly Rate: From £176 (Do note that available dates are limited. We recommend checking the rate with your intended dates for an accurate estimate.)
Ventures Hotel
Note: We have removed Ventures Hotel from our list after receiving reader feedback about the condition and cleanliness of the hotel. Ventures is on the same street as the Normandie, and has been a popular spot for budget travellers for over 30 years. This family-owned establishment is furnished simply and its convenient location in central London makes the perfect choice if you're looking for something simple. The rooms fit up to 5 adults, perfect whether you're travelling on your own or with family. Apart from the restaurants listed above (Tukdin, the Satay House, Melur, and Patogh) Ventures is also a short walk away from vegan restaurant The Gate's Marylebone outlet. Take a break from Malaysian cuisine with something plant-based to refresh your palate - The Gate even offers the famous English Sunday Roast that comes with potato chaat, beetroot cheese burger, and a sweet dessert of your choice!  Address: 12-20 Sussex Gardens, Paddington, London , W2 1UL Contact: +44 (0) 207 706 0846 or email [email protected] Nightly Rate: From £41 Website And those are 8 accommodations near some of London's best halal spots! Even if you're on a budget, you'll definitely be able to find some great places to stay that are also near amazing halal food and even major attractions! 😁 Make sure to check out our other London travel guides to get you started!  😊